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Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury - Part 11

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It is pretty incredible for me to realize that this Sunday, April 9th, will mark two years to the day since I was injured while playing golf down in Florida.  I have not been able to play a round of golf since.  It may seem to some that this is a pretty terrible thing for someone who loves the game of golf.  As I have mentioned in the earlier blogs, it was pretty tough at first.  I got through that season.  The past two years have changed me in so many good ways and I am very thankful for what has happened and what I have been forced to learn through it. 

I am very pleased as I would image the readers of this blog are as well, to switch things from mostly talking about the past as it is time to start to discussing the future and what is happening right now.  I will be back down in Florida next week in the same area where this all happened.  No, I am not going to try and play my first round of golf at the course where this all happened two years ago.  That seems like a bad idea to me.  I grew up playing a lot of baseball, so I may have a few superstitions. :-) I will just be taking a much needed break and get some rest from my crazy work schedule.  When I get back however, I will begin taking my first swings at the range which will be the topic of the next blog, in about two weeks. 

I have been doing a lot of strengthening and stretching this spring, trying to get the wrist into shape.  Does it feel the way it was before the accident?  I am not sure it ever will.  I do think I am as ready as I will ever be to try this again though.  The wrist still feels strange some days.  There is a dull irritating pain from either the scar tissue, or the surgery or nerve damage many days, but I think I will be able to play through it as long as the tendon holds in its place.  I know I have been overly cautious along the way but I really don’t desire to have that surgery ever again.  I needed to give it as much time to recover as I could allow. 

All that is left is each moment I spend in the present which will decide the future outcome of my love for playing golf.  It is nearly time to get back out there and I would lie if I said I did not feel some sense of anxiousness about it.  This time though, I have the strength and the perspective to handle whatever the outcome will be.  For many of us golf is or has been more than just a game.  I would truly miss playing and experiencing all the beautiful sights and sounds if this does not go well.  I would miss the challenge of trying to better my play of it.  I would miss the back and forth between good friends and competitors.  When you are forced to do without however, you find these things are ultimately replaceable in some capacity, you find there are many incredible things to experience.  So don’t be disappointed or feel bad if this does not go well.  Golf may bring great enjoyment to us, but it should ultimately be nothing when it comes to happiness.  I get that from things that truly matter.  It is time to stop rambling though, and it is time to get to work.  See you when I start swinging.

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3 hours ago, JonMA1 said:

Have the doctors suggested any sort of brace or wrap that might help, at least at first?

Not really.  Basically it will either hold up or it won't.  I wish there was something like that which would help though.

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6 minutes ago, iacas said:

I'm surprised that a wrist band or something might not help. I thought there were special bands that helped?

I have a wrist widget band but when I tried to swing with that the fall before the surgery it really did not help.  It may help with smaller every day stuff when the subluxation is bad, but not so much with the force of the golf swing on that area.  My doctor felt it really was not going to help as well.  Maybe something could, but I really am not sure doctors(even orthopedic wrist surgeons) have a great understanding of this injury.

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    • I played in those frozen conditions a few days ago. All my chipping, and pitch shots were done with my 7W. Actually I didn't use my irons much at all that day due to the hard turf.  Using my 7W allowed the club to sort of "slide" over the hard turf. By choking down, and using my putting stroke, chips were not a problem. I actually practice this shot from time to time.  Pitch shots were ok. Again the 7W design didn't allow it to try to dig into the turf, and bounce off causing topped contact.  I love my 7 wood. 
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