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    • Having shot a bunch of 107s, I figured it'd be a good idea to submit a card, so I went out with two folk I've never played before (my normal playing partner is away for a week), and had them mark my card.  Of course, I turned in my first performance ever... 116!  Several blow-up holes, and some times where I got into trouble by being aggressive to try to make up for bad holes.  But also some really good stuff into the mix.
    • Day 5: 15 mins half swings with a 7I, trying to focus on weight forward, especially on downswing.  I have an in-built habit of lurching onto my back foot... which I'm trying to reprogram.  I found my low point control was difficult, and my brain worries about hitting the ground at all, which contributes to the weight forward problem.
    • Still can't seem to get the clubhead on the ball. Shanks, slices, topping the ball. The last 3 days scores have been 87, 85, 85. I had to take myself out of competitive play for the foreseeable future. Especially the team events. When you're listed as the 'A' player, and you are scoring like the 'C' or 'D' player, you bring the whole team down. Which brings up another point (question). Is the new handicap system really fair. My lowest index for the year has been 6.5. Right now my index is an 8.8. After today's round, it's telling me that I should be at a 9.6 index tomorrow, which hits the 3 point soft cap. If I'm going to keep scoring the way I am, the max my handicap index can be is a 11.5, which is the 5 stroke hard limit, but wouldn't necessarily be reflecting my game at that time. 11.5 index reflects a score of 78. There is no way I can compete against people if I'm still shooting 85-92, so I'll have to stay out of competitive golf until I can get my game back.
    • Day 57.  Got my priority piece from Evolvr!  It involved a drill at the wall and some very slow backswings -- like 5s was desired, and I'm trying to slow it down that much.  I spent 30 minutes on that today, might have hit a total of 10 balls in that time.  Indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls.  But most of it was backswing with a club or at a wall without so much as a club. 
    • Not sure this is on topic. I have no problem with untargetted general mood swearing. Passive aggressive horseshit is 10x worse.  We don't swear in front of kids (yet) but have not shielded them from TV profanity. Don't see the point. They are very socially aware at 13 and 11 and understand context. My mom is one of the kindest people I know. But if didn't swear as much as she did (she's cooled off quite a bit), stress would have killed her 30 years ago. 
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