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    • He was definitely playing favorites because those who casually walked up to say Hi (using his first name) would be sent out immediately. There are actually online reviews about this so I am sure the club knows about it. And since they are still doing things the same way, they obviously don’t care, so I just bring my business elsewhere.
    • Pierce Lake from the tips is challenging but several other courses in Washtenaw County from the tips are at least its equal in difficulty.  I suspect the writer just looked up the course rating and/or slope and gave the top spot to the highest number.
    • You could've gone out at 6:15 if there was a single open. Better just bring your wallet with you. 
    • Would not have mattered.  Slope was consistently hard on all tees.  Have you played it?  In 30 mph wind?  The slope rating from the red tees probably wasn't much lower than the tips.   It was more than hard, it was impossible.  I have played many of the top courses in UK and Ireland in wind and rain, my day at the Prince just eviscerating. I had a 20 foot birdie putt on a par three that was downwind and downhill; and, no matter how easily I stroked it, the ball rolled and rolled down a cliff.  I was running out of balls reloading.  Thank you, equitable stroke control.  I just gave up. How does one determine the correct tees?  And, how much does that matter for a scratch golfer?    Honestly?  Driver ball speed 190-195 mph at the time but now only 165-170 (I am old).  At the time I could easily fly a driver 310.   Course was around 7200 yards.   Hitting driver lob wedge gets boring.  I do not have the card, so, I cannot say what the rating or scope was.  It was a very penal course.   Played a lot of top 100 courses, this one got me like no tomorrow.  Maybe if there was no wind???  Even still, just off the fairway and lost ball.  On one hole, the tee was like 150 feet elevated to a 25 yard wide fairway and a 30 mph gusting crosswind.  I lost maybe 5 balls trying to hit it inside of the jungle.  When a half decent golfer hits 5 good tee shots and all are lost balls, one would have been better taking an unplayable on the first tee.    
    • I would have a firm, yet diplomatic, chat with that starter.  Almost sounds like the Soup Nazi from "Seinfeld".  Could he be playing favorites with male players?  You could also, more anonymously, talk to the Parks Department folks at the city and lodge a complaint.  Your starter buddy will hear about it but not know it's you.  You have every right to go off at your tee time unless there is a complete backup.  And your starter should be honestly communicating that with you.
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