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    • I'll go against the grain here and say that the ball does matter to me, as a ~17 handicap. In the last 2 years I've tried about 20 different  balls, from Top Flite XL to Titleist ProV1 (I won a sleeve, I would never pay so much for a ball I am destined to lose 😆). Off the tee or on approach shots I don't notice any difference. For short game shots urethane cover balls perform better for me, and with 10-14 nGIR a round, successful short game shots can make a big difference in my scores. To me, some balls just feel better off the putter face than others, and while this may not result in a physical performance with regards to how it actually rolls, the feel contributes to my  confidence, which does in turn impact physical performance. Now I won't go so far as to say a specific brand and model of ball is best, but right now I am using Snell MTB and Cut Blue and I like both of them for short game and putting, and they're relatively inexpensive so I don't get sad when one flies into the trees.
    • I've always used inexpensive golf balls.  Once in a while the model I'm using is discontinued and I have to pick a new favorite.  I think it is helpful, for me anyways, to use the same ball...especially around the green.  I don't think it matters which ball one chooses though.  
    • Ive played that course several times. Its definitely a old money club and alot of the people that live around it are of the same kind of strata.  While i remember the hole because the scenery from the previous green to the tee box is quite nice, i dont remember noticing either the net or the house. 
    • I went ahead and looked this place up on Google Earth and it looks like a really nice property. The problem is his pool is approx 208 yards right of the fairway on a dogleg left par 5. Living there you can expect every hack slicer on the planet to deposit a ball or two onto your pool house roof. I've never understood why people buy property on a golf course and then bitch about golf balls in their yard. Probably 98% of the houses on the United States aren't on a golf course, go buy one of those! I would imagine this guy isn't a golfer or he would have known this was a going to happen. My wife and I once looked at a house on a golf course. I walked into the back yard and there were a dozen balls. I peaked over the fence and we were about 175 yards from the tee box. Told my wife nope and we left. My kids would never have been able to play outside.
    • I believe the overwhelming sentiment on this thread.  It was my hunch, though not a particularly informed one. Funny thing is:  There are so many sources telling even noobs to get FITTED for a golf ball. That goes way beyond "Does it even matter?"  To state your sponsor's tagline is one thing.  To use your influence to knowingly misinform me to throw my money away is entirely different.  I can not stand such dishonesty.
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