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    • If the wheels aren’t well lubricated it can feel heavier. It might be more that than an extra pound.
    • Day 23.  Went to the putting green for 20 minutes this morning. After some warm up, I did a "round the clock" from 3' drill -- my usual is to see which ones I make, pick those coins up (I place the 12 coins before starting), and then go around again for the ones I miss.  First iteration, made 8, second iteration made the remaining four.  Second iteration, made all 12 in a row.  I don't think I've done that before -- or maybe, if I did, it was forever ago when I thought putting was the key to moving from 25 hcp to single digits (I now know better!).   If I continue this success at 3' (not necessarily "make them all" but make most), I think I should move it out to 4'?  Prior to going, I reread the grip section of Utley's putting book and the part about gripping the club in the lifeline and fingers stuck in my head.  Not sure if that's meaningful or if today was a fluke.   I would have done more, such as 6' and so on, but they were about to water the green and I was in the way, so I headed out.  I will of course do more long game practice (priority piece in setup, as described) today as I work, and may aim to get back to the green for more putting practice later.   By the way, I'm adding something here about why so much putting practice.  Post-lockdown rounds (8), SG vs 10 hcp;  driving, losing .8;  approach, gain 0.03, short game lose 1.28, putting losing 3.63 -- and the insights tab tells me improving putting from within 10' could gain me 2.5 strokes per round.  Hence the priority.  How much depends on the baseline;  if I compare to a 25hcp (when my SGP these rounds is only -0.01 compared to 25 hcp), it says 2.2, compared to scratch it's 2.7.  Still, it's obvious to me that there's a glaring weakness here. 
    • I could NOT disagree with this statement more.  In my experience the weight of your bag makes a MUCH bigger difference than the slight difference in weight of the push cart. Having said that I use (and love) a ClicGear 3.5+. I used to use a lightweight carry bag on it. I recently switched to a huge Sun Mountain C130 bag which I have loaded down with half of everything I own. I don't think I've noticed a difference at all between what I used to be pushing around and what I'm currently pushing around. Even though, I know my new huge bag and kit are about 10 pounds heavier than my old little bag and kit.  In my opinion (opinions are like assholes, everyone has one) the most important option in a push cart is to have a brake release handle NOT a toe activated brake. Again, this is one man's opinion, but I find the toe operated brake annoying and the handle infinitely better. 
    • @Bump-n-MI....I don't mind the delay in results....it allows more discussion, posts and guesses.....this is a discussion forum. I hope the gals KICKED all you butts in rd 3.😁 As I posted previously....I think the members have a 1-2 shot advantage per rd....it would have been nice to see the results on a course no one has played.
    • Shot 85 today for the first time in the 80's! Played Wyandot Golf Course, which is short, 68.40/111/5610, but feels great to reach one of my 2020 goals of breaking into the 80's by the end of the season this early. Stoked at the level of play lately and where my game is trending.
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