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    • Today's round was interesting.  Shot a 103 which, ofc, could have been better. So, the good: Incorporating the new swing led to my hitting more GIRs than normal.   Holed a 40 foot putt (for double bogey).  Even thought I had three 3-putts, I felt that my putting overall was solid as besides the 40 footer, I made 3 other putts that were longer than 3 feet. Only 2 penalty shots off the tee (unfortunately, they came on holes 17 with a 6 iron and 18 with the driver). The bad The other penalty strokes happened with irons, twice off the hosel, once on a shot I hit pure on a hole that 3 times now on a downhill lie with a 9 iron in the last month I've pulled left.  What made it more frustrating was that this time I aimed to the right side of the green and it still found a way to get into the woods left of the green (which, as you can presume, there isn't much room to miss on).   The last one was on 15 because I tensed up trying to hit what was supposed to be an easy 6 iron onto the green and just sprayed it right.   Instead of trusting my body and that I can get things where they need to be distances-wise, I tensed up a few times and tried to destroy the ball.  That somewhat happened on 18 and with a few iron shots.  On 18 I was so disgusted with myself, I threw myself a pity party of one and gave into the feeling of defeat that began on the 15th hole. Overall, I think I need to do the drills more so that mentally I can trust it more because although there was good, I also hit a fair amount of balls fat and short because of terrible contact.  So, I figure get reps in and I'll start improving there.  Also am going to incorporate the woods and driver into this practice.  I think next round will be on Wednesday and then (hopefully) I'll be able to play a lot the following 7 days as I should have some down time from work.
    • Where did you get that implication?  I discussed how much of the weight was muscle and my thoughts, based on what I feel that ratio of muscle to fat was, whether he could have done it naturally. 
    • I actually rarely hit a 3W and usually in the situations you describe I pull my 3H even though it goes about 20 yard less than my 3W provided I hit both on the button, however, I'm more likely to mishit my 3W than my 3H so the likely result is that the 3H will go further.  That said, yesterday and today's 3H was no bueno.
    • Today's round I decided to take @iacas's  advice and swing at roughly 70% and feel like I was more in control.  I also decided because I'd be swinging at presumably a slower swing speed that I'd take an extra club and I found success with that strategy. CR/SR 71.5/126, 6298 yards Score: 103 GIR: 5/18; 28% FIR: 7/14; 50% Penalty Strokes: 8 Birdie: 0 Pars: 3 Bogeys: 8 DB: 2 TB: 2 Quad Bogey+: 3 Penalty Strokes: 6
    • Shot 41 on a Par 32 9 holer while on a weekend vacation. Two pars and a birdie were the highlight. Course was actually pretty tough... more than a few of the holes it was fairways or bust. I went bust a time or two. 
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