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    • I’m only 50 but I voted for the mix of range and playing lessons. Perhaps you could make groupings based on skill level? However, I think if you did an on course teaching you could make it work as a scramble-like format. Discuss the tee shot strategy for the hole. Then have them each hit their tee shots. You could just choose a spot, use one of their tee shots yet discuss strategies for the other two. The next hole you would take a tee shot that requires a different shot/strategy and so forth. The range would allow you to see where your students are and help you organize groups that seem compatible.
    • Day 76 Worked on Planemate advanced protocol 4 - delivery position. Afterward hit 15 balls with a 7-iron. 
    • My confidence and performance with putting oscillates severely between really good (for my standards) to total shit show where 1-footers feel totally awkward. Talked to my instructor about the putting ups and downs and decided we’ll do a putting session next lesson to help diagnose and fix issues. The facility is also an edel fitting spot so after my stroke is tuned up I’m planning on getting fitted. 
    • Old guy here. I'm thinking an on course playing lesson won't be effective..especially in a 4some (your focus on the individual players are too spread out) and if the players aren't of the same playing ability....the better players won't like playing with a bunch of unskilled participants. I think the most effective package is 3some's...range, chipping and putting sessions...... where you can fair share your time with the individuals. Also instruct on golf conditioning...we old people need to stay and improve flexibility to improve ball striking and distance. Do the optional libation and appetizers sessions after the lessons....they are there to learn....not socialize during the lesson. I know 3 middle aged Korean ladies that are mid 50's but look early 40's...I could send them down to help you market and participate in the program...guaranteed 25+ guys will sign up for your programs. All the guys in a league here always want to get the host to pair them into their groups.😁😁
    • I’m looking to start several Player Development programs this year at my club. We have a few active 55+ communities popping up and several households have already shown interest in playing at the course. Of the older crowd that regularly plays, they would not necessarily enjoy a range lesson, but they would enjoy a playing lesson. So seeing if TST community has had any experience and/or suggestions for programs they’ve liked.
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