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Practicing with video - tips that may hopefully help you



Some of this is obvious for experienced players, I'll list them anyway for the benefit of those starting out. Will add as I learn/discover more.


  • Duh, camera angles are very important. You probably know this already, but will mention it anyway. Always bring an alignment stick, which will make pointing your camera much easier.
  • You may hit a cr@p shot, but video may redeem you by showing you you actually did what your instructor advised. That's a good thing, you're changing the picture. This should gave you encouragement, you'll eventually hit the ball more solid with the new piece.
  • Everyone around you may be hitting more balls than you, it may seem video is slowing you down, but you're seeing what's actually happening versus guessing. By associating feel and real, you're actually making faster progress than those not using video.
  • You don't have to be at a range to use video, practice your moves at home and video them. Even without a ball or club. Frequent shorter spurts of practice is much better than cramming.
  • As per @billchao, work on one thing at a time. Usually there's a better angle for a specific piece. For shallowing, down the line, impact, face on.
  • Review your swing in realtime, 30fps and high frame rate, 120/240+fps. You'll see different aspects of your swing. 
  • Switch up the camera position often, don't stay with down the line or face on too long. You'll get caught up in one aspect of the swing perhaps to the detriment of another. There's also the posterior view. I'm pretty sure your range will frown upon you using a drone for overhead views.
  • Review your swing on a big screen the night of or day after. You'll notice things you didn't see on the small screen. Use Analzyr (Mac) or Kinovea (PC). My preference is Analyzr as it's much simpler but feature rich.
  • If your range has dividers that block the face on view, pull the mat back past the divider.
  • If it's sunny and blistering hot, put a large towel over your head to review video, you'll look stupid, but you'll see the video better, save battery life and get respite from the sun.
  • Get a tripod bag. Be prepared to say, no, I'm not going to yoga class.
  • When using an iPhone to record video, to save battery life, I turn off the GPS and turn on low power mode. When recording, I turn the screen brightness down - you're not watching the screen, so it doesn't matter. Yes, it's annoying you have to turn the screen brightness back up when viewing. Not sure how much this helps, but in theory it should save some battery consumption.
  • Or you can painter's tape a portable power bank to your tripod and your phone will outlast you, no battery worries there. It shouldn't make manipulating the tripod any harder. I'd recommend a model that's at least 20,000mAh so you don't have to charge the bank as often.


  • You may forget one or two important things your instructor told you, no matter how many times you watched your lesson video, reviewed notes. When you're in the thick of practicing, not hard to do. Copy your lesson text and/or video to your phone so you can read/watch again when things get pear shaped. I use Evernote for text, Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive for video. Try and put all your lessons in the cloud so that they're easily accessible. Its the closest thing to having your pro with you without him/her physically/remotely being there
  • You're going to have lots of video in storage and you'll probably delete them, don't delete them all, leave a couple of videos, preferably the last swings from the practice session, on your phone for quick reference. Learn how to clip videos to save space. A full swing, 240fps, on an iPhone, takes up about 15-30 megabytes, depending on how much ball flight you capture.
  • Portrait mode is looked down on, but is a little better for down the line views, you don't have to set the camera as far back as landscape and you can see more of the ball flight if you hit it high.


  • To see if your shaft is pointing inside or outside the ball at A5 you can use a straight edge to superimpose over the display as opposed to a swing analysis app to draw lines, don't use a credit card or transit pass or anything important (duh), it's going to increase the chances of you losing it. Use a clubshaft as a straight edge, just superimpose it over your smartphone display. Or if you have a removable case, use that as a straight edge.


Recommended Comments

I'll add one: Stick to your priority piece. Don't go down the rabbit hole trying to fix everything wrong all at once. Often, one piece will clean up several issues simultaneously.

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The portable power bank will also serve as a counterweight to secure your tripod from accidentally tipping or being blown over.

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I also find it helpful when reviewing the video (when filming in slow motion - where there's no audio), to use hand signals i.e thumbs up or point to the right so you know what type of shot it was.

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1 hour ago, JRobber said:

I also find it helpful when reviewing the video (when filming in slow motion - where there's no audio), to use hand signals i.e thumbs up or point to the right so you know what type of shot it was.

One of the great things about high frame rate video is you can see the first 3rd of ball's trajectory. If you review soon enough, you will probably go, oh yeah, that one, just from seeing the initial ball flight. But yes, 1 for slice, 2 for draw, something like that works. Or you could just talk, get closer to mic. 

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