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Pro tip for driving in any big city. Always. Always check for some VIP (Pffft, important my ass, muckety muck)  in the area or a big event. Never willy nilly just go out and drive. Because you will stew in a 5 block radius for 2 hours. Take the train, or plan around the event.


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This is truth. Always check for events in NYC if you're planning to drive in the city. But the crap that blows traffic down in manhattan is typically in mid-town. You can usually go around it by taking one of the parkways at the east and west sides of the city. Unless your destination is in midtown. Then your screwed... Take the subway. 

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38 minute delay during morning rush hour. Man, when the L train shutdown happens, gonna be hell.



And allegedly no safety checks before opening second avenue subway.


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Just back from Italy.  We traveled via train from Naples to Rome's Termini Station.  150 miles in a little over an hour.  Got off the train, walked over to the express train to the airport, which took about 35 minutes.  The entire trip was less than 2 hours and cost $40 per person.

Yes, they have pop-up strikes that can throw a wrench into one's travel machinery but my experience has always been great.   

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Put it all together and Clewlow and Mishra’s research suggests that cities have to strengthen and improve transit service in response to the growth of ride-hailing. They recommend dedicating street space to high-occupancy vehicles like buses and adopting policies like congestion pricing to counteract the rising traffic caused by ride-hailing services in central cities.

Ride-hailing services can be a helpful addition to transportation systems, curbing car ownership, reducing drunk driving, and complementing transit networks. But if cities and transit agencies don’t take action to improve the quality of bus and rail service, Uber and Lyft can end up doing more harm than good, clogging streets and cannibalizing transit.


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.37.38 PM.png

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What's public transit?   

It's such a forgotten thing in the area where I live nobody gives it a second thought.   

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