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When Dinosaurs Die Off

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This is the AFTER golf swing of a guy in my PGA classes. The player was hitting the ball a bit low (I wasn't able to record an initial video, but I didn't see a lot of axis tilt and someone told me he had reverse axis tilt at A4…).

The instruction he got? Go to the top by not rotating his hips, but by "loading" into his trail side, from the top "stay behind the ball" and throw the clubhead at the ball.

With the ball on a tee, this raised the ball flight. Absolutely. On the shots where he didn't hit several inches behind the ball.

The instructor mentioned Johnny Miller as a sort of role model for "keeping your weight behind the ball." Johnny Miller had one of the most powerful leg drives forward ever. His pressure and weight are both well forward.

Clue: if you have a pet theory, go on YouTube or load up your stored swings in Analyzr or V1 and see how many pros actually exhibit the thing you're thinking about. If it's none, as would be the case here (with irons, anyway), perhaps move on to something else instead of making it a core piece of your instruction.

Dinosaurs don't do that. Not every old instructor is a dinosaur, but dinosaurs eventually died off. I just wish it would happen much sooner in golf than it appears to be… I'll be dead and we'll still have dinosaurs out there roaming the lesson tee. Fewer than we have now, but they won't be extinct.

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I find my lack of understanding in golf instruction.... disturbing.

This kind of information (from the previous instructor) makes it difficult to trust anything I hear or my ability to comprehend it... as in is his suggestion a feel or do I actually keep my weight back?

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Amazing! One of my problems is when getting my weight into my left side I let my head go with it, sliding toward the target prior to impact. That's a real shot killer for me.

I would think the above advice would lead to skulls, tops, and the occasional quacker!

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I won't be able to send a video for about 6 weeks or so, but now I'm wondering...I was taught to play almost every shot with the ball forward in my stance. I was told to look at Harmon, Nicklaus and others. I do "feel" as if my weight is "back" as I swing. I know my weight favors the left only slightly at set-up.  

I have seen my swing on video and it is not like the ones pictured. I believe I have more "drive" into the ball in the downswing, and I'm not so upright. But now I wonder: Is the instruction I received considered "wrong" as well? Thanks, -Marv

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