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Season is late this year, which totally sucks because it was late last year and then all the leaves dropped late. Then we had an early snow and I couldn't get them all cleaned up before the town stopped collecting them.

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In mid-Michigan, we didn't have a lot of color compared to previous years.   My wife and I traveled to Tahquamenon Falls in late September and the colors were almost peak there.    My brother just returned from his trip to Acadia national park and said the colors in New Hampshire and Vermont were just amazing, the best he's ever seen and he lives in Colorado.     It definitely is the prettiest time of the year but the leaves sure play havoc trying to find golf balls.  

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Just be glad you have colors. Fall lasts about two weeks around here and there ain’t nothing “pretty” about it lol. 

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We didn't get much for color this year.  It was still 90 degrees in mid/late October.  Then about as quick as it started raining on Forrest Gump in Nam, it turned cold.  Leaves just died and started falling.

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    • From an aesthetic pov relative to others the look of the swing, at least to me, it looks the smoothest compared to long hitters. Kind of like in tennis there are some players that underachieve but I will go out of my way to watch them play because their groundstrokes is like art in motion. Look at that lead wrist. Bow city.  
    • Golf Hitting mats - turf compromise Lots of discussions regarding hitting off mats vs turf. Many believe hitting off mats gives false feedback owing to bounce off the mat among other things. I have been using mats for years with little ill effects with the caveat that it sometimes requires a little adjustment going from mat to the course. My backyard consists of artificial turf that is very close to natural grass and many have been hard pressed to tell the difference. (photos above earlier in the thread showing my labor and results). I have lately been hitting off my "turf" with good results, but it does leave a little green residue on the soles of clubs, nothing a little squirt of simple green or fabulouso doesn't take care of.  As far as damage to the turf, I have not really seen any, but not enough repetition to make a final judgement. I will say, I can tell no "feel" difference between my turf and the real thing.  
    • Hit some balls today. Wasn't working on anything in particular, just focused on good (not thinned, toed, etc.) contact. Mixed results. Decided to do the old gate drill with some twigs I happened to have laying around and was hitting the ball well every time. Odd. I didn't change any feels or anything. It was just hit ball, try not to hit sticks. Anyway, videos:   It wasn't nearly nice enough outside to practice with no jacket. I took it off for the camera like a pro 
    • When out traveling around in our rv, I tend to focus on golf. Playing courses where I find them. My wife is more of a sightseeing, photo buff. However, she does play her own version of the golf game, and of course I own a camera too.  On our trips we meet new folks all the time. Most are met when we pull into RV court, we have neighbors. I meet new folks at the golf course, and smetimes those golfers are fellow RVers Such was the case yesterday. My neighbor saw me cleaning my clubs, and came over to chat about golf equipment and the game in general.  At one time he was an avid golfer. Said he never made it to a low, single digit handicap, but developed a respectful love of the game.  His playing days are now over due physical issues due to diabetes.  As we were talking, he asked me how old my clubs were. I told him this particular set of irons were around 20 odd years old. He remarked that I had taken good care of them. At that point he asked me if I knew anyone who could use an old set of Pings, as he no longer had any use for them. I told him not off hand, but I generally donate older golf equipment to the juvenile diabetes foundation. He said good deal and gave his set of Pings. He went on to tell me he got these Ping irons used, 40 some years ago. I told him I would give them to the JDF in his name. We ended our conversation with a hand shake, and a ttyl. When I finished cleaning my clubs, I check out his bag of clubs. Turns out these irons are Karsten 1 Irons. Although they look well used, these are some what of a rare set of irons. I figured I better go tell him what he was giving away, that he might want to do something else with them on his own. He told me to keep them, and to find them a good home. His wife even expressed to me, her agreement with his wishes.  I exchanged phone numbers, and emails with him. Told him I would let him know about his clubs.  Heading back to my own digs, I kind felt sorry for this man. Giving up his golf clubs, since he can no longer use them. Pretty tough decision on his part.   
    • Keys 1 and 4. Hips back head steady, arms higher from 2. Old school lift lead foot push down. A little less old man finish looking.  
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