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Staving Off Inevitability



I got reading glasses, well, progressive lenses, put it off as long as I possibly could, can make due with regular glasses, but easier at the computer and duh, reading, with these. Turning my head from left to right and right to left and everything is warping. I guess sooner or later, I'm gonna be the guy with the glasses in the straps hanging from my neck, and tilting my head down, looking at people when I talk.




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I couldn't get used to progressive lenses. I wear regular bifocals most of the time and have a pair for just computer work that has mid-range and reading focal settings.

Don't wear them golfing Steve!

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1 hour ago, boogielicious said:

I couldn't get used to progressive lenses. I wear regular bifocals most of the time and have a pair for just computer work that has mid-range and reading focal settings.

Don't wear them golfing Steve!

I don't have problems with bifocals golfing.   I know there is a thread already about the subject but the progressive lenses have never been an issue for me.  I do believe I'm one of the exceptions to the norm. 

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6 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

I've played with them, but didn't really like it except being able to read the scorecard.

You don't need to read the scorecard, that's what the seeing eye dog is for!  :whistle:

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It's amazing the price differential. I priced a pair at Warby Parker's, it was well over 500 USD although I did opt for all the extras. And not all stores let me fill in the prescription, there are more restrictions when opting for progressive lenses. I already bought a monofocus pair from WP, always have backup I say, so shopped around. Found a pair w/progressive lenses for 150 USD at another online store. I didn't want to go all out on my first pair as not sure how I will take to them and I am buying all these glasses. So far I think they did a good job with the lenses, the turnaround time was much longer, 10 days as opposed to like 2 for WP, but not in a rush. So now I have progressive, monofocus, prescription sunglasses and regular sunglasses. Jeez. 

PSA: Shop around, there is a lot of price variability. 

Also, don't get plastic frames that have a thin body around the lenses. More apt to break. This was a backup pair I got last year. Gorilla Glued it and used it at home but that kind of sucks. 

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Yeah.....I’ve had to resort to readers myself. I use them when I have to do procedures as well; suturing, I&D’s...getting old isn’t fun. Nope. 

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    • Yea, I really thought Sean McVay was the guy who would crack the code too, so it definitely surprised me when he just didn't adjust. I hope he learned something, but I guess we'll have to see next year how his coaching tendencies change, if at all. The three points they ended up scoring was certainly a shocker. I was confident that the under would come through, but 16 total points was pretty shocking to me. 
    • I am incline to believe that fake balls are best for practicing swing mechanics. That one should not rely on the flight of these plastic/foam balls for swing results. Especially when used with longer swings.  I have a box of Taylor Made foam balls I sometimes use. They are quite safe to use indoors. Outdoors  they work ok, as long as there is no wind.  However, my favorite practice "fake" balls are those "Birdie Balls". The ones that look like a short piece of pvc pipe. (they are NOT made out of pvc). They seem to mimic ball flights better than the plastic/foam balls, while still being extremely range limited. I also believe these birdie balls are more suited for outdoor use. Obviously a draw back is you can't putt with them. 
    • They taste good, but are way too greasy, to the point of sogginess.  I’ve always said that McDonald’s is the gold standard in fries. Looks like I’m not the only one…
    • I just saw the Golf Channel's tribute to "Gene the Machine". I was truly fortunate enough to watch him play Billy Casper in an 18 hole Monday playoff at the 1970 Masters. I was a sophomore in college and our biology professor gave a friend and me his tickets (and permission to cut his class). It was my first time to actually see an actual tournament round having only attended practice rounds while in high school. There wasn't much drama as Casper won 69 to 74. There weren't many patrons in attendance and it was a very intimate setting to watch two great players up close and personal. I don't remember much about how they played except that Casper hit a screaming hook into the trees on number 2. As a hooker myself I received some solace in seeing a touring pro do that and still make par. Also, it was the last 18 hole playoff in Masters history. The 1979 Masters ending in a tie was decided by a sudden death playoff won on #11 (the second playoff hole) by Fuzzy Zoeller over Ed Sneed and Tom Watson. Because of that experience I've always been fond of both Littler and Casper.
    • McVay was going against Belicheck. He should’ve known that before the game and accepted he’d have to make rapid adjustments and not just ‘stick to a game plan.’ Yeah....sounds like coaching played a huge role in that loss.
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