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    • Day 16, January 24 2020.  Putting over the aluminum yardstick this evening after work.  Longest streak:  7 in a row, all 36" (at speed to go at least twice that far).
    • Got my first today! It was a pretty easy hole to birdie, but good to start it off right. 
    • I understand that.  But, if I’m striking the ball well one day, I tend to be striking the ball well for a time.  I’ll always take good ball striking over dumb luck, whether good or bad...
    • My golf season is starting in just under three weeks! What we’ll do is practice for a few weeks before our first match on March 2. Anytime we play, I’ll post about it here and on “What’d You Shoot Today?”. Also, if I have any crazy stories from practice, I’ll post those here as well. We do a lot of fun things at practice, from going out and playing a few holes to competitions on the practice green. Our favorite wager: pushups. I’ve got a few crazy stories from last year, so I can put those here too if you want! Definitely looking forward to the season. Just some info from last season: •My scoring average last season was something in the neighborhood of 48.5, with a low score of 45. Hoping to bring that average down to 45 this season. •We made it to regionals as a team last year as one of the top three teams in our conference. At regionals, we played okay, but came up well short, placing ninth out of 12. Top two teams go to state level, and top twelve individuals go to states as well, which leads me to my third point: •We had two of our team members (neither of which were me) go to states. And the final point: •I made a 10 on my last hole of the season. The last hole of regionals, with my family and just about the whole team watching. If you want to know the hole, look up Keith Hills Golf Club, Orange Course #9. Drive to the center of the fairway, then knocked one in the hazard. Dropped, then into the bunker. Took four to get out and onto the green, and then I two-putted. So, there you go. Looking forward to posting my performance this season!
    • We’re almost a month into this challenge, and it’s not looking good for me so far. Probably three or four rounds so far in 2020, two I remember at my home course. No birdies yet, and I’m probably not able to play until next weekend, for two reasons: 1) The course is probably going to be very wet both tomorrow and Sunday, because we just got a good amount of rain, and 2) School. Tomorrow and Sunday are gonna be practice days, probably an hour and a half to two hours each day. 
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