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    • Took some full swings today to send to my instructor. Still not getting the clubhead sliding down the wall slightly feeling. Anyone have any feels that work for them to get the club not so steep in the downswing. Gonna stick with the drill he gave me, but looking to see if anyone has had any luck with a certain move or feel to accomplish it. Thanks in advance. 
    • 6666 posts for Carl Spackler!
    • One of the things I like best about trained professionals, whether MD, PhD, Engineer, computer expert, etc. is that they they're educated enough to know what they don't know and what is and isn't their specialty. Bingo. Unfortunately, It's not just kids or young adults that are ignoring health officials. The reality of it is that this country's putative independent streak, which can be a positive force, can also be a big negative.
    • This is why they are going to have to close everything back down. Responsible adults will be punished for the actions of the irresponsible. As Bill Cosby always said, children are brain damaged. These are just overgrown children.
    • The con with hybrids though is that they go even on misshits. So you are bound to get more lost balls with it if you are not striking it perfectly. I have a 22 degree after my irons and it´s ridiculously easy to get into the air and I certainly have better percentage then my old iron 3 but the misses is close to be as dangerous as misses with a 3-wood seeing the distance they go in the wrong direction. But it´s very useful. If you have a day you can´t chip you can just use it as a chipper. Trying to recover with distance from a fairway bunker or bad lie in the rough much easier then a fairway wood or iron. From a perfectly good lie the fairway wood is preferrable though but the misses using an iron versus a wood or hybrid tend to be much less punishing as the ball will go a much shorter distance and is required to hit well to get the distance. Another thing is distance control. If no wind fine but with wind and the high trajectories it would be hard to calculate. Maybe punch shot is easy with hybrid too though... I don´t know about backspin because yet to land my hybrid on a green 😛. The holes I play I hardly ever get it for the approach shot where there is any real chance. I seldom need to hit more then 160 metres to pin. I am still not 100 % sure about the distance I have with it need more time to dial that in better. On the range it appears to be a huge difference when ripping it and on a slower swing. but I do feel it replaces my old 18 degree fairway wood quite well. Goes a bit shorter but significantly longer then my i5 d7 despite its playing as a i-3 so gapping aside I think I lucked out with the right hybrid loft in between my 3wood and irons.  25 degree hybrid probably don´t go longer then the average well hit iron 3? I am very curious to try a set of cleveland hb turbos or the like but not in the market for new clubs currently but would be interesting how they play and if they can just about eliminate all duffing which do happen on occasion... But again if that short duff short is replaced by an out of bound not much gained.  
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