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WA Assistant's Championship



Played yesterday in the WA Assistant's Championship at Fircrest GC.  Weather ended up being perfect despite the tendency this time of year to rain. I ended up shooting even par 71 and T-4th.

The round started off interesting, with a duck hook drive into the woods left. I punched it out to 100yds and stuck the 3rd to 8ft which I made to save par. My irons overall were good. The tough part about this time of year is getting distance dialed in as the air starts to cool, so needless to say I was leaving a few shots short.  Not a lot short but enough to annoy. Wedges were in the same boat, good enough but left a few short of where I wanted.  Driver started out rough, but I found the click halfway through the round. I needed to feel like I was sitting back towards my heels a little at address.  Unfortunately, one wayward tee shot did lead to a double bogey.  That hole started with the bad drive, but I punched out and left myself about 45yds for my 3rd.  I left that on the green but 20ft for par.  Missed that and the following 4 footer. That 20ft putt was the last time that I hit a putt by the hole that round 🙄 The 4ft putt was stupid, I got lazy and lifted.  Once I found my driver swing, I was hitting the ball great tee to green, but like I mentioned, I left all birdie putts short.

Overall, I birdied 2 par 5's and 1 par 4.  The par 4, I stuck my 52 to a foot, thought it had a good chance of going in.  I also had that double bogey and a 3 putt bogey late in the round.

I played with 2 other guys, both of whom are multiple-time winners in our chapter.  One of them ended up winning with a 68 and the other shot 73.  Comparing our play styles, I'm right with them tee to green. But short game, they are super sticky.  Leave them a chip or pitch within 30yds and they are within 5ft almost every time. I lost a couple shots from not chipping/pitching my ball close.  I knew it's been something for me to work on, but it was good to see where I need to be at.

This was the last real tournament for me this season.  Having my kid this summer made it difficult to play in any big events, as expected, but next year I'll be in a few more I hope.


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