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What I Miss - Rattling Sound



I was playing yesterday and putting into noodle filled cups, and it hit me out of the blue how much I miss the sound of a golf ball rattling to the bottom of the cup. It's such a distinct sound that marks the completion of "the hunt". It hit me when I "made" a 7' right breaking putt for par that tapped the flag stick and plopped lifeless onto the blue pool noodle. Normally I would give a little fist pump for saving a par like that, but it was almost depressing. I wonder if this is mentally killing my putting. I would normally walk to the flag while feeling the slope(s), pull the flag, and get into a hunting mode. It was a primal feeling like tracking a wild animal. The sound of the ball falling into the cup is like hitting your mark with an arrow or bullet. Without that, it's almost a "whatever" kind of feeling. Who cares if I make it or miss it.

I need figure out how to start hunting pool noodles. Maybe I should buy some and start shooting them with my pellet gun to develop the killer instinct. Maybe I am just being silly.


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Have you ever shot baskets at a hoop with no net?  It's the same thing.  Yes...the ball goes thru the hoop, and it counts, but there is no swish sound.  Without the sound it is somehow less satisfying.  

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7 minutes ago, bkuehn1952 said:

The sound of a holed putt on TV in Japan and Korea sounds different than the USA.  Anyone else notice that?

Nope, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever watched golf from Japan or Korea. 

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I wonder if the opposite is happening to me. On Sunday, it felt like I couldn't miss. I always putt with the flag in so I guess that I wouldn't really notice too much of a difference between that and noodle-land.

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