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    • My one no-no weekend is July 2, 3, and 4 (Club Championship). Other than that it can be any Saturday in July or August… (unless I decide to do the member-guest August 6, 7, and 8th) 
    • That's great, with 200 rounds it would last me 7-8 years... But probably there is some battery discharge over the time even when you are not using it. Right now they are still offering replacements for the 2nd generation, but at some point I guess they will fully discontinue that generation like they did with the 1st one Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors: Transition to Subscription FAQs What is changing with Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors? We are transitioning Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to a subscription product once our existing...  
    • For me the dealbreaker is the convenience fee. I can't believe they charge almost 3$ for something you can do in a 30 seconds phone call. Last year at least with the 99$ tier they were waiving all of them, not just 10. Another issue, at least in my area (NC Triangle), is that I can't find anymore hot deals tee times from 7am to 10am. My golf season is limited to the summer, I'd rather pay the full tee time fee, than save 20$ with a "hot" deal and play 5 hours in the 90s I think this is becoming like Moviepass. The idea was very good, but they haven't really planned it realistically from the beginning, and now they are trying to make it profitable cutting down one benefit at a time
    • A little status update 30 rounds into the season:  - Taking small steps in the right direction. Index currently on 10,3 and I will probably see the "9" sometime this month. Positive trend.  - Season best so far is 83 from the yellows (6350 yards). Separate best 9s is +1 on the front 9 and +3 on the back 9, so it should be possble to stitch a sub 80 round together with good flow and focus through 18 holes. I still have never played 2 good 9 nine hole stretches in a row in my life, so this still might not happen. I have shot rounds in the 70s 3 times from the front tees this year though (5300 yards) - Still have a long way to go with the driver. The misses are fewer, but I still hit way too few fairways with the big dog (30-40%) - Just a question of time before the eagle-goal is achieved. I've given myself some chances on hole 1, 9 and 10 so far this season, and more will come.  I feel my game from 150yards and in has improved a lot this year, while my long game is still very inconsistant. My putting has also been ranging from brilliant to weak (26-40 putts). Focus is something that I still need to work on, and I still let a couple of bad shots influence my confidence in several situations. 
    • Visiting Florida from NY.  Played Indian River Preserve.   Shot a 93,  best of my year so far.  Problems off the tee with driver on most for whatever reason, snap hooks for 175 yards, but stayed in play.   Got 2 birdies, both par 5 (only 2 tee shots with Driver that were good).   Both I was on in 2 with Driver then 3H.  Then Driver 3w on 18th hole, which I lipped out the 15 foot eagle putt for a tap in birdie.    Also had 32 putts which is great for me.  Slowly getting better at putting by getting the speed right 
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