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Slipping Up Just a Bit



I managed to get in three rounds this week, improving my score each time: a 97 on Monday (44-53), a 96 on Wednesday (48-48) and a 94 on Thursday (50-44).

Chipping/pitching was rock solid this week, which I was pleased to see. I hit a lot of my <50-yard chips/pitches inside ten feet, and a handful of those inside five, including a chip in. Easily the best part of my game as of right now.

I feel a little less confident about tee shots. I did have some really good ones, but there was at least one per round that I sprayed. One OB, and two water-bound shots. I did hit at least half the fairways every round, but those sprays are a little concerning. I normally don’t spray it.

Next up, iron play. Iron play was, at my best, 7/10. At worst, it was about a 3/10. Contact was my main problem, mostly ugly chunks. I’m looking to improve that when I get in front of my net later today.

Lastly, bunker play. I hit two truly good bunker shots out of, say, ten. Most of my bad bunker shots are when I leave my first one in the trap. Unfortunately, that’s the only part of my game that I can’t really practice, because the range is closed, and our practice bunker is part of the range.

So overall, there were several things I found that need fixing, with iron play my main focus. I’m gonna practice today and tomorrow, and then start with a fresh week on Monday.


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How was your putting over those three rounds? It seemed like you struggled with three putts in your previous blog entry.

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3 hours ago, klineka said:

How was your putting over those three rounds? It seemed like you struggled with three putts in your previous blog entry.

Putting was definitely better than my post from the first week, but it’s still not where I want it. The main trouble for me was short putts. I’d miss at least three out of five. That’s where I really want to work.

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49 minutes ago, dagolfer18 said:

The main trouble for me was short putts. I’d miss at least three out of five. That’s where I really want to work.

What distance are you referring to when you say short putt? 

You do realize that golfers that shoot 90 typically only make 39% of their putts from 6 feet right? And it's not realistic to expect to make 3 out of 5 from 6 feet, because that is how many PGA Tour players make on average from 6 feet. Even scratch golfers make just over 50% of 6 foot putts too.  

If you spend a little time reading and learning about how hard putting/golf is in general and learn to have realistic expectations I think that will help you on your quest to break 90. 


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