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Tales from the Golf Shop



Today I decided to go to the local Golf Super Duper Store to try out a 3 wood that caught my eye. As the product expert sets up my request, I take a few practice swings with my own club. The lighting is not great, its hard to see if my club face is square, and I hit about the 3 worst balls in my life warming up. I was hemorrhaging on the astroturf as someone's grandfather just stood behind me wondering why the hell I asked to try the tour model.  Then, on the 5th ball, I finally hit the ball down the middle with a quiet draw to roll out at 245. Feeling some redemption I hit 2 more on a similar note, put the club down, and walked slowly to the end of the hitting bay. 

On to the first victim, I mean club. Snap, push, skank, slop, and then a gorgeous draw on the line 245 with identical numbers from my 3 wood. I hit 2 more and then the guy says, "I don't know what you are looking for but that Diablo Octane Tour you brought in put up identical numbers. It's got a heavy stock shaft that feels like it was tipped". Then he says, "Henrick Stenson would still be playing this club if he had his way". OK, I get it, don't fool with what isn't broken. 

At this point I am feeling frisky so I ask to hit a driver model that has the newest and greatest shaft ever in it. In fact I may have just ordered that shaft and its coming Wednesday. Well the store is having an issue in getting inventory so he sets up what he can find and hands me an adjustable game improvement club set to 8.5. Low snap, low push, and then as he steps away I open the face for more loft and I hit it. I mean on the screws coming down on the center line and I stop right there. I mean why even chance it by hitting another ball? So he comes back and says that looks pretty good. He tells me to come back when they get their inventory in and I thank him for his time. 

Now I don't know why it took so long to hit a decent ball because that did not happen when I demoed my irons. I can only think that the thrill of the long club, coupled with the instant gratification of seeing the numbers, only intensified my out of body experience. So yeah, once I swung it like I do in real life I was rewarded with my mere mortal numbers, but nothing fear inspiring like you see on the commercials. 

All in all, the trip was not a total fool's errand as I happened to find some shorts on sale. Like modern drivers they were bigger than the ones of yesterday. While I blame Covid on that I can only think that 25 years in the same size was a pretty good run. 



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    • Day 276 - Sept 29, 2020 Power was out yesterday, so I'm giving myself that day. I played 13 holes. Today I played 18, albeit from the white tees as the course was soft and Richard plays the whites. I hit two drivers. 😛
    • Many of my issues with the “design” are related to pace of play and/or safety issues. Trees that needlessly block your view of an area, for example… stuff like that. Obviously, based on only one playing, and I’m only really highlighting the things I think could be better or that are negatives. I’m not including the positive aspects of the thing here (I’d rate the course as a 5.5/10 or 6/10 - it’s not worth two hours for me to drive, but it’s still a slightly better than average course). So, mostly just the negatives…: Why have rough there? There’s also a dense bunch of pines right that serve no real purpose. Thin them out and allow recovery shots as well as easier tracking of a ball hit into them. Mostly fine. Short right fwy bunker kinda useless. The fairway is 17 yards wide at 250 yards. Left is dead. Right is trees. Difficult holes are fine, but nobody is going to want to be in the valley left, so there are going to be a lot of people looking in the trees right. None of us hit the green from 210 yards, and we spent about six or seven minutes progressively looking for everyone’s balls. Total balls found: 13. Number that were ours? All four, eventually. Did we still wait on the next tee after playing out? Yes. Balls were embedded everywhere on this hole. No real issues here. The left fairway is again 17-18 yards wide, the right fairway is 22 and runs out after 260 yards. We were hit into on this hole even though we kept a cart in the left fairway plainly visible from the tee by someone who hit through the middle in the trees where three of our tee shots went (all but one ended up downhill to the right with a relatively clean angle to the green. I reached with a 6I). Pace of play nightmare type hole. Mostly fine. You can’t see that the water extends around the back as much as it does, and it’s almost the same yardage from every set of tees, which doesn’t make sense to me. I wonder how the front tee players play this hole. Great example here of some bad stuff, IMO. First, trees just off the tee block your sight line to the left rough, nearly hiding all of two bunkers that are left as well as the cart path (behind more trees) on a cart-path-only hole. Then up the right, there’s an elevated bunker that hides the pond behind it, with thick, soft rough that’s 50+ yards from the cart path. Flatten the hill where the bunker right is so you can see the pond. If you want a bunker there, put it down by the water to stop balls from rolling in, though honestly it’s just not necessary as players hitting bunker shots over a pond are going to chunk or blade them 90% of the time, leading to slower play. Thin the trees out so you can see up the left side of the hole, both for safety and pace of play reasons. The fairway is again 21 yards wide just before you get to the hazard, which is about 230 yards off the back of the long strip tee, and 260 off the black tees. Good hole, though the possibly blind second shot is a mild pace of play/safety issue. I say possibly because I was in the left rough, and hit a 7I over trees to 40 yards shy of the green. It appeared that it may be blind going up and over the hill, but maybe it’s not tall enough to actually be blind. If not, the hole is fine/good. Decent hole. Fine. Green has a good amount of slope for a 210-yard tee shot, not a big size. Good hole. Trees right by the tee block your view up the right-hand side if you hit a ball to the right edge of the fairway, let alone just into the rough. The cart path is up the right-hand side, too, making it a pace of play and a safety issue, especially as most players slice. Otherwise, a good hole. Generally I’m not a fan of massive features on a green when it’s a blind shot. The green has an odd shape, a big tier, and is completely blind (you can see the flagstick). “It’s only blind once” they say, but for a busy almost “destination” type course (I’m using the term loosely, for just folks within an hour or two), this is another place where a few minutes of pace could be saved. Decent hole otherwise. Another 19-yard wide fairway at 250 yards off the tee. We could barely see the top of the flagstick from where we were teeing off (fortunately it was toward the back). I love a good downhill island par three, but it’s generally good to be able to see where the ball lands. Otherwise much of the drama is gone, unless you want to run forward so you can see the green. A good hole with a poor choice of hole locations yesterday. And a minor safety issue, as three of us drove well over the hilltop. We waited long enough so we knew they’d moved on, but people could be hit into here. I think the course could be pretty darn good with a few changes, starting with firming up the conditions. Plugged balls in areas that are clearly too wet to mow very often (long rough) are a pace of play nightmare, and also just not fun golf. Firmer conditions would let better players hit 3W on some tees and still feed the ball into better areas instead of trying to hit driver into 20-yard-wide areas with a giant slope right and trees left (or vice versa). I played pretty well. Got boned once or twice, but that’s fine, and they weren’t even on the obvious holes (once I think was a bad yardage - I think he got the slope behind the green and not the flagstick). The greens, because of how soft they were, were beat to heck. So many ball marks, footprints, etc. Billy Horschel would have done his Chambers Bay wiggly snake hand motion a few times on putts.
    • If you find yourself losing focus on the range, change up what you're doing. I can get more out of a 15-minute range session than many people can get out of an hour or 70 balls.
    • I was thinking it could be a good option. But since that is the starting shaft that had bad results, scrap that idea. The blue is counterbalanced though, so that might be an issue. If you want to do a cheap experiment, get some lead tape and put 2-3 inches of it somewhere on the back of the head and see if that does anything to your ball flight.
    • Day 18 -  playing in a couple of scrambled in the next week, so it hit some balls trying to not think about technique...just wanting to make solid contact. 
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