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Slipping a Bit

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The last 4 days have not been the best. Just looking at the calories per day, not near where I want it to be. I need to get back on track eating less food. 



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I gained 3 pounds over the weekend.  I hate good pizza, I ate a half a pizza on Halloween (two slices before trick or treating and two slices when we got home from our friends house) and then drank several calorie dense craft beers and finished it off with helpings of candy and popcorn.  Will need to spend a little extra time at the gym and in the lap pool tonight.  Ha-ha.  


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That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.


Thanksgiving & Christmas are coming.   ;-)

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Just now, rkim291968 said:

That's a calorie intake of an athlete in training, and "burn" of a couch potato.   Reverse the graph and you will get there.

"The University of Missouri estimates that male athletes generally need more than 22.7 calories per pound of body weight each day, or more than 3,800 calories per day for a 170-pound man."

Lets say in between ;) 

Yep I plan on reducing it back to where I want it. It was only 4 days, so not a killer. 

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    • I've been very happy with the Srixon Q Star 'Tour' (not to be confused with the Q Star); the Tour has a urethane cover and plays great in windy conditions (something we have a lot of in Texas).  I was pretty happy with the Costco Kirkland 4-piece but that's not available anymore.  I would put the Q Star Tour as having more 'heft' (some may call it feel) than the Costco ball and better feel on the green.  Costs range from $26-$29/dozen.  $29 is the not-on-sale cost; I've waited for deals on it and got it for as low as $19.99/dz (you can't beat that for a urethane cover ball). Good luck.  
    • Rant alert: Watched the Captain's assistants interview last night on GC. I get all the weeklong celebration and build up of the event and all the talk about how many texts are sent out 2 am in the morning, but these filler interviews are nauseating..😆. The Koala bear was a good touch though. They were smart enough to not attempt to bring a Kangaroo in the press room. Ha. Especially the camaraderie/team building questions are  terrible. I mean how do you get 12 independent contractor type millionaires in a room and build a brotherhood? IDK but I think it be hilarious if Fred Couples said they all sleep in bunk beds together in a 12X12 room and shower together to build that undying--no-man-left-behind love for each other.. lol. Reporters putting JT and WS on the spot about about the Reed incidence was squirm inducing but I thought they both did an admirable job not 'no commenting' yet not throwing the fella under the bus. I am sure they were all expecting it and prepared.  Can the damn matches start already? 
    • Callaway CXR Power in high viz yellow. For a high handicapper, surprisingly good, and cheap as chips.
    • Funny this thread popped up again. I was looking for something to read yesterday. I picked up Penick's LRB thinking I would read a few pages.  Those "few pages" turned into an every page, cover, to cover read. Once I started, I couldn't put it down.  There are 10s of 1000s of golf books available to golfers. Quite a few are great reads, while quite a few are not so good.  Penick's LRB is easily a top 5 read. It's also one of the very few original writings on the subject of playing golf. 
    • Good for you (and him) that your gentle correction was well received. Lots of casual and fun golf is played almost without any Rules. Then there are those of us who enjoy the game all the more by playing by the Rules as best we can.
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