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Do Less (Forgetting Sarah Marshall Style)



I find myself saying in lessons quite often^ lately "Do Less."

For example, on the backswing, people will often move their hands around, bend elbows in every direction, move the clubhead everywhere, the knees are doing a bunch of stuff, etc. Their backswings are too long, and really, if they just make a little turn and "fling" (I use that word a lot too) their arms up and back, they end up in a good spot.

I think that in students of the game can get caught up in trying to do "too much" and instead if they let themselves just tap into some natural athleticism they can reap some benefits. I've been doing a lot of the drill where you add weight to the club with the Torc (at various heights) to really feel the clubhead "throw" back and up. To do this, the wrists and arms have to be soft, the shoulders have to be soft.

I am considering filming a video with the Torc showing a few of the ways I like to use it, specifically for the backswing stuff. I also use it for pitching work. Maybe I'll make another post specifically talking about it.

I hope I don't sound like that to students. 😄

^ I think there's some of Baader-Meinhof phenomena going on here as I just saw the video clip and was reminded of it again, so now every time I say "do less" I quietly chuckle to myself at recalling the scene.

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    • Morning! well Ive been lurking on the outside for some time but after the last few months of grinding out a new swing I thought it was time to reach out and get some feed back that could help with some in round thoughts that have been troubling me.  Just a quick back story picked up the game late im 45 and started playing when i was in my late 20s. didnt start getting serious about the game till about 5-6 years ago . When i started getting serious about the game my swing was still pretty bad my take away was too far inside and had to compensate in other area of my swing creating a hook but still played off of a 10 Handicap ( cant call it a draw because it just moved too much and my miss was way left lol). About 9 months ago  I decided to change everything swingpath, grip and my score dropped bringing me to a 5 handicap . My home course I play, I dont play the tips im not long enough but I play one up from the tips at 6700 yds. The issue I have been experiencing and it never fails I'll start my rounds steady and start to score very well by 9th im normally at even or at times 2 under.  Then comes the thoughts of finishing strong shooting lights out and going low . Instead I start to make dumb mistakes. It never fails right at 11-12th hole im back to mid 70s or just under 80. What are some things you guys are doing to keep that focus on the task . It's like im losing focus ? or is it a consistency thing that needs to be done on the range? 
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