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    • I Agree with keeping the score out of your head and talking up how you can get a new low score if you only just............  ... my current two bogey holes are the last two at my course so I never want to add anymore pressure during the round ..and esp. on the last couple if I know I'm scoring well  what I have been doing PSR is just trying to relax and feel like I have zero pressures on my shot + swing I think thats why I have some ripping great recovery shots Vs a set of bad shots I use too awhile ago when I use to build pressure after bad shot and rush and try harder to hit the perfect swing>> I recommend trying to swing with less effort more of the time esp. when it comes to short game  
    • Just started looking at this topic, what's the helicopter drill ?   Today I've done driver and 4 wood hitting a ball on a string for about 15mins, I also do a 5 different arm shoulder exercises using 1kg hand weights. I'm recovering from 11 weeks in hospital, I'm very lucky to be still hitting golf balls lol...
    • Most Buckeyes won't go as far as to give you a proper acronym. Most just call you "that state (sometimes team) up north". I'm not a football guy, but I am up for a good rivalry
    • 84- at the monthly medal which gave me a 2nd out of 31 players position off the Blue Tees(which gave me a course HC-16) Net - 68 (67 won it) wasn't playing all that amazing with a few offline drives and a few shocking strokes ....but I seemed to recover on every hole with a brilliant chip/pitch/iron etc or didn't score any worse than a Bogey till the 17th --PAR3 where I tripled Bogey after I pulled a shot off the tee and backed it up with some slack short game ...wasn't happy and thought I blew any chances of a decent position ....esp. when on the 18th I drove into bank blindspot to the green and sent the next 8i right of the green on another bank !!!! but yet again chipping saved me hitting the flag and stopping the ball less than a foot from the hole for a PAR... 8xPARS 9XBOGEYS 1xD-B  
    • Day 181 Played 18 today. Didn’t play very well but had a couple good runs of pars to break 90. A scratch player in my foursome pointed out I was collapsing my arms in the backswing, so I changed my swing thought and worked on backswing for the remainder of the round. Got home and did a little mirror work with the same thought and also hit some balls. 
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