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    • Shot 85 today for the first time in the 80's! Played Wyandot Golf Course, which is short, 68.40/111/5610, but feels great to reach one of my 2020 goals of breaking into the 80's by the end of the season this early. Stoked at the level of play lately and where my game is trending.
    • After posting several 90, 91 rounds I FINALLY broke 90 today! Shot 85 at Wyandot Golf Course from the whites - 68.40/111/5610. Feels great to be in the 80's!
    • Do you consider Ben Hogan's book: "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" to be outdated?  "high speed video, pressure traces, and stuff like GEARS" are tools used to measure data points, these data points are taken from high level players and are then used by instructors to modify golfers swings into swinging like those measured players. The you tube videos from Athletic Motion Golf are prime examples. What do you call that "swing style"?
    • So I started tracking my stats this year and it appears I was a little over ambitious with my goals lol Goal was 50% fairways I am currently at 39.6% I'm more than long enough I should be keeping the driver in the bag outside of a handful of holes per round instead of using it on virtually every moderately straight par 4 no matter the danger I could inevitably put myself in. Goal was 50% GIRs I am currently at an abysmal 31% but I've noticed my GIR when i hit a fairway is 52.5% while when I miss it is just 21.3% so I need to be ok with losing some yardage in order to find the fairway more often which should make a lot of things fall into place. I have also been battling my irons all year if I cant go driver wedge I've been pretty useless.  Goal was for scrambling to be over 45% I am currently at 22% which is probably my most surprising statistic I thought I would be holing more clutch putts. I set my putt goal for 33 and that is right where i am now at 33.3 putts per round. I have not been 3 putting much at all I am currently on a 73 hole 3 putt free streak I have been good at lag putting but I'm not holing as many 8-12 footers as I think I should be. The amount of 2 putt bogies I have is incredible.  My ultimate goal is to get to single digits this year I am currently at a 12.2 (down from what I'm guessing was 18-20+ last year) I need to keep putting in the work. Knowing my stats has helped me realize what changes I need to make strategy wise and where i need to improve my ball striking the most.   
    • Round 2 results: . . . . . . Different groupings and different weather conditions (hot with gusty winds out of the northeast; IMO ideal for this course).   The pros were grouped with a 12 and 6 (the 12 shot his career best).  I played with 3 other mid to high single digits.  Member 1 and Member 3 were paired with a former Div 1 collegiate woman golfer and a 10.    Member #1 – 67 Pro #2 – 68 Pro #1 – 70 Me – 74 Member #3 – 77 For S&G’s the former Div1 collegiate played from the woman’s tees and shot 86.   Nerves were nonexistent (probably because the pros were playing ahead of me).  Hyper focused would be the best way to describe my mindset.   Only missed 2 fairways (both misses were small misses) and hit 14 greens.  Iron play could have been better and was battling a slight case of the lefts.  Was +1 heading into 17 and tripled.  18 is a legit birdie hole and I missed a 6 footer.  Solid round with one major mistake.   Member 1 played his usual consistent game. Member 3 struggled off the tee and had to scramble.  Both pros played well from tee to green but never got anything going on the greens.         Will post Round 3 results later today….. lol, then don't follow or participate.  Better yet, block me.  Problem solved.   You are something else, same BS many years later.....   And for the rest of you, screen shot this response because it will be deleted.  Or maybe I'll get banned 🤣
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