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    • I'm out. Jim Rome show. He was famous for that saying on his radio show starting about 20 years ago, whenever he had a take on a topic. I'm sure glad we established that you aren't always sure what others are talking about. And clearly did hit a nerve based on your persistent reactions. I can tell because of how much you have mischaracterized about my post.  You sure have a lot of energy. if you only spent 1 minute on each of your posts you would have spent almost 49 days of your life writing or responding to posts. Take a break. I'm going to pretend that you had the last word and move on.  Hope that feels better. Again, please stay safe. Good luck!
    • Are you looking for new or 'kind of' new clubs? What is your budget?  I don't know if there is a right answer to your question as there are many options out there depending on what you are looking to spend.  I agree with getting fitted, but you may be pushed into the newer clubs, which isn't a bad thing, unless you have a limit on funds. I prefer Pings, so I would recommend the G410 or G710 irons as they are very forgiving, as well as the G400 or G410 Driver and Fairway woods. I think the first thing is to establish a budget, if there is no budget then it's all about what feels and fits you the best.  If you have a budget it will take some time researching what works best with the price you have.
    • Nope. Not sure what you're talking about with that one. You did not.
    • I love the new system. much easier to think about the max net bogey limit in registering scores. Like the frequent updates, especially when playing money games. much easier to see everyones true handicap and recent scores. Also more fun for my wife when we play, or acutally anyone who doesn't have the patience for the old system. She never was interested in posting and improving her handicap previously because there was always a range of equitable scoring maximum depending on your base handicap. now she is excited about posting and getting better. It's been a real positive foe my golfing life. on an added note, when I played in ireland last year it was impossible to figure true course handicaps. I think it will be easier now if I go back again. 
    • You're getting caught up in the wrong stuff. The PCC isn't "ahead of its time." In fact, it's intentionally "diluted" or "slowed down" early on. It's being applied at a diminished rate right now, in any direction. It's just an algorithm. Enough people played better - they posted better scores - that one day. That's all there is to it. Oftentimes it'll be the "weather," but sometimes maybe the holes will be in bowls, or cut in positions where it's easier to get close or make more putts. Or sometimes the ball will fly a bit farther. Or wind blows downwind on the longer holes. Or a bunch of people just play well on one day. There's no way of knowing. It's just an algorithm.
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