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I thought it would be nice to have a Michigan club. A club to talk about anything Michigan, from opinions about courses, meetups, basically anything golf related.

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  2. Michigan Golf Show

    Did anybody but myself and golf buddies attend? What did you buy? I purchased two shirts and a short sleeve wind shirt for a total of $20. I bought 4 Footjoy WeatherSoft gloves for $30. 2 for 1 coupon at any Metropark course, unlimited golf at Red Hawk Golf Club in East Tawas for $35 good thru May of this year and discounted golf at Black Bear in Vanderbilt.
  3. Driving range FLINT TOWNSHIP, MI -- Golfing is a skill that's been passed down for generations in Wesley Hull's family. His grandfather taught his father the sport, who taught him and he went on to teach his four sons when they were still in diapers. Hull's been coaching the boys' team at Swartz Creek High School for nine years, but getting a good practice in the winter has been difficult after King Par closed a few years ago. In an attempt to keep the game alive in his community, Hull is stepping up to the plate so that others will have the opportunity to practice the sport he loves. Hull and his 24-year-old son, Logan, are planning to build "The Grounds," a driving range and training facility at 6122 W. Maple Ave. Plans for the driving range were approved on March 8 by the Flint Township Planning Commission. "We're building this driving range because we want to grow the sport of golf again," Wesley Hull said. "For the past few years, I've been trying to find a place for the kids to practice after King Par closed and didn't have much luck. Everywhere we looked was too far out so eventually we decided to just build a driving range ourselves." King Par closed its doors in 2016 after creditors filed a petition for involuntary chapter seven bankruptcy against the store. The Swartz Creek golf team celebrates with the district trophy after winning last Friday's district tournament at Davison Country Club. - 2012(Ross Maghielse | MLive.com file photo) Wesley Hull, who has been working for the United Parcel Service for 35 years, said he was on his route when he drove by a vacant 1895 farmhouse sitting on a large lot of land 20 years ago. When he and his son had the idea of building driving range, he knew just where it should go. The house remained vacant all these years and Wesley bought it when the decision was made to build the driving range. The 3,300 square foot driving range will sit on 45 acres of land and will feature eight to nine covered and heated golf tee boxes for practicing in the winter. A garage door will open into a training facility where players can practice their swing with trainers. There will be an indoor golf simulator used for training. Players will be able to practice their swing by hitting a ball agaisnt a screen that calculates where the ball will land. There will also be a pro shop and an area to manufacture and repair golf clubs. It will also feature a range that extends 330 yards that can be used for practice as well. "We've always wanted to open up our own business," Wesley Hull said. "It needed to surround golf because it's a passion we all share and love." The 53-year-old high school golf coach grew up in Swartz Creek, joined the Flint Junior Golf Association when he was young and played on the Swartz Creek High School golf team, which he would later begin coaching in 2009. His father taught him the game, and he taught his sons who all joined the FJGA and played in high school as well. Under Hull's coaching, the team won the Flint Metro League when his son Logan was on the team, but lost at regionals. In 2014, the team, which included his son Hunter, won the state championship in high school golf. "Golfing has been in our blood," Wesley Hull said. "It's a gentleman's sport and is played with integrity. It's been a lot of fun watching them grow as men and players. I've had one of my sons play at the U.S. Amateurs this past year. Another one of my sons, Logan, is working on getting into the PGA apprentice program in order to get a PGA professional card." Logan attended Albion College and played on their golf team for a year. He later Swartz Creek High School senior golfer Logan Hull shot a 75 during a Metro League golf tournament at Copper Ridge Golf Course in Davison on Monday, May 23. attended the University of Michigan-Flint and then the Golf Academy of America in Arizona. "It's a big stress reliever for me to be able to go outside and play," Logan Hull said. "My dad and grandpa were big influencers in my life. A love for the game of golf grew because it's what we always did together." Logan was Wesley's assistant coach for eight years before focusing on getting into the PGA apprentice program. He's now working toward his dream of becoming a professional golfer. "I can't beat him now but it's still a lot of fun to go out there and play competitively," Wesley Hull said. Now that plans for the driving range have been approved by the planning commission, Wesley hopes that construction can begin in April and end by fall. "We want to finish up by fall, but we're hoping we'll have enough done that people can start practicing this summer," Wesley said. Land elevation surveys have to be completed before construction can begin.
  4. Michigan Golf Show

    for those of you going to the Michigan Golf Show and have interest in play The Loop
  5. Michigan Golf Show

    The Michigan Golf show is this weekend in Novi. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Check their website for times. Michigan Golf Show
  6. Last and Predictions for First

    Did you not get the 5" of snow we received today? It may melt by the 15th but I'm more of the pessimistic person when it comes to weather. Accuweather is stating the the 15th, the high is 41º. April 14th is the first day predicted in the 60s.
  7. Last and Predictions for First

    I played 27 holes at Fox Hills on 2/27/2018. Still, I do not consider the season started until one is able to play whenever one wants without lengthy periods of time where snow cover prevents golf. Right now March 15 does look optimistic.
  8. The Loop

    Thanks, but I don't have a GHIN handicap. I hope others can play that. I'll probably have to try to do the normal two-day thing.
  9. The Loop

    @iacas @MSchott - here is the latest from Forest Dunes
  10. Demo Days

    Last Saturday I went to Miles of Golf. It was crowded but they had a system and it didn't take long to pick up a club. I tested Ping, Titleist and Cobra. I can't say I definitely picked a favorite but I did eliminate Titleist. It just didn't feel right to me. I'm sure it's a great club but not for me. Carl's will be really crowded on each Saturday but with their new Trackman range you could get some quantifiable numbers to compare different clubs.
  11. Demo Days

    I admit to never having attended a "Demo Day". I just don't think I would benefit from smacking a few balls with this or that club in a crowded environment. Anyone else have first hand positive experience? I could be convinced otherwise.
  12. Demo Days

    Miles of Golf has had demo days at their Ann Arbor store the past two weeks and the final day is February 24th 11-2pm. Carl's Golfland at both locations has demo days each Saturday from now thru the end of March. There are discount coupons on their website.
  13. Last and Predictions for First

    The bionic Michigander! Based on my family history, new hips are possible down the road.
  14. Stonebridge Golf Club - Ann Arbor

    Stonebridge Golf Club Ann Arbor, MI
  15. Stonebridge Golf Club - Ann Arbor

    No membership. It is public.
  16. Stonebridge Golf Club - Ann Arbor

    Do you have a membership?
  17. I have played Stonebridge several times and am really starting to like it. The course is usually uncrowded so the pace of play has always been great. the condition of the course is always great with the fairways neat and tight but the rough is very light. The bunkers are well kept and the greens are always in great shape. They roll true and have a good pace. An interesting combination of hole. Lots of dog legs at varying lengths and degrees. Most holes allow for some form of risk reward. The most challenging part of the course is definitely the par 3s all playing close to 200 from the back tees and most have some real danger surrounding them. A great test of golf in a nice location as long as house don't bother you.
  18. Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, MI

    Leslie is a great Muni. Good variety of holes, some 2 and some 3 shot par 5s, interesting mix of par 3s and a few very strategic par 4s. The condition is always good. I think my favorite part of the course is 8-12. 8 is an interesting downhill par 4 that could be driven but with the pond front left it would be tough, definitely a short 2nd shot hole. 9 is a hole I struggle with. You need a well shaped drive and are left with a long approach to a massive green. 10 is a challenging drive but a very intimidating 2nd over the stream. 11 is a wonderful reachable par 5 with visually difficult tee shot and a blind approach. Finally 12 is a great par 3 with water to the left. Lots of fun
  19. How many?

    After moving to Michigan in August I played 8 courses. SO many more top play
  20. Last and Predictions for First

    I'm looking forward to having them done. Glad I live at a time when I have a very good chance for good results. Really! If weather permits before we go to Jamaica I'm going to check this out.
  21. Last and Predictions for First

    Hope all goes well.
  22. Last and Predictions for First

    Eagle Crest Resort and Golf Course, sometime after Dec.4th. A friend who's as crazy as I am joined me in finding new (to us) courses near Lansing. We also found Whispering Pines and Pierce Lake in November. Will not be starting early this year. When my wife and I get back from Jamaica in March I have to get my left shoulder repaired, again. Then I'll see about getting my left hip joint replaced. Both are making golf difficult*. Hopefully the knees can wait a couple more years. *That being said, still managed a 76 at Eagle Eye on Dec.4.
  23. The Loop

    I'm interested.
  24. Top Golf Auburn Hills, Michigan

    The local news is reporting opening late fall 2018...
  25. Discount Golf

    Lesson on Golf Jeff Lesson has several discounts on golf courses around Michigan. Give it a look. Some are all ready sold out. 2018 Black Lake $89/2 Cattails $42/2 Eagle Crest $ $83/2 Flint Golf Club $115/4 Hidden River $89/2 Leslie Park $49/2 paging @bkuehn1952 Little Traverse Bay $109/2 Pine Knob $62/2 Sycamore Hills $64/2
  26. From the Detroit Free Press: A three-level, high-tech golf driving range and entertainment complex is set to open this winter near the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills, bolstering the Detroit suburb as an entertainment destination. Topgolf — a Dallas-based company that bills itself as a "premier golf entertainment complex" and your "favorite local hangout" — announced Monday morning its plans to open a 65,000-square-foot center. “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Topgolf, a premier entertainment destination, to Auburn Hills,” said Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel. “Topgolf is the perfect complement to our entertainment district near Great Lakes Crossing Outlets." The announcement said the $12.5 million project is its first planned location in Michigan. In the past year, Auburn Hills lost the Pistons, which moved to Detroit and played their last game at the Palace in April. The Palace — which is nearly 30 years old — is likely to be demolished and the property redeveloped. Related: Top five stories from 2017 that made us love golf in Michigan The Topgolf sports-entertainment project, on 16-acres along the southwest corner of I-75 and Joslyn Road, is expected to draw about 450,000 visitors in its first year, which, combined with new attractions at the outlet mall, could help make up for lost basketball games and concerts. Topgolf aims to appeal to folks, including children, who are golf enthusiasts and those who have never played — or even own clubs. It also has been credited with helping to revive interest in the sport and changing the way people play it. Guests playing golf at a Topgolf in Naperville, Ill. (Photo: Topgolf) A Topgolf range is much like a traditional one, with infrared heaters when it's cool and fans when it's hot. But more than a place to work on your swing, groups of people go there to compete by winning points for coming closest to targets that are 20-240 yards away using balls that have microchips in them. A computer keeps score. The range, which is filled with large-screen TVs, also offers chef-prepared food and alcoholic drinks brought to customers by servers. People who don't have their own equipment can rent clubs. In the past few months, visitors to the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit have been able to get a sample of the technology in the company's swing suite. As a game, golf has been facing a number of challenges, including consumer spending shifts to other activities, aging facilities, competition from online games — and what appears to be declining participation in the sport, in part, because of the time required to play. Last year, while the National Golf Foundation's annual report showed that the number of golfers dropped, it also pointed out that new driving range entertainment facilities like those being built by Topgolf are increasing off-course golf participation, according to Golfdigest.com Topgolf, the company said, started in North London, England, by two brothers in 2000 who were "bored on a driving range." It expanded to the U.S. in 2005, and golf-equipment maker Callaway Golf is an investor. The company now has nearly 40 centers, with more than a dozen planned, including expansion to cities Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. The next closest cities to Detroit where Topgolf ranges are planned are in Columbus, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. About 70% of the visitors, the company said, are men, although more than half of them identify themselves as nongolfers. In the past two years, Great Lakes Crossing — which is owned by Bloomfield Hills-based Taubman Centers — added a 32,000-square-foot Legoland Discovery Center and 35,000-square-foot Sea Life Michigan Aquarium in an effort to draw more visitors. Last year, the mall created Round 1 Bowling and Amusement, an indoor entertainment venue that features nearly 60,000 square feet of bowling, dining, karaoke, billiards, darts, ping-pong and arcade games. The Topgolf center was approved in August and replaced a proposal for a Lowe's, according to the city's community development blog. The project, for which the company plans to hire about 500 full- and part-time employees, also is expected to spur development on the five acres next to it. Contact Frank Witsil: 313-222-5022 or fwitsil@freepress.com. Topgolf Auburn Hills About: A Topgolf range is much like a traditional one, with infrared heaters when it's cool and fans when it's hot. But, more than a place to work on your swing, groups of people can go there and compete by winning points by coming closest to targets with balls containing microchips in them. History: Topgolf, the company said, started in North London, England, by two brothers in 2000 who were "bored on a driving range." It expanded to the U.S. in 2005, and golf-equipment maker Callaway Golf is an investor. The company has nearly 40 centers, with more than a dozen planned. Opening: In upcoming months Where: Southwest corner of I-75 and Joslyn Road Jobs: 500 Website:www.topgolf.com


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