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I thought it would be nice to have a Michigan club. A club to talk about anything Michigan, from opinions about courses, meetups, basically anything golf related.

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  2. Top Golf Auburn Hills, Michigan

    The local news is reporting opening late fall 2018...
  3. Discount Golf

    Lesson on Golf Jeff Lesson has several discounts on golf courses around Michigan. Give it a look. Some are all ready sold out. 2018 Black Lake $89/2 Cattails $42/2 Eagle Crest $ $83/2 Flint Golf Club $115/4 Hidden River $89/2 Leslie Park $49/2 paging @bkuehn1952 Little Traverse Bay $109/2 Pine Knob $62/2 Sycamore Hills $64/2
  4. From the Detroit Free Press: A three-level, high-tech golf driving range and entertainment complex is set to open this winter near the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills, bolstering the Detroit suburb as an entertainment destination. Topgolf — a Dallas-based company that bills itself as a "premier golf entertainment complex" and your "favorite local hangout" — announced Monday morning its plans to open a 65,000-square-foot center. “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Topgolf, a premier entertainment destination, to Auburn Hills,” said Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel. “Topgolf is the perfect complement to our entertainment district near Great Lakes Crossing Outlets." The announcement said the $12.5 million project is its first planned location in Michigan. In the past year, Auburn Hills lost the Pistons, which moved to Detroit and played their last game at the Palace in April. The Palace — which is nearly 30 years old — is likely to be demolished and the property redeveloped. Related: Top five stories from 2017 that made us love golf in Michigan The Topgolf sports-entertainment project, on 16-acres along the southwest corner of I-75 and Joslyn Road, is expected to draw about 450,000 visitors in its first year, which, combined with new attractions at the outlet mall, could help make up for lost basketball games and concerts. Topgolf aims to appeal to folks, including children, who are golf enthusiasts and those who have never played — or even own clubs. It also has been credited with helping to revive interest in the sport and changing the way people play it. Guests playing golf at a Topgolf in Naperville, Ill. (Photo: Topgolf) A Topgolf range is much like a traditional one, with infrared heaters when it's cool and fans when it's hot. But more than a place to work on your swing, groups of people go there to compete by winning points for coming closest to targets that are 20-240 yards away using balls that have microchips in them. A computer keeps score. The range, which is filled with large-screen TVs, also offers chef-prepared food and alcoholic drinks brought to customers by servers. People who don't have their own equipment can rent clubs. In the past few months, visitors to the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit have been able to get a sample of the technology in the company's swing suite. As a game, golf has been facing a number of challenges, including consumer spending shifts to other activities, aging facilities, competition from online games — and what appears to be declining participation in the sport, in part, because of the time required to play. Last year, while the National Golf Foundation's annual report showed that the number of golfers dropped, it also pointed out that new driving range entertainment facilities like those being built by Topgolf are increasing off-course golf participation, according to Golfdigest.com Topgolf, the company said, started in North London, England, by two brothers in 2000 who were "bored on a driving range." It expanded to the U.S. in 2005, and golf-equipment maker Callaway Golf is an investor. The company now has nearly 40 centers, with more than a dozen planned, including expansion to cities Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. The next closest cities to Detroit where Topgolf ranges are planned are in Columbus, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. About 70% of the visitors, the company said, are men, although more than half of them identify themselves as nongolfers. In the past two years, Great Lakes Crossing — which is owned by Bloomfield Hills-based Taubman Centers — added a 32,000-square-foot Legoland Discovery Center and 35,000-square-foot Sea Life Michigan Aquarium in an effort to draw more visitors. Last year, the mall created Round 1 Bowling and Amusement, an indoor entertainment venue that features nearly 60,000 square feet of bowling, dining, karaoke, billiards, darts, ping-pong and arcade games. The Topgolf center was approved in August and replaced a proposal for a Lowe's, according to the city's community development blog. The project, for which the company plans to hire about 500 full- and part-time employees, also is expected to spur development on the five acres next to it. Contact Frank Witsil: 313-222-5022 or fwitsil@freepress.com. Topgolf Auburn Hills About: A Topgolf range is much like a traditional one, with infrared heaters when it's cool and fans when it's hot. But, more than a place to work on your swing, groups of people can go there and compete by winning points by coming closest to targets with balls containing microchips in them. History: Topgolf, the company said, started in North London, England, by two brothers in 2000 who were "bored on a driving range." It expanded to the U.S. in 2005, and golf-equipment maker Callaway Golf is an investor. The company has nearly 40 centers, with more than a dozen planned. Opening: In upcoming months Where: Southwest corner of I-75 and Joslyn Road Jobs: 500 Website:www.topgolf.com
  5. The Loop

    Thanks. Paging @MSchott.
  6. The Loop

    If you are interested in playing The Loop both ways then keep these dates in mind .... and I'm interested to see how they do this. Maybe a morning shotgun one direction "Red" , then an afternoon shotgun to play the course as "Black" ... wonder it they would be able to move the pins
  7. Last and Predictions for First

    I played November 29 at Copper Ridge and then again December 2nd. My first round this year was February 18th at Tyrone Hills in Fenton but I don't think in 2018 I'll play that early. I'm going to take a guess and say April 17th.. March 15th is very optimistic....
  8. Where and when was your last Michigan round? And when do you predict you will tee it up (outside!!) for the first time in 2018? I played 18 at Fox Hills ("Classic - Lakes & Woodlands") on December 1. Saturday & Sunday of that week were very nice but I did yard work. As to 2018, I think it will be March 15, probably at Fox Hills because they are open year round, weather permitting. In 2017 it was January 1 (at Fox Hills). I am just an old pessimist and can't imagine we will have another mild winter in 2018.
  9. The Best Golf Courses in Michigan

    Only 5 and most were quite some time ago (like Oakland Hills - South). I need to get out and visit some of the "list" that are public. As to whether the list is "accurate", every course listed has made some list that I have seen. Ultimately, it is extremely subjective and for that reason I really dislike these types of lists,
  10. How many?

    33 is outstanding as far as variety. My count was 28 in Michigan for 2017.
  11. (1) Crystal Downs C.C. (pictured above), Frankfort • (2) Oakland Hills C.C. (South), Bloomfield Hills • (3) Arcadia Bluffs G.C., Arcadia •^ (6) Kingsley Club, Kingsley ≈ (4) Forest Dunes G.C., Roscommon ≈^ (5) Lost Dunes G.C., Bridgman ≈ (7) True North G.C., Harbor Springs (New) The Loop At Forest Dunes, Roscommon ★ (8) Point O'Woods G. & C.C., Benton Harbor ≈ (9) Marquette G.C. (Greywalls) * (12) Lochenheath G.C., Williamsburg (10) Tullymore G.C., Stanwood ^ (15) Franklin Hills C.C., Franklin (13) Oakland Hills C.C. (North), Bloomfield Hills (19) Bay Harbor G.C. (Links/Quarry), Bay Harbor ^ (18) Grand Traverse Resort And Spa (The Bear), Acme ^ (New) Orchard Lake C.C. (14) Eagle Eye G. Cse., Bath ★ (24) Belvedere G.C., Charlevoix (11) Wuskowhan Players Club, West Olive (21) Indianwood G. & C.C. (Old), Lake Orion (17) Barton Hills C.C., Ann Arbor (16) Boyne Highlands Resort (Heather), Harbor Springs ★ (23) Cedar River G. Cse., Bellaire ★ (New) Battle Creek C.C. KEY TO SYMBOLS (2015-'16 ranking in parentheses) • America's 100 Greatest Course ≈ America's Second 100 Greatest ^ America's 100 Greatest Public Course ★ Other public-access course Some courses are ranked in Best in State but did not receive enough ballots to be considered for national lists. America's 100 Greatest & America's Second 100 Greatest requires a minimum of 45 evaluations accumulated within 8 years, 100 Greatest Public 25 evaluations and Best in State 10 ballots. While a few highly ranked state courses do have a higher score than 100 Greatest, Second 100 Greatest or 100 Greatest Public courses within that state, and are listed above them, they will not appear on a national ranking until achieving the qualifying ballots. What courses have you played? Do you agree with the list? The only course on the list I've played is "The Bear" and it was many years ago.
  12. So it's been a month, although getting colder, I checked the interwebs to see what people have to say and nada. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. All crickets. Guess will have to wait till it warms up or some locals to blog about it.
  13. New PGA event coming to Warwick Hills

    Tickets are available for the tournament. More info is available on the website.
  14. A writeup from Golfwrx: http://www.golfwrx.com/476572/carls-golfland-opens-new-trackman-range-entire-range-equipped-with-trackman/ I hope this doodad can withstand a direct hit. Sure they know what they're doing.
  15. I can't speak for what did work. I used the tech's iphone for about 5 shots and it gave carry distance and total distance. Those few shots were accurate for the distance. I pulled out my rangefinder to verify the distances. I spent most of the time working with him on my S5. The guy next to me with an iphone was getting a beep with every shot.
  16. The heaters worked just fine. It did drizzle a little but not enough to cause a problem.
  17. Sorry you had trouble with the app @dennyjones, maybe it's the wifi radio? Sometimes I have problems with public wifi where there are router compatibility problems. Anyways, couldn't find any videos on social media, but will check in later, as it's early. Found these: http://www.freep.com/story/sports/golf/2017/10/29/trackman-range-carls-golfland/811664001/
  18. So, other than not working on your device… did it work? Did it miss shots? Were the yardages accurate? Did it give you more info than just carry yardages?
  19. Well...I went down there today to test out the trackman range. Today the range was free because it was the opening day. They handed me a full bucket ticket of range balls and an instruction sheet. Unfortunately, after downloading the app, signing in, it didn't work on my android S5. The Trackman tech tried but wasn't successful. It seemed to work for others that were using iphones. The biggest complaint I heard was people talking about the lack of distance. It was cold, 42º, the wind was blowing toward the tee box and we were using range balls. These factors made it understandable My take, it's a nice gadget...
  20. I just got an email from Carl's Golfland. Monday, 10/30 is the grand opening of the Trackman range. Range balls are free. Since the weather is not conducive to golfing, I may head down there to check it out.
  21. The Loop

    They tweeted today that Sunday October 29 is the last day The Loop will be open. So if you wanted to play it this fall you've got 10 days.
  22. The Loop

    That's a great price.
  23. The Loop

    For any interested, Forest Dunes just tweeted
  24. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    There's a guy in Cadillac who set up two simulators and I believe still has leagues. He doesn't open until late December and closes as soon as the snow starts to clear. Seems like he does quite well. Apart from the league, he's a bit pricier but it's the same price per hour whether you're by yourself or with others. With a few playing, it can be pretty reasonable.
  25. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    That sounds reasonable and it is great to play in the winter.
  26. How many?

    How many different Michigan courses have you played this year? Usually I play about 8 different courses but I'm now playing regularly with three different groups and have played more Michigan courses this year than any previous year. I've played 33 different courses.


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