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I thought it would be nice to have a Michigan club. A club to talk about anything Michigan, from opinions about courses, meetups, basically anything golf related.

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  2. The Loop

    They tweeted today that Sunday October 29 is the last day The Loop will be open. So if you wanted to play it this fall you've got 10 days.
  3. The Loop

    That's a great price.
  4. The Loop

    For any interested, Forest Dunes just tweeted
  5. Newport Cup

    We have a fellow Michigander playing in the New Port Cup, @bkuehn1952. Hope your travel is safe, you play your "A" game and most of all, have fun. Good luck Brian!
  6. Newport Cup

    There's no such thing, slacks and denim all the way!
  7. Newport Cup

  8. Newport Cup

    Will the Saturday singles matches be played at Talamore or Mid-South?
  9. Newport Cup

    At least for the afternoon rounds. Low 70's is going to feel cooler to me since it's been in the high 80's low 90's all week.
  10. Newport Cup

    Shorts weather.
  11. Newport Cup

    6 days...
  12. Newport Cup

    Tuesday was nice, I was able to drive with my top down again after the cold passed.
  13. Newport Cup

    Yea, there is going to be a giant high pressure system over the entire Midwest and south east of the US during that time. This will keep the rain away and bring in warmer than average temperatures. Of course this is still a week away, but the odds are really good for dry, comfortable weather.
  14. Newport Cup

    The key for me is all those pretty sun pictures and the 0% chances of rain ?
  15. Newport Cup

    I created the Matches topic here: We can begin posting over there at some point.
  16. Newport Cup

    This is the hourly forecast for Thursday morning. It warms up pretty quick. Then it will stay that way thru the evening. Low 60's. Ski clothing should be optional. That's some good golfing weather right there.
  17. Newport Cup

    You Californians... I had 6 inches of snow in my backyard on Monday. It was in the 20s Tuesday morning. 45 is still shorts weather!
  18. Newport Cup

    46 at night? I better bring my ski clothes for dinners
  19. Newport Cup

    I'm starting to get pretty excited! Weather looks pretty awesome. I'm dusting off my best trash talk for the Blue (haired) team. Now, if only I could find my swing again in the next couple of days...
  20. Newport Cup

    Sounds like a fun time, indeed, definitely wish I were able to be of the same skill set as many others here. But with as little as I play and how long it'd probably take me to become as proficient as needed, it'd be another 15 years or so, before I'd be able to participate. ha. At least on the plus side, weather looks like it will be perfect, very glad for that. Cheers!
  21. Newport Cup

    7 days from today! Weather forecast... Go Blue!
  22. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    There's a guy in Cadillac who set up two simulators and I believe still has leagues. He doesn't open until late December and closes as soon as the snow starts to clear. Seems like he does quite well. Apart from the league, he's a bit pricier but it's the same price per hour whether you're by yourself or with others. With a few playing, it can be pretty reasonable.
  23. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    That sounds reasonable and it is great to play in the winter.
  24. How many?

    How many different Michigan courses have you played this year? Usually I play about 8 different courses but I'm now playing regularly with three different groups and have played more Michigan courses this year than any previous year. I've played 33 different courses.
  25. Inspired by the crazy heat spell we're going through, I thought I'd ask the question to the Michigan club members.... How hot is too hot to play golf? If you play golf in Michigan, you either enjoy playing in the cold, or you're ok with a short season. So the idea of hot weather keeping the courses empty in late September just seems wrong. But that's what I experienced this past weekend. After meeting my son in a near empty Alma golf course Saturday and riding 18 in the 95° heat, I thought it would be a good idea to walk 18 yesterday back up in my neck of the woods. After all, it was a mild 90° up here. I made a 2:10 tee time and arrived early to a mostly deserted course. It's possible that hopes of the Lions winning their 3rd straight might have contributed, but I suspect the weather was the main culprit. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how well I'd hold up. After all, I've lived up here for the last 22 years. If I've become acclimated to the cold, the opposite is certainly true. But this is golf we're talking about and the addiction has far too tight of a stranglehold to allow for self control and common sense - especially when faced with the possibility of no more golf in another month. So before I left I started with the fluids, brought a lot more than usual with me and put some thought into pacing myself. I walked slow, removed my hat while in the shade, and stopped for short breather's after climbing steep hills. Basically, I was acting my age for once. If my friends back home would have seen me behave this way, the term "pantywaist" would have been on the mild side of the insults they'd have slung my way. By the time I'd sunk my last putt, it had taken almost 4 hours to play 18 holes - and that's with no one holding me up. There is a point on either end of the thermometer where golf just isn't fun. The cold doesn't always bother me as much as it does some, but to a lesser degree than with the heat, there are health risks with playing in the cold. I've suffered from mild frost bite and those spots on my toes are susceptible every winter. Last time I checked, Footjoys doesn't make golf shoes lined with 1000 grams of thinsulate (I'm sure someone will correct me on that assumption). Then there are the early signs of arthritis in the joints. Nothing like an off-center hit off a long iron in upper 30 temps to make you feel alive... much in the same way drops of sweat burned my eyes while playing in yesterday's heat. Still, I was glad to have played. Michigan is a beautiful state and there are a lot of nice courses here to play. Almost anytime I'm out there I feel lucky. Waiting for perfect weather just isn't an option.
  26. Newport Cup

    Just thought I'd start a thread for the 2017 Newport Cup. The time of year is going to be a bit different because I'm tied up from the middle of August to about the 10th of October with the Penn-State Behrend men's and women's golf teams. By mid-October, daylight becomes a small issue. We're going to shoot for the Pinehurst or possibly Myrtle Beach area. @mvmac has a friend in the Pinehurst area (and a kid in college nearby), so that area may work (average low is 50°, average high is 72°). @NCGolfer is not far from the area, too, and may be able to facilitate a little bit. We've even held a previous version of the Newport Cup there. Sunrise and sunset is about 7:30am and 6:30pm. That's 11 hours of golf daylight. It's tight, but doable IF we can find a course that's amenable to our play. The typical schedule is to play two rounds on Thursday, two on Friday, and have the finals on Saturday. This leaves Sunday open as a travel day (or a day for Mike and I to actually play golf!). We won't have any factory tours or anything like we did in 2015 since… there is not a nice cluster of manufacturers right there in the area (maybe in 2019 we'll have it near the TaylorMade/Titleist/Callaway/etc. hotbed in SoCal). So, tentatively… October 19-21 in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina is looking like the way to go. Players may wish to fly in on the 18th or even the evening of the 17th. I'm sure we can find something to do on the 18th. And fly out late on the 21st, or ideally, any time during the day on the 22nd. You could miss as little as one work day (though the west coasters would probably miss at least part of Wednesday). Six-man teams, again - any more than three tee times and it's going to be tough to fit it into the daylight we have, anyway. Same formats, too, though for speed of play reasons it may make sense to play foursomes in the morning with the fourball in the afternoon, and singles on Saturday. Disc golf on Sunday. If we can pull it off, I may even get little Newport Cups for each member of the winning team. And a new Newport Cup, since the old one is broken (though it was repaired beautifully by @Club Rat). Teams? I'd still like to keep them at 6 as I said, and again have single digit players. Players who played in the first edition certainly have an "in" but captains would be free to pick all new teams, too, if they wanted. If you're interested (you should probably be a 15 or lower index right now with the cutoff to being a single digit player being around August 15), please post in this thread and choose the "follow" option to receive notifications (email or site notifications), or just follow the thread, and we'll post updates from here on.