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  2. Letter asking for golf courses in Michigan to open Please copy this and email it to the governor.
  3. From Jeff Lesson: In the meantime we will be adding more top courses and resorts as soon as golf is open for biz!
  4. Here are his replies: Denny,I appreciate your concerns and your business.I will address all of these concerns with the courses as needed. If the season is severely curtailed or canceled ( which I do not expect), I certainly will encourage them to extend the valid dates through next year.I will not let my customers get screwed over.Ohio just allowed golf starting today. Hopeful Michigan does soon too.Stay healthy!Jeff LIf for whatever reason, the season has not started by July or so-and a course does not extend it to next year-I will personally give you the equivalent amount in golf for next year.Hope this helps?Sent from my iPhone
  5. I sent an email to Lesson on Golf asking if they could ask the golf courses to allow the purchase price paid to be used toward a purchase at another time like Group Golfer. Hopefully, I'll get a response
  6. According to ABC12 out of Flint, golf courses are to remain closed. This was posted 3/27/2020 at 1:09pm Here's the latest link
  7. The amount paid for these are (at least Group Golfer) is good regardless of when they are used. I bought two vouchers to Leslie Park. The $23 / ea is good regardless of the time used. The price may be $47 on the weekend and you could use the $23 to offset the price. The vouchers doesn't guarantee after expiration that the $23 will pay for a full round of golf. Lesson on Golf has listed on their site each round only has value thru the 2020 golf season. I would guess that if they are not used, we lose.
  8. As we near a "shelter in place" order from the Governor, one has to consider whether these deals make sense. While it is hard to imagine a total shutdown lasting thru September, I have seen reports that a vaccine may be a year away. I think I will not buy any more prepaid rounds until things settle down.
  9. Saw that earlier. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Group Golfer has Leslie Park discounted today for $23. It's a great deal. paging... @criley4way, @bkuehn1952, @tlazzol
  11. I heard they were bought by Miles of Golf. I bought the Tee Times book at the golf show and they (Washtenaw) have a discount for people that bought the book, good thru May 22nd. One free green fees with the purchase of a cart ($25). I don't know if this will be a good deal but it may entice our group to make the trip. I did see the Lesson on Golf did sell out Washtenaw. We purchased Paint Creek at $70 / 2 and it currently is at $90 / 2. I was hoping the Flint would drop to where it was last year but it's higher at $160 / 4.
  12. I must have "jumped" at the right time. I was waiting to see if Washtenaw Golf Club would reduce their prices. They did, to $28 a round ($56 for a twosome). I bought two yesterday. Today they are listed as "Sold Out". Washtenaw was sold to new local owners as of 1/1/2020. I am interested to see what their rack rates will be. They have opened early and letting golfers walk 18 for $20 right now. I suspect their mid-week rates will be closer to $35 for 18 with a cart.
  13. 3/13/2020: Greystone Golf Club in Washington Township is on GroupGolfer for $35. It's a good deal and a sweet golf course.
  14. Michigan Golf Journal March 2020 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers
  15. I had to hack up an email to display this. Our foursome purchased this book and saved a ton of $$. The addition of the 5 free (almost) rounds of golf will more than pay for itself.
  16. I am heading out there tomorrow for the first time with a group of friends, my company gave me a $200 gift card for it so figure I should use it up. Reviews online are mixed I'm just treating it as a reason to drink too much and hit some balls with friends. Just from what I've heard so far kind of disappointed I was really excited when I heard it was being put in.
  17. I think that Moose Ridge is harder than Pierce Lake. I haven't played Moose Ridge in a couple of years but I didn't think Pierce Lake was too difficult.
  18. I too noticed that the last two years were not as exciting as previous years. I'll still go just because it's close to my birthday. I don't need anything golf related but just like to look.
  19. I did play my last round (9 holes) the day after Christmas at Tyrone Hills when we had 61­°. I don't expect we'll be playing until mid-April. I'm going to guess April 16th!
  20. I played a few new courses (to me) last year: Paint Creek Forest Akers East Tanglewood Coyote Pierce Lake Westwynd Looking forward to exploring more.
  21. Our group bought a day at Paint Creek. We probably won't do anything at the private club except to play golf but everything plus a non-playing guest is included for the price. We're waiting for Flint Golf Club to drop in price...Hopefully.. Last year we played there for a lower price and they started higher and reduced their price.
  22. Pierce lake is in NO way the most difficult course out there. Don't get me wrong I really like the course but not crazy hard. I thought Moose Ridge was harder.

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