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  2. I was fitted at Carl's for my first driver. I thought they did a great job. I don't remember the fitter's name.
  3. YW @SEMI_Dufferand I will let you know about the Putter Fitting after this coming Sunday. I think your plan above, telling him what you have been looking at but not limiting the scope of the fitting, will work. My guess is he will start with either your current clubs or those you are looking at as the initial baseline he is working to improve upon. Almost forgot, I have no preference for one fitter over another. The fittings have been spread out over a number of years so really do not even recall the name of the first two.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, @StuM! That's what I was hoping to hear, as I otherwise really like Carl's and was hoping they'd be good for my fitting, too. I talked to my club guy, Dave Garmin, about it last time I was in there. His take was fitting would work for me if I let the fitter do their job, instead of telling them what I wanted the results to be. I told him that, if the fitter asked, I'd tell him the irons I'd been looking at I thought might work best for me, but would expect him to come up with what he thought would be best, regardless of my preconceptions. Dave said that's the
  5. I have had an Iron Fitting and 2 Driver Fittings at Carl's over the years (Bloomfield Hills locaton). On Feb. 28th I am getting a Putter Fitting there. If you can't guess, I am satisfied with them. My experience has been that they work to find what is truly correct for you and do not just push a specific brand or the higher price-stuff. They will ask you if you have any preferences and I have always declined to offer a preference, I want to be open minded and let the numbers tell me what I need, not just confirm what I think I want. They will give you 30 days to make up your mind on a
  6. Depending upon how my off-season training and the beginning of this coming season goes, I may choose to upgrade my irons this season. I'm thinking that, given the cost of a full set of irons (up to near $1500 with tax), it would be wise to get fitted. Carl's Golfland is nearby. Wondering if anybody here has any experience with their fittings?
  7. Missing Oakland Hills, (either course) CC of Detroit, Detroit Golf Club, Rattle Run..
  8. I’ve not played many on the list so I may be somewhat uninformed but putting Arcadia Bluffs at #10 seems questionable to me.
  9. I am always leery of "Best" lists. This list would certainly be a good one if one were to say, "what 25 courses should we play in 2021?"
  10. https://michigangolfjournal.com/2021/February/
  11. Attn: SE Michigan Golfers. I am running a golf league in Troy, MI (Sylvan Glen course) and we are trying to grow the league back up to where we were pre-covid. If you are interested please message me and I will give you the full details. Below is a summary: 1) Tee times start at 3:08am on Tuesdays (sometimes we may start at 3pm if the course is open and golfer are present). 2) 9 holes each week 3) Two Flights with separate skins & prize funds. Each player competes as an individual. 4) Skins are handicapped so anyone can win a skin 5) I do not consider this a "M
  12. I understand the reasoning but will miss the show. I have attended for at least the past 10 years. I did go in March 2020 just prior to the lock-downs and enjoyed it, and did not get sick. I guess I will save a few dollars this year.
  13. Golfer's Choice 2021: Best golf courses in Michigan what's your take?
  14. I have attended this show the last 4 years. I'm with you Brian, I won't be attending until I get the vaccine and I'm low on the list.
  15. Sorry, not attending until I have been vaccinated. There is no way for the organizers to run this thing safely during a pandemic.
  16. files/assets/html/skin/images/fbThumb.jpgMichigan Golf Journal January 2021 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers
  17. If I had a long ways to go I probably think twice about going, but if you want to spend a couple hours hitting some golf balls, and enjoying lunch and friends, it's worth the trip. I see nothing but smiles and people having a good time. Is it the same as playing Arcadia Bluffs or others? No, but it's a lot of fun in the middle of winter.
  18. Today was the first time I tried the Virtual Putting Green. It's part of my winter membership. It has many options for changing the layout of the green. If I am focused enough to practice, this will definitely help my putting.
  19. The MiCHiGAN Golf Show - Novi Michigan March 5-7, 2021 Currently we are moving forward with the 2021 Michigan Golf Show. The Suburban Collection Showplace is planning on opening to a full show schedule beginning January 1st, 2021. We have been working with many different officials and experts on making the upcoming event a safe and productive event. The Michigan Golf Show will be following many safety guidelines and health measures to address Covid 19. This show kicks off the golf season highlighting @ 350 exhibitors with great deals on every aspe
  20. Lesson on Golf has started to populate their site. There are a few discounts listed. 12/7/2020
  21. I've been playing about 3 times per week at the new golf simulators a course near me installed. I'm starting playing in a league there after the new year. It beats sitting at home watching TV, actually I really enjoy it.
  22. Michigan Golf Journal December 2020 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers

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