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  2. Lesson on Golf has started to populate their website with discount golf. Our group bought Paint Creek (member for a day). Little Traverse Bay sold out quickly.
  3. Michigan Golf Journal December 2019 Golf news, travel, and golf information for Michigan golfers
  4. Get a metal ruler to practice putting. Try the online coaching if you need less cost. A good set of lessons can be had for less than $400 private and less than $150 in groups. It is worth the time and $ to make sure you are doing things correctly. Practice doesn't make perfect it makes permanent and the hardest thing to do for higher handicap is to know what to work on and not what corrects the ball flight for that day. Get good fundamentals. It will save you years of pain.
  5. Great tips! Thanks. Doing all that except the lessons. Just can't afford it at this point in life
  6. Find a range that is open, Find a good instructor, work on contact in the full swing, get to the gym and improve your range of motion and strength. If you have the space get a putting green inside and work on the 3-6' putts. Just don't stay idle over the winter.
  7. Yeah its coming down slowly. This is my first year so I'm hoping winter won't set me back too much
  8. Well as a 27 handicap i can't promise good competition. But i can do good company! Haha
  9. I am in Ann Arbor but always looking for a good place to play, some good company and good competition
  10. Thanks. Pretty new here! Cool! Where do you typically play? I live in north macomb. Play timberwood, richmond forest, pine valley and rattle run mostly
  11. @Hackinandwhackin It may be better to post this in the open forum. You may get better results. Good luck.
  12. Hey all! Looking for playing partners in and around macomb county. Ill be playing Rackham golf club on sunday 11/24/19 since itll be a balmy 47 degrees!
  13. Famington hills is short but nice. I like the Lakes at Taylor near the airport as well. But if you want to come out and play near Ann Arbor we can hook you up.
  14. No kidding. I knew the program was in the Detroit area but didn't realize it was Plymouth specifically. One of our guys from Bowling Green, Buddy Powers, spent a little bit of time there. I was aware of that. Nothing's perfect. ... I do love Mister Spots. The TTUN hockey program always served it in the press box when BG came up to Yost. Thanks for the suggestions @dennyjones and @bkuehn1952. I'll probably make my way up there at least a few times next year.
  15. Plymouth is a great small town with a vibrant city center. Your sister picked a good spot to hang her hat. The best courses in the immediate area are Golden Fox and Pheasant Run. As @dennyjones said, SE Michigan has a wealth of courses.
  16. Michigan is a hot bed for nice golf courses. The Plymouth area is very nice. The art fair is one of the best in the nation. I have a cousin that lives there that runs the USA National Team Developmental Hockey Program. Carl's Golfland is on 5 mile near Sheldon Rd, they are one of the premier golf stores in American. The area is very nice. I live a little over 1 hour north. In that area, I've only played The Inn at St. John's. I don't remember too much about it but do remember it was nice. I've played Tanglewood which is about 20 minutes from Carl's in Plymouth. It is a very nice track, three 9 hole courses and they run a tight ship. (You won't find show play here) I've also played other courses in South Lyon which is only about 20 minutes north. Plymouth isn't too far from the Big House. @bkuehn1952 could probably help you more than I.
  17. So my little sister has recently become a resident of the State Up North and is in Plymouth. While I doubt any visit soon will feature golf, I'd be curious to know any opinions on courses up that way.
  18. I'm pretty sure my last round was October 14, played with my son a week before he shipped out I'd guess my next round will be mid-March, I've played earlier but the weather already seems to be unfavorable
  19. I played a lot when I was young, including the HS golf team - so I think I've played every course in the Jackson & Lansing area, and then as a adult I've played various courses around the lower pennisula. I have a list somewhere - but off the top of my head I'd put the number around 75
  20. I live near Davison Country Club but because I play so many different courses I can't justify a membership. I was under $1700 for the year.
  21. I have played 12 but have not idea my average cost..
  22. I looks like I'm the only one updating this but... I played 30 different courses this year. I played 55 rounds averaging $22.61 per round.

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