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  2. No problem, thx for letting me know.
  3. I am shutting down my game somewhat this year as my right ankle is needing surgery and can only take so much golf. I am down to once a week and have full schedule based on that limited frequency. I appreciate you asking me, but sorry I cannot attend. thank you, Tom
  4. I'm a little over an hour away not bad
  5. I could do 8am, just not sure how long of a drive you and @Lugowskins might have. I am only looking @ 50 minute drive so I can be flexible.
  6. I'll put it on my calendar. Earlier, like 9 am is better for me but I'm flexible.
  7. @dennyjones @Lugowskins I will book for Sunday July 18th. I cannot book it until @ July 11th so will not know tee time until then. I would be open to 9am(ish) if that is good for you guys. Also, walking or riding? I'm willing to walk but do not care either way. We have room for a 4th. @Billy Z are you interested in being our 4th at Atlas Valley on July 18th? (I know you are playing it on Aug. 2nd, this would give you "Course Knowledge" so you can beat your friends when you go on Aug. 2nd.) Any ideas on a 4th if @Billy Zcan't? I do not know any other TST members personal
  8. Lets go for the 18th that would work for me
  9. Good point, if not June 20 and Sticking to Sunday’s I could do July 11, 18 or 25 I could survive a 5 hour round if the company is good but that would kill the whole day once I add a little range & putting time, an hour drive each way and the 19th hole. Still I will do it if that is what works for others.
  10. I'm available but Father's day usually is very very busy and slow. I can't speak for Atlas Valley. I've only played once on Father's Day at a different course and vowed to not play because the pace was over 5 hours. If that's the only day people can play, I'll play though.
  11. @Lugowskins @Billy Z @dennyjones can you guys do Sunday June 20? I prefer morning but open to what works for others.
  12. I had not thought of a date. I can do Sundays. If others want go join we may need to schedule around the TST Sun Valley trip. Let’s see who else is interested
  13. When are you thinking? During the week wouldn't work for me and I have my Saturdays taken up until July 17th but could probably make a Sunday work.
  14. Was looking at Atlas Valley, looks like it would be fun to play and it is only @ 1 hour from my home. Anyone open to a small Michigan TST Meetup? @Lugowskins I am tagging you since I think this is not far out of the way for you. Any interest?
  15. I played Heather Hills golf course today, and it is a pretty good challenge. A lot of elevation change, tight fairways and tricky greens prove to be a good test. I was not on my game today and shot a 94. My short game stinks right now.
  16. Atlas Valley has opened again as a semi-private. It was designed by Tom Bendelow who also designed Medinah Country Club. 2021 saw the course reopen after being closed for the previous few years. Course history. I've played the course twice. They are throwing a ton of time and money at the course. The sand traps are white silicone sand and the fairways are very forgiving. There is plenty of elevation changes which makes it more challenging. It's only about 4 miles from my house and I will be a frequently player
  17. Phil Mickelson Commits to Play in Rocket Mortgage Classic, by Matt Charboneau, The Detroit News While the July 4th weekend is sure to add some pop to the Rocket Mortgage Classic, the third-year PGA Tour event just added some true firepower. Phil Mickelson, who wowed the sporting world last weekend by becoming the oldest major champion in golf history by winning the PGA Championship at the age of 50, has committed to play in this year’s Rocket Mortgage Classic, set for July 1-4 at Detroit Golf Club. “As evidenced by his record-breaking performance last weekend at the PGA Championsh
  18. Interesting comment, glad you enjoy it. My comments are based on how the course was kept up about 5 years ago, to today's condition. I get the feeling that the quality is going down, sort of be bled out for money. JMO.
  19. I play Golden Hawk fairly regularly (at least 2x a month). I find that conditions vacillate greatly, not unexpected considering the course is built on an old clay seabed. Just like all the courses in the area, it is slick as snot in spring, hard as a freeway in August, and impossible to find a ball in the fall because the winds off the lakes keep the leaves moving at a pace the grounds crews have no chance of keeping up with. I have never had an issue regarding the service or responsiveness of the staff, so I keep going back. And the course fits my 61 yr old butts game, not too long, not too
  20. May Edition (Michigan Golf Journal)

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