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For discussion of golf around the Orlando, FL area.
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  2. https://www.floridaelitegolftour.com/Scoreboard?TournamentID=10367 Florida Elite Golf Tour was here at my local club this week. I actually didn't know of this tour until I saw they were coming here. I was at the practice tee with some of them. Another reminder of how good the top players are. We have two practice areas, one is the regular area and the other is across the lake, the Academy where I pay a membership to use it (much nicer than the regular area.) Anyway, I noticed when I went to my Academy area there were quite a few balls towards the front of my practice area scattered around. I realized quickly they were coming from the guys on the other side of the lake! Some solid ball striking going on. Anyway, in case you might be interested they'll be touring around Florida. The link has the tournament scores/stats from Celebration Golf Course.
  3. I had a wonderful time, @David in FL is the consummate host and my countdown for next year started the moment I picked up my ball on 18. Thank again Broseph!!
  4. I almost forgot to post this, but @colin007 was down this way a couple of weeks ago. We were able to get together for a round, and had a blast. No one told me that Colin is a BIG dude! I'm going to have to think a little more carefully before bad-mouthing his man Tiger...at least while we're in the same state! See you next year buddy!
  5. Sorry JS but I need to be back at work on the 2nd. I've got the whole week between Christmas & New Year off though, if you're going to be around.
  6. Bummer @kpaulhus @jetsknicks1 What day do we want to play and what time? I'll be making the tee time next week. Let me know if anyone else would like to play. @Gator Hazard any chance you want to join us? My Dad will be playing. And possibly my wife depending on the day.
  7. I'm out of town. Crap. Great course. Wish I could make it guys...
  8. Awesome. As of right now, I'm in. I'll confirm 100% by the end of the week.
  9. http://www.thegoldenbearclub.com/ Will be requesting a tee time next week? @kpaulhus and @jetsknicks1 are in, anyone else?
  10. All, After some discussions with @kpaulhus the following would be the proposed date for the outing. We are proposing to play the Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Point on either Tuesday Jan 2 or Wednesday Jan 3. It’s a really good Nicklaus course in Orlando. It’s a private course which Kyle and I get get us on. Green fees however are 90/person but it is well worth it. Let me know if this is too pricey and we can look to go somewhere else. We can’t make a tee time until 21 days before so we won’t know the tee time until closer to the time, but was thinking that we play around noon. The club is a great area for beers and food afterwards. Hope everyone can make it.
  11. Me too. It's already cold a dreary up here in Ohio. Time to queue the winter depression.
  12. Maybe you can come up to Orlando one day and we'll come to Tampa one day.
  13. I was informed that I have a much more relaxed schedule than I thought. If you want to play in Tampa or Orlando any day the week you're down let me know. Obviously, Friday-Sunday would be best, but I could do something any day really early.
  14. Sad indeed. I need to get your dad’s address so I can send him a check sincerely we were never able to get together again so I could pay him.
  15. As it's only a couple of months away. I'll be down in Florida from December 30th to January 7th. Will probably play 3 or 4 times. @kpaulhus and I have already talked about getting together for a round. If anyone else is interested in getting out to play a round, we can set up an outing. Sorry that @CarlSpackler won't be around. Hopefully @Gator Hazard will be around as well.
  16. One to Ohio, a couple to PA, as Arlo Guthrie would say, it's a movement!
  17. I'm definitely not the only one to have moved from Florida to PA.
  18. Well crap. You may go down in history as the only person to ever move from Florida, to Ohio. Warning. If it gets out, your judgement may never be trusted again!
  19. I will not longer be living in Florida unfortunately. It was great while it lasted.
  20. Played with Daron today and we mentioned that we were missing u guys this year! Hi to everyone!
  21. Normally I visit Florida every october together with a bunch of golf addicted Dutch guys. One of the highlights is a match against a team that @David in FL puts together. This year is different, because I stopped working and moved to Andalusia in Spain (just 2 weeks ago). But next year we will be back, at least a couple of days to play this Florida-Dutch Rydercup.

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