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About This Club

For discussion of golf around the Orlando, FL area.

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  2. Use this topic to propose and discuss meet ups in the Central FL area.
  3. Central FL Meet Ups

    One to Ohio, a couple to PA, as Arlo Guthrie would say, it's a movement!
  4. Central FL Meet Ups

    I'm definitely not the only one to have moved from Florida to PA.
  5. Central FL Meet Ups

    Well crap. You may go down in history as the only person to ever move from Florida, to Ohio. Warning. If it gets out, your judgement may never be trusted again!
  6. Central FL Meet Ups

    I will not longer be living in Florida unfortunately. It was great while it lasted.
  7. Central FL Meet Ups

    Played with Daron today and we mentioned that we were missing u guys this year! Hi to everyone!
  8. Central FL Meet Ups

    Normally I visit Florida every october together with a bunch of golf addicted Dutch guys. One of the highlights is a match against a team that @David in FL puts together. This year is different, because I stopped working and moved to Andalusia in Spain (just 2 weeks ago). But next year we will be back, at least a couple of days to play this Florida-Dutch Rydercup.
  9. Chit Chat

    I’m starting this thread for general banter.
  10. Chit Chat

    Po does, but spare him.
  11. Chit Chat

    Does anybody ever use chit chat anymore?
  12. Chit Chat

    With so much going on, what should we talk about first? Are there any PGA Tournaments or LPGA Tournaments on the horizon that will be taking place in Florida?