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  2. Don't have much personal experience on the area private courses, but I'd gather that a couple of them are scuffling. If I'm remembering correctly, Miami Valley was offering some pretty cheap memberships a year or two ago. My understanding is that Sugar Valley is somewhat less expensive than some of the others in the area. Up my way, Piqua CC and Troy CC seem a little more anxious than normal to scare up some new members. Also have a client who's a member at Walnut Grove. He seems to like it anyway, not that he's invited me out there. If you do pursue the privates, I'd be interested to know what you find.
  3. One of my buddies who was a member at Beavercreek just moved to FL. Another friend is a member at Moraine but he’s always too busy to play. I agree with you on the crowding being a turnoff. Beavercreek is always busy. Even if you can get a time, it can get really slow, which I don’t have the time or patience for. So I try to get the earliest times on the weekend to finish in around 3 hrs. Maybe later in the evening might work too, where I could jump around the course. I’m hoping my mindset with a membership would go from “I don’t have enough time to get in 9/18, so forget it, I won’t try” to “I already paid for this so I might as well use it, even if I only get in a few holes.” I did a pool membership last summer for the kids and ended up using it a ton, so maybe I should look into the private clubs with pools as well. The article only talked about public courses, wonder if the private ones saw the same increase in demand, or if they’d have any intriguing offers.
  4. If I do get another membership, it will be at a private course. I tired of dealing with public courses. Beavercreek is not far from my house, but it always seems to be busy. Range access is included if I recall, but they have limited flight balls to prevent you from driving into traffic on I-675. My boss and the owner of my company are members at Miami Valley. It's a nice course and layout. I still have my sites on getting back to Florida in the next few years though.
  5. About 40, but not all of them were at Beavercreek. So I’m right on the borderline, if I committed to play most of my rounds there. On one hand, I tell myself I’d commit to get out more if I had the membership, even if I only had time for 9 holes or less. On the other hand, it could totally backfire and I’d be down a few hundred net. Unlimited range is also a nice perk due to my time constraints. I spent at least $200 at the range last year.
  6. I am hesitant to get a membership anywhere these days with so many courses closing. I know that other courses are booming because of the city course closures, but everything is uncertain right now. The downside is that I don't play much without a membership. I only played 20 times if that this year.
  7. It's tough to simply walk on at very many courses these days. That was something I never had a problem with before this year. Would have had a real tough time if I didn't have an open invitation from a fellow Miami Shores member with a standing tee time. If time is limited, a membership (particularly to a place like Beavercreek) probably doesn't make a ton of sense. You'd have to play a bunch of rounds to justify the $2,000 they'd be looking for. How many rounds did you get in this year?
  8. I tried to play last Friday and couldn’t get a time anywhere. Mostly played at Beavercreek this summer, early tee times on the weekends to avoid the crowds. Nice to be done before noon, but the first few holes usually hurt my score pretty badly. Might do a membership there next year - really would like to play more, but hard to find the time, so not sure it would be worth it.
  9. So apparently, Dayton thinks the best use for Kittyhawk and Madden may be to turn them into fields of solar panels. As it so happens both courses happen to be next door to the city's water treatment operations, so they think they can save themselves utility costs. Dayton considers solar panels for its closed golf courses Dayton is exploring installing solar farms on its two closed golf courses that could have the potential to make the city a leader in municipal solar technology.
  10. Yep. I never had a problem on at Kittyhawk. Even busy weekend mornings I could usually get paired up with someone. Getting to know the starters, they would often let me out the back because they knew I would not hold anyone up.
  11. I'm driving a shorter distance than before, but still am playing less golf. It's been a real dodgy thing walking onto Miami Shores. If I tried it 8 times this year, I've done nothing but hit range balls at least 5. Eventually I found some guys with regular weekend tee times to play with, but it isn't like the old days where one of Kittyhawk's three were guaranteed to be available and I could just show up.
  12. It has been good for other courses. There is no doubt about that. I personally have played less than 1/10th the amount of golf that I usually do. It's just not convenient for me since I have to drive farther to play.
  13. A story in today's Dayton Daily News talks about the numbers being great for the remaining courses. Of course, closures have helped that, which they mention only deeper in the story. But good news for the survivors anyway. Golf resurgence during COVID-19 poised to shatter records at city-owned courses Sport filling “quasi-entertainment/health dynamics” void expected to hit 20-year peak.
  14. Not feeling like it is the best reason there is. Beats the crap out of injury anyway. Hope your trip to TN goes smoothly.
  15. Oh and why is that? You didn't hurt yourself did you?
  16. Ok. Have fun. Incidentally, I got a full group now in case anyone else comes across this. Still going to find some time to play before the season's over.
  17. Going to be playing Miami Shores with a buddy on Saturday at 12:10. Got two spots if anyone is interested. A chance to conquer your past demons @CarlSpackler. Also haven't seen @Bonvivant or @Jeremie Boop in a while either.
  18. Yeah. For some reason that page seems to load very slowly, although it did eventually come all the way up on mine. Typical Archdeacon piece, so it isn't short.
  19. It doesn't seem like the article is loading all the way for me. If that isn't the case, then it is a really short article. I blogged some history of Madden a while ago. It does have some decent history. Too bad Jack didn't win the tournament there. If so, he might have helped to save it.
  20. Must have missed the paper that day. Here is a story about the former Madden GC. It was one of the six I used to have access to with my City of Dayton pass. It was a really nice course, but on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. Which, ironically, made it very nice and lose a ton of money every year. Archdeacon: Closing Madden ‘feels like the end of an era’ Course is one of two, along with Kittyhawk Golf Center, City of Dayton is closing down

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