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  2. I will be joining this year, especially since I bought my membership to the Dayton golf courses this year.
  3. Due to the relentless hounding we get to bring in new members to my aged and beleaguered men's association, here is our schedule for 2018. Dues are $40 per year. You get a GHIN handicap and can play in the various events described in the attached item. KHMA schedule.pdf
  4. No big preferences. I live in Delaware county and Play Delaware Golf club. Bent Tree and Oakhaven a lot. Payed Northstar a couple of years ago and thought it was a real treat. It has been 20 plus years since I played in Granville.
  5. I'm relatively new to the area. So I really haven't played a ton of courses around here yet. But I've heard good things about NorthStar, Turnberry and Oakhaven. (I know you guys did NorthStar last year.) Currently the most rounds I've played have been at Arrowhead, Bent Tree and Chapel Hill. To be honest though, I'll play almost anywhere.
  6. @Carl3 @ChetlovesMer and anyone else that might join, any preference for what course we play? There are obviously a lot of good options around central Ohio. Just for reference, in our outing in 2017 we played the Dennison Golf course in Granville on Saturday and then I believe they also played North Star in Sunbury on Sunday.
  7. I could probably swing either of those dates.
  8. I can do the 20th, but not the 27th as I will be travelling.
  9. I'd like to join the party. I have all kinds of stuff going on in both March and April. So, it will depend a bit on which day(s). But I'm definitely interested. As I look out the window of my office and see the frozen tundra that is Central Ohio right now it's hard for me to imagine playing in Golf.
  10. Late April will not work for me. If it is in late April, I will try to catch the next outing.
  11. April is fine, maybe either the weekend after The Masters or the following weekend, so like weekends of April 20th or 27th? Just kinda throwing some dates out there, obviously still have a while before anyone needs to commit to anything.
  12. Possibly, but March? April would be better.
  13. Everything is pretty touch-and-go for me until after April 15, but the closer to Troy the better the chances.
  14. Would anyone be interested in playing a round or two in central Ohio this spring? I'm thinking one of two things. Either just a casual round with members from TheSandTrap or possibly participate in some charity outing as a team or teams depending on how many people we get? I'm thinking March or April, whatever works best for everyone.
  15. Based on their posts on the Facebook page, looks like the auction was a bust and the course will be open in 2019. One of the few in the area that I haven't made it to yet. https://www.facebook.com/beechwood.golf.course/
  16. Here's an article from the Dayton Business Journal detailing the work going on at Miami Shores in Troy. It is essentially my second home course after Kittyhawk. Really pleased that we'll have a driving range there. Too many yackers on the first tee. https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2018/12/18/city-investing-over-1-million-into-golf-course.html
  17. They've always had a rough time putting together grounds crew. From what I understand, part of it is that it is strictly seasonal. Most of them are gone in October and by the next season they got to hire a whole new crew. Sort of starting over every year. Other places, like Troy, have the same guys year after year. That continuity lends to pride in the course. I really do like have access to the six different courses, but losing the Hawk would really cut the advantage. Hills and Madden are too much for me to walk and I hate paying for the cart. I can walk Dales, but it's also out of my way. What would be really cool is if Miami Shores and Homestead got together and offered a package to play both courses. Maybe even get Echo Hills into the mix.
  18. I agree. It’s not like they have the best courses in the area. Raising membership prices puts them into the same category as much better courses. Their problem is having to pay union wages for maintenance workers who honestly could care less about the course.
  19. Yeah. Just saw the same one. Sounds like we can still get this year's price for awhile and I probably will. Down the line, it might not take too much of a bump to get me to go with Miami Shores. Especially if they also close one of Kittyhawk's courses.
  20. It also looks like they are going to jump prices for memberships according to an email that I got this morning.
  21. Talking with one of the guys yesterday and it seems the rumors going around Kittyhawk suggest the City of Dayton may shut the Hawk Course. The City hired consultants back in the summer to do studies and they haven't announced anything yet. Hopefully it is just speculation. I've never seen any sort of breakdowns on what results the individual courses get, but I'd guess Madden would be the worst. Thing is that for political reasons, they'll not shut that course. Community is too historical to touch and that leaves Kittyhawk to suffer the loss.
  22. Decent starts at mid-70s and sunny. 60s are chilly and 50s are freezing.
  23. If "decent" starts at 80 I think you are hosed. The entire long-term seems to be 50s and 60s as far as the eye can see. My kind of weather.
  24. I have to spend my Kittyhawk gift card from the kids. I'm hoping it starts to warm back to a decent temp soon.
  25. Ha. You and your sense for temperature. It only just got perfect today. Stayed off the bum wheel Sunday and it's now starting to feel better to. May give it another go this weekend.

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