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  2. Yeah, I think the desalinization plant helps keep things in shape. It rained up in the Pasadena area the evening before, but it doesn't look like it did down there. I will say that the greens were huge. I hit on or really near a lot of them as well because how could you possibly miss them by that much? My putting although new and improved was no match for the course though. . . The just sanded the greens and they were still running really fast. I'd hate to see what they're like at their peak conditions? Wow hard putting even though my stats show that I putt pretty well it sure didn't feel like it.
  3. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    Nice! Course looks to be in pretty decent shape too. :)
  4. Single person as a “Bob Salazar” didn’t shot. I game golfed my round though Some picture for @Golfingdad Right after a double!
  5. Sure thing! Okay guys, I'm booked for 6:37am in Wednesday.
  6. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I have a soft spot for that course - I used to live closer and it was central between myself and my one golf buddy so we played it often. I can't make next Wednesday but thanks for the invite ... take some photos and post them please! I'm curious how it looks now. I only see the parking lot and the driving range once every couple of months as we pass by on our way to the Safari Park. :)
  7. Good to hear! Thanks! Next time I'll try to post a bit sooner.
  8. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    @Lihu Vineyard is a good choice, one of the best values in San Diego, imo. Sorry, I have another commitment on Wednesday.
  9. I'm up for that. That's the favored course so we might need to reserve well ahead of time.
  10. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I would really like to go back to Industry Hills. This time play the Ike.
  11. I'll likely be coming down a few more times coming up, but I posted this pretty much as soon as I found out I'm going there. It's funny that if a person wants to take off time he needs to give 2 weeks, but when the company wants you to go somewhere you get like a few days. I sometimes get 2 days notice to go to China Hey, what about an outing? Looks like the snow forecast for the remainder of the season is pretty bleak, so let's talk golf slopes? @Golfingdad @tristanhilton85 @Shindig @spider @bones75 @islavistan @Hacker James @Patch @gregsandiego @Hategolf @Bechambo @Big C @Pakoh @bmartin461 @tehuti @GolfSwine @jefkve @No Mulligans
  12. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    Not going to make that one. I need at least two weeks notification, so I can request the day. I work an irregular schedule, but it’s flexible.
  13. Hey, I'm planning to book a tee time for next Wednesday at 6:07 and for me it's only $22.50 with cart and a beverage. @Hacker James and @Bechambo ? Any other takers? Should I reserve more people?
  14. Actually, I'm headed for San Diego next Wednesday and will have the morning free. I can come down for an early morning tee time? I have plans at 12:00 though then work. . . @Hacker James or anyone else? Vinyards GC sounds perfect if there are any takers? https://www.vineyardatescondido.com/
  15. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    Late to the party. We looking for outing dates? I can get most any day off, just need to know in advance. I’m also up for Coronado.
  16. It's 18" of fresh powder now, but by this MLK weekend it might be only "packed powder" known as ice anywhere else in the world. I'll watch the ski cams. If the snow is too hard, I might just go to Santa Barbara this weekend.
  17. That’s a good plan if the slopes are nice. Since I don’t ski I want to use this time to work on my game before the season officially kicks in.
  18. Unless we have epic snow then as well. I'm guessing a lot of the So. Cal. members thoughts are towards those slopes as well, and noticeably absent from a golf gathering thread.
  19. It looks like we’re shooting for Feb then.
  20. Actually, sorry guys. January is out. . .https://www.mammothmountain.com/winter/mountain-information/mountain-information/snow-conditions-and-weather
  21. So far, it looks like it's possibly just the two of us?
  22. I may be unavailable on 1/27, but another weekend in January is possible for me.
  23. A little late for December, but anyone up for anything in January? MLK is booked for family stuff and the weekend after for other things, but other than that I'm pretty free. . .


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