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For golfers in Southern California
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  2. Saturdays, I'd rather play golf. Sundays, depends when you ask me. I'm less inclined now to go to the course on my own on a Sunday, but if one were to try to assemble a TST So Cal outing and Sunday worked best for the group, I'd aim to go and would certainly prioritize it over football.
  3. Hard to believe the year is almost over. I haven’t heard much from this group in a while, but I hope you all have been playing lots of golf. What is the “wraparound season” looking like for you? Is this the time to rest the clubs and watch football until spring, or are you a year-round golfer? Me, I’d rather play golf and check scores later, but I know there are a lot of passionate football fans who don’t miss a game on Sundays (or Saturdays).
  4. Well, the summer is almost over and this group has been pretty quiet. I hope you all have been playing lots of golf. Aside from my usual courses - Birch Hills and Brea Creek, I have managed to get out to a few others. - Anaheim Hills most recently. Nice course, kicked my butt. - Mountain Meadows - Green River - Navy (Cruiser 9). First time playing this course since the 1990s. It is pretty nice now. Hoping to get back to Ben Brown’s before summer is over, and still trying to get to. Diamond Bar I am actually looking forward to keeping the pace during the fall season.
  5. Yep. It's a nice course, too. There's a way for us civilians to get on the base to play. We even had a TST meetup there a few years ago. Maybe I should try to organize a TST So Cal meetup in July or something.
  6. I’m sure we’ll be able to link up at some point. I am okay with trying a few LA courses before the summer is over. Where is Marine Memorial? Camp Pendleton?
  7. L.A. City courses for sure. Rancho Park and I need to get to Wilson more often. Even when I play poorly there, I enjoy it. I guess I should play Brookside (it's local anyway). I'll wander down to O.C. a few times, so if you're looking for a playing partner, I'd love to meet (or meet again; I forget if we've met) and play. I gather you're in north O.C.; that's fine by me (easier for me to get to). I also want to get to Marine Memorial and to San Clemente Municipal at some point if we can. I will also probably continue my tradition of playing a birthday round (late June) at the Pete Dye course at Westin Mission Hills. I also plan to play their Gary Player course this summer (I have also said that the past three years and didn't). I hope to also play Desert Falls and a few other courses in the Palm Desert area.
  8. Well summer is nearly upon us. So where do you plan to play in and around Southern California this season? I will mostly be playing local courses here in OC. Birch Hills and Brea Creek are my usual spots. But I would like to play Mountain Meadows, Diamond Bar and Coyote Hills this year. Maybe get down to San Diego once or twice. Any suggestions?
  9. Well it’s mid-March, and time to start talking about favorite courses around SoCal. Where are you playing this week?
  10. I figure we’re blessed with 12 months of decent weather so why not take advantage of the “off season” months before it starts getting hot again.
  11. Oh yeah, another So Cal meetup would be great. I have always enjoyed them, even the ones that only drew four people.
  12. Yes, It’s pretty fun. I was there with my kids a couple years ago. Fun overlooks.
  13. Coyote Hills is another one on my list for this year. I live really close to there.
  14. Diamond Bar is only $40 on the weekends with players club. Not too far from you and I don’t mind the drive down.
  15. Ok, even better! I’m near Pasadena. I have a players club at American Golf and am flexinle throughout their courses. Do you want to try Coyote Hills? Kind of a fun course. My usual courses are San Dimas, Brookside, Knollwood and Whittier. we can try a Diamond bar up the 57 too.
  16. I’m not in San Diego, I’m in Anaheim. All of those courses are close, HB is fine too.
  17. Ouch, I forgot that you’re in San Diego? Maybe somewhere like Huntington Beach Mile Square?
  18. I’ve been playing shorter courses on Sunday mornings, mainly to play in under 4 hours. Brea Creek, Birch Hills, Newport Beach and David L. Baker. But I am open to suggestion too.
  19. Golf Talk, probably. And tag a few of the SoCal guys. Or better yet, the Meetups and Outings sub-forum.
  20. Yeah, I haven’t received any replies so I just assumed there was a lack of interest. Where should I repost it?
  21. As much as I like "Clubs," you'll get more of a reaction posting in the public forums. This club only has 46 members… "Clubs never really caught on here, and I'm considering changing them up into something else or doing away with them altogether.
  22. Quiet in here.... I'm out of town this weekend (1/5/19) but planning/hoping to play either 1/12 or 1/19. I'm in LA area but willing to drive down to OC or out to IE.

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