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For golfers in Southern California

  1. What's new in this club
  2. No. Just don't know our schedule.
  3. I see my name on here, but my wife and I will be up north in Oregon visiting her relatives.
  4. Just subscribe/follow the topic. Very easy.
  5. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I'm interested in Coronado. My schedule opens up after the 10th of Dec., currently wide open after that...
  6. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    sounds good. I sometimes forget to check the "club", so if and when a date is decided, if you remember, you might give me a reminder by PM or post on regular forum to wake me up. I will try to keep myself current however, not withstanding I have a severe case of C.R.S.
  7. The idea is to get everyone together, so schedule is dependent upon the participants. @Golfingdad @tristanhilton85 @Shindig @spider @bones75 @islavistan @Hacker James @Patch @gregsandiego @Hategolf @Bechambo @Big C @Pakoh @bmartin461 @tehuti @GolfSwine @jefkve @No Mulligans
  8. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    me too, depending on actual date
  9. Yep @Lihu, just tag everyone. @Golfingdad @tristanhilton85 @Shindig @spider @bones75 @islavistan @Hacker James @Patch @gregsandiego @Hategolf @Bechambo @Big C @Pakoh @bmartin461 @tehuti @GolfSwine @jefkve @No Mulligans
  10. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I’m game. You guys pick a date and a place. If I’m in town I’ll be there. Coronado, IE, whatever
  11. Tagging again? As long as February event doesn't overlap the L.A. Open (or the Super Bowl, I guess), I should be able to make it. January depends, but as before, don't plan around me for it if others can make it.
  12. Cool! Now who else is going to go? Is there a way to "reply all" so the So Cal group?
  13. Can you go to both? El Dorado with @Big C hosting and also Coronado so the San Diego guys can go as well?
  14. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    I'd like to join for the Coronado outing.
  15. Maybe December 9th isn't going to happen? How about this for a proposal. . . El Dorado in January and Coronado in February?
  16. February at Coronado Bay ... a friend of mine in Coronado keeps telling me to come visit him. Another friend lives nearby and just had a kid and I haven't seen them in a while either. I might make a weekend of it. Yeah, things like the start of a semester are tough for me, no matter how much pre-preparation I've done.
  17. Cool, I'd vote to do El Dorado when you can host it. Thanks! December 9th at Mile Square? or possibly Rancho San Joaquin? https://www.ranchosanjoaquin.com/golf-tee-times Or up in the LA basin somewhere?
  18. El Dorado is my home course. So I'm biased, but I think it's a great track for an outing. But December is shot for me. I'll be up in Northern California on a family trip the weekend of the 9th. The following weekend will be our men's club Xmas tournament (at El Dorado, no less). Then we are traveling to Chicago for the holidays. I'm sorry I won't be around to host you guys. But if it doesn't end up happening and you want to push an El Do outing into next year, I would be glad to coordinate.
  19. I wrote it small so it would not detract from December 9th. According to a PM, Michael might not really be free until early February for an outing? This could also put 2 months between our outings so people can "rest" a bit and have some time to plan? My daughter and wife might have stuff for me to do on some weekends, but generally I'm free. My issue is with budget paying for effectively 2 colleges or more. So, budget friendly courses are more my preference. Okay, so how about El Dorado on the 9th for at least a few people? I might go anyway, just because I've been wanting to try it with my "new game"? I'd be up for Mile Square too.
  20. SoCal Gatherings December, January

    Why'd you write that last part so small? ;) That makes plenty of sense. Those who can get together on the 9th, keep planning, and lets also try and find a date for another outing in January.
  21. Hey, guys, I'm free to go anywhere in the LA/OC area these next two weeks. Anyone for El Dorado Park on December 9th***? ***We could have a couple outings, one this month and another one early February at Coronado Bay so more people can join?
  22. 9th is kind of iffy for me as far as location is concerned, if I'm in San Diego for work then I can make down there. If I'm up here I'll likely not like driving down twice. However, that being said. I've been wanting to play Dana's home course. El Dorado Park is a relatively nice course in Long Beach and voted one of the best 100 courses by "Golf Link".


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