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For golfers in the Mid-Atlantic states.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Have a tee time for RNK....3/29 is reopening....FYI
  3. Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in 2019. Great news
  4. @GolfLug I'm good for either of those late-April weekends. Let me know if you need any assistance, otherwise I'll leave it all in your hands for the time being.
  5. Of course you'll be playing in it. Wouldn't expect anything different from the NC MVP!
  6. I'm out the last weekend of April, our club has a 2-day tournament that I'll be playing in.
  7. Very good. As @DaveP043 mentioned one of us will start another thread regarding this soon.
  8. I should be good for a last weekend in April, whatever date that actually is. Williamsburg or VA Beach is a good choice. It is about a 3.5 hour drive for me and since there is a Jollibee in VA Beach, my girlfriend might come with me. I have only played golf in that area once and it was at the kingsmill course. I have heard that there are a lot of great courses in that area.
  9. Ok, FWIW, I figured out the root cause of the brain fart: 1) It is February now, I was thinking April but looking at the March calendar. 2) I was staring at Friday/Saturday and thinking Saturday/Sunday. Did I tell you I am supremely talented at multi-tasking?
  10. You passed the entrance test.. . As a result you are now officially invited. Leaning toward the later dates as of now.
  11. OK, so the weekend dates just might be 4/21-4/22 or 4/28-4/29, either of which works for me. I'll also tag @JGus, @Hardspoon, @davechen, all of whom attended last year. At some point, we should probably start a new thread in the Member Outings area. We might also look at the Member Map and tag some more folks within a reasonable driving distance.
  12. I'm fine playing more rounds since I'd be driving so far, but those dates... aren't weekends. And one of them doesn't even exist
  13. If ok, I think potential dates: 04/23-04/24 04/30-04/31 I think Williamsburg would be fun at Ford's Colony or Tradition at Kiskiak. I think it would be a good idea to do (2) rounds on Saturday and (1) on Sunday before everyone drives back/flies back. That way whoever doesn't get there till Saturday morning or if someone does not want to stick around on Sunday they can still get (2) rounds in front end or back end. Paging: @billchao, @DaveP043, @RandallT, @jsgolfer, @NCGolfer, @iacas, @Billsy, @Nutsmacker, @woodzie264, @ballplayer002003, @cipher, @coachjimsc.. I am sure there are many I am forgetting but please tag more folks. Once we have stuff firming up in the next few weeks I will get in to further details.
  14. I'll keep it in mind as the weather gets warmer. As of now I don't think I have anything going on, though it is a bit of a drive for me.
  15. We can do it in Virginia Beach or Williamsburg area this year. I can help organize. Mid/Late April is always tolerable. I can't promise no rain but I can almost guarantee no snow.
  16. There's no tournament, but if you're asking about the outing (which hasn't been discussed yet for this year), @DaveP043 helped organize the last two at his club in northern VA.
  17. Hi guys, I am new to this site, just found it yesterday and joined. Where do you guys normally play this tournament?
  18. Mike Strantz was a wild, new thinker of how to design a golf course. I have played many of his courses with Tobacco Road being one of my favorites. If you ever get a chance and you are down in the Sandhills of North Carolina I would highly recommend it.
  19. Mike Strantz was a new, visionary designer. He only did seven courses and I have played four of them. To loose two would be a disservice to golf. I live in Delaware and always looked at Williamsburg as a kind of resort destination. You would think golf would thrive in that environment.
  20. What I have heard is Royal New Kent and Stonehouse are being sold to a buyer by Tradition. However that deal may have fallen through. I love both of those courses. Ultimately both of those properties the land is more valuable as houses than a golf course. That may be their fate. I moved to Portsmouth recently and have played these a few times in past and was looking forward to them being an hour away...I went on line both websites down. No way to book teetime. Weather has been bad so I was hoping that might be it....Did some research and found article about sale but it didn't close. Time will tell...
  21. About the best course I have played in mid Atlantic area had to be stonehouse in Williamsburg area. Haven’t been there for a while and was thinking about a get away on a 65 degree day. Doing research I’m hearing the place is a disaster. How can that be? Anyone have an answer?
  22. It can't be cold and rainy/snowing three years in a row, can it?

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