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  2. I think they recommend at least 10 feet of flight if you are using a net.
  3. Old ProV1 balls. I have not contacted Flightscope yet. I want to make sure I have everything level and try different distances from the hitting area. I've tried a bunch of net tensions. I'll keep playing with it until I perfect it. I am after all and engineer! LOL!
  4. What ball are you using? I have about 7' of flight on my setup and it's pretty accurate on the pitching setting. You should adjust the tension of your net. Maybe that's part of the problem? I'm using the Rukket net (as you know) which allows the ball to travel a foot or two before it drops. Perhaps the extra distance helps the unit with the read, though it does miss about one in five shots altogether. Have you contacted FlightScope?
  5. My outdoor net is only about six feet from where I hit. I seem to get a 10% reduction in the predicted distance compared to an outdoor range. I've tried both the pitching setting and the indoor. One funny thing, when I set up the MEVO Monday, one of my first shots bounced back and hit the MEVO! No damage and it was not moving fast.
  6. Not according to the flightscope rep that posted that. How far do you find that distance to be? I frequently hit into a net so I'm curious how far that is.
  7. Ok, nice. BTW...love this Mevo...I think it’s a hell of a deal for the price. Easy to set up and use and all the info I really need for my level. So glad I bought this!
  8. No. I often don't even use the dots inside, if it's long enough distance.
  9. Don't you need the dots for outdoor as well if you're wanting spin to be recorded?
  10. I found this on that other golf forum, but apparently you only need the metal dots on the ball for indoor use. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1626146-flightscope-mevo/#entry17236588

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