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A Place for those in mostly Western MA (Greater Springfield/Berkshires/Quabbin) to discuss golfing in the area.
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  2. It's a pretty nice course, we usually play there 2-3 times a year. It's definitely not my best playing course though haha.
  3. Great course, under joint ownership with Crestview in Agawam, MA. Maintenance is horrible, however. Most landscapes have their leaves from winter, dead grass strewn on fairways & Greens, and generall horrific cartpaths. along 11 & 12, there is a property dispute, so the neighbor has erected temporary fencing blocking off the paths. Clubhouse is closed due to (2) fires late last year. Plan is to operate from tents. When I was there, they had a couple of picnic table in the fron of a trailer they are operating out of. When the current management purchased the course, they did not acquire the driving range, so that is also a disappointment. What a shame for a nice course. A bit of TLC and $$, and this track will again be worthy of more outings.
  4. Have been Here twice since my first post. Nice course. Hilly overall, and straight is your friend. Driving range is a bit out of the way, but plenty servicable, and the facilities are in great shape.They come to your car when you arrive in the parking lot to load your clubs for you. Nice Touch. 5 sets of tees, and nicely maintained. I wil return.
  5. focusing on Western & Central MA here.
  6. From one Sox fan to another... wanted to join in our fellow Mass golfers and say Hi! I am in Central Mass, just outside Worcester and was wondering if you were going to try and keep everything to just the western parts or can we open it up to all of Mass as we have a lot of Mass folk here on TsT? Also, it would be cool to try and set up some kind of get together for the Mass golfers.
  7. Looking to go here for the first time. Have heard good about it (Design), and bad (rock hard tee boxes and fairways). Anybody play here? It is fairly new, opening about 5 years or so ago.

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