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For golf collectibles including, but not limited to logo balls, scorecards, autographs, clubs, pictures, ball markers, etc.
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  2. Love this post as its so similar to how I collect things, be it tractors, hifi, watches or beautiful golfing irons.... Right now, I am tryong to decide which Macgregor, forged irons are the best ? Would love some heads to reshaft to 2020 spec and try on the course.....
  3. That is a shame. He brought a light side to commentary and opinion. Funny.
  4. Does anyone know if Charlie Rymer is still on the Golf Channel? I have not seen him on TV for a while now. One of my favorite funny color commentator guys on TV. I have one of his golf bags from his PGA Tour days.
  5. Oh sure. I remember them. Good looking head. Probably a Pro Staff shaft.
  6. The shafts don't adjust. Just a weight port size of a quarter near the high toe area. Not sure which shaft is in them.
  7. Cool. Do the shafts adjust like the X/31's, or are they X/31's?
  8. I have a few old sets but don't per se collect them. I did keep my first set of Staffs I bought with my own money back in 1974. They are the adjustable weight staffs. When the pro at my club sold them to me he wouldn't give me the adjustable wrench the them. So they have never been adjusted.
  9. flashypaws, I was looking for a set of Wilson X-31's this weekend in my basement for a friend who may want to try them out this spring. While down there I discovered that I had another minty set of 3-PW Staff Fluid Feel bore thru's. If this isn't a sign that my club collecting is out of control, I do not know what is.
  10. Ping should be able to tell you exactly the year and any other info you want to know about the K1's if you give them the serial number. Call 1-800-474-6434
  11. I have not been visiting Sandtrap much lately. I just noticed this club. I collect scorecards and pencils and yardage books. Although yardage books are difficult to find anymore. I do also have a pretty big collection of logo balls and markers. If anyone has interest in trading, drop me a line. I would love to get a few scorecards that somehow got lost or I never picked up whilst playing. I tend to grab multiples of many things so I can trade almost all. I have around 1000 different scorecards, 700 pencils, and many other things.
  12. i played the fluid feel staffs with the bore through hosel for... i dunno. 8 years maybe. if i was going to play a set, i'd probably play those. i think the hogans are more interesting, as a collectible. i've got a small collection. i dunno what i'm doin. i dont really look for em, but sometimes i buy stuff and people send me 40 year mint-condition never-played stuff and i'm like... 'damn. i think i'll just keep that in a box and buy another one thats used.' and now i have a collection. i guess. what i look for from that era really, although i'm definitely not a hard-core collector, is the early ping irons. one of the very few sets i bought intentionally to collect is a set of patent pending black dot K1's. 3-S. i think i got it for like sixty bucks. theyre from '69, or even possibly '68. and theyre pretty nice. lightly played. (thats the first set of clubs ping ever made, other than putters.) i have no freakin idea if theyre even worth the sixty bucks i paid for em. like i said, i dunno what i'm doin. but i think theyre cool as hell. obviously. thats why i'm braggin about em. nice bunch of staffs ya got there. i look at those and flashback to high school and junior golf. those were awesome clubs, year in and year out, back in the 70's and 80's. tough to beat em.
  13. For several have been collecting Ben Hogan's, MacGregor's and Wilson Staff's My favorite Hogan's are the the 1982 second release Decades and my favorite Wilson Staffs are the 1987-88 Staff Tour - Fluid Feels.

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