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For discussion of Apple-related technology and topics. If you're a Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPod, iTunes, etc. fan, this is the club for you.

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  2. Also featuring iJustine, Bill Nye, and others.
  3. https://support.apple.com/keyboard-service-program-for-mac-notebooks Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro - Apple Support Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro
  4. I haven't kept up with the keyboard issues and probably missed out on a warranty fix, maybe:? Which models got hit with the bad keyboards? I didn't have any issues with mine, luckily.
  5. I agree and think that’s the ideal combo. I priced one out the other day and am interested in bigger laptops again since I’m not using my desktop anywhere near as much anymore.
  6. Yeah I'm very glad to have avoided the current keyboards. The better speakers sound great too - I watch plenty of TV on my laptop. For me, I think the $2,700 configuration is a no-brainer. You get the i9, better graphics card, the 1TB hard drive. Getting that config out of the previous generation started you over $3k. For that money now I could even get 32gb of RAM if I wanted.
  7. The speakers are INCREDIBLE and the keyboard issues, which you've missed out on, have been fixed. These current keyboards suck. I'm almost tempted to spend $3300 to get a new 16" just to get rid of this keyboard (2018, 13"). As it is I think I'll just take it in to get serviced, but I have to find a down week for that.
  8. Really enjoying my iPhone 11 Pro. It's almost too fast in some aspects - when I tap "View" on an email on the lock screen, I used to have enough time before it loaded to hit "Mark as Read." Now it's almost instantaneous. I figured this didn't really need its own thread, but the new 16in MacBook Pro came out today. As long as everything goes to plan, I'm going to get one in about a year as a little graduate school graduation gift to myself. My 2015 one isn't showing many signs of its age, but it'll be 5 years old at that point, which is a pretty good life. Looking through the product page and tech specs on Apple's website, it has (almost) everything I was hoping they'd add (SD card slot would have been nice, and I'll miss MagSafe a bit, though I've never been satisfied with MagSafe 2). For the specs you get, the price looks incredible. Particularly compared against the outgoing generation.
  9. Have been meaning to get to it, but busy. Was curious what the new mods were. The glass plates outside IIRC were segments of square plates I think, now they're just columns. The elevator is not completely see through, but in a silver cylinder. Now all this could be wrong, my memory is not good, that's all I'm going on. This is definitely right though. The stairs before the renovation were glass - SLIPPERY. Now they're metal and beveled or whatever, there are notches in it to make it way less slippery. I dunno what this has to do with Apple technology wise, but it is the Apple store. Below is a photo. I took this to compare my iPhone's camera to the new model. I didn't sit down on anything though because there were bedbugs found like a month or two ago and they had to close down. Taking no chances. Not that that would have helped much.
  10. Some random notes: Currently have the clear case on the iPhone 11. May go careless, may choose the leather green case. Not sure yet. Used a blue leather case with the XS. Battery life on the 11 Pro is indeed quite good. Never went below 60% despite spending six or seven hours actively using the phone in a place with HORRIBLE cell service (which turns up the power to the radios, etc.). The UW camera probably won't get a lot of use from me. Why can't Hudl Technique switch between the cameras I have? The Ti Watch 5 I wore from 6:45 until 10:45, and it still had 30% left. That's 15 hours, or about 5% per hour. 18 hours is about right. Loving the extra space. I show: Time/Date Calendar Temperature Battery Activity Wind Speed The last one is new. I'm evaluating it, to see if I like it. It could be helpful to a golfer. I wish all golf carts had USB plugs. Seriously, they can't cost that much.
  11. Messing around with the exposure settings for night shots. No exposure, 10 seconds, 3 seconds. The no exposure looks much better than the IPhone X.
  12. Sharper, better lit, night time golf swing vids coming soon?
  13. I am upgrading to the Iphone 11 Pro. I can't pass up the $400 trade in for my Iphone X.
  14. Don’t feel too bad. My brother still has a 5s and no watch.
  15. And I’m still using my 6s and Watch series 2. I feel so ... old.
  16. Know anyone that wants a nice Stainless + Cellular Series 3? 🙂 Waiting for a 6 makes sense, though.
  17. I plan on upgrading to an iPhone 11 Pro from my X. I would like to upgrade from a Series 3 to a 5, but I think I'll hold off until next year.
  18. Two things: Pretty sure I'm upgrading my Series 3 to a Series 5 (anyone want a really good Stainless + Cellular Series 3?). I'm glad the 11 is called the 11 and not the "XI" or something.
  19. No. My Sam's Club card has better terms and rewards. As does my VISA. I never carry a balance over month to month, so some of the other things are irrelevant.
  20. I got an email from Apple about their new credit card, and I'm toying with the idea of getting it. Not sure I need it, though. I've already got credit cards (VISA, Discover) in my Apple Wallet and use them for Apple Pay from my iPhone and Apple Watch, and they work fine that way. The rebate is a little higher than my other cards, but not that much (2% for Apple Pay, 3% for buying from Apple, 1% for everything else). No annual fee or late fees, but I don't pay those on my current cards. Interest rates don't matter, because I never pay interest on my cards, either. Anyone else considering it? 🍎

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