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For discussion of Apple-related technology and topics. If you're a Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPod, iTunes, etc. fan, this is the club for you.

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  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/10/15/apple-watch-notification-helps-save-mans-life-would-have-fatal/?WT.mc_id=tmgoff_fb_tmg
  3. This already sounds way better than that awful app reality show.
  4. Cool! I remember that series. I have all the originals on an old external hard drive. I need to find those. I remember a real funny one called, "Family Dog".
  5. Your Music

    This is also where most of my music is from, but I’m old, so I don’t listen to, let alone buy, much music anymore.
  6. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    Still thinking if I want to buy the X or 8 in the next few months. My phone isn't really struggling :)
  7. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of that change either. BTW I turned off the "prompt me to join networks" thing like six years ago. If I want to join a network, I do it manually. It'll still connect to previously known networks, too, of course. I've been happy with it, and haven't noticed those things. In all honesty though nothing much really changed for me. None of the things I do regularly changed all that much. I like the new Control Center, like the new ability to record my screen as a movie, LOVE the new screenshot tool so I don't have to delete them manually all the time… and a few other things. But nothing big.
  8. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    I’ve upgraded my iPad Air 2 to iOS 11, but I’m holding off on my iPhone 6s for now. Not sure I’m happy with the upgrade on the iPad yet. Email app was stalling on getting emails sometimes (couldn’t connect to server or some such message I never had with 10)—I think this is supposed to be fixed with an update they just put out this week. Hopefully. The thing I’m still noticing is it really doesn’t want to rotate between landscape and portrait as easily as it did before. Sometimes it’s just fine. Other times I have to rotate it a few times before it goes. Once it put the screen upside down (went opposite the way I rotated). Once it wouldn’t rotate at all until I shut it off and restarted. Anyone else seeing this? Aside from that, the thing that might keep me from upgrading the iPhone is the control center WiFi and Bluetooth controls. They no longer turn them off completely—just disconnect from devices and networks but leave the WiFi and BT on. If I understand correctly, that means that WiFi will still be looking for networks as I drive around town. (Unless I go into settings.) I commonly open the control center and turn off WiFi as I’m out and about to avoid getting the “join networks” everywhere I go. Anyone else notice these or am I alone in my reluctance? I guess after upgrading the iPad I don’t see that it made anything significantly better in my daily use. What am I missing?
  9. I think I might have read that some of that has to do with the fact that 32-bit apps are no longer supported. Like… "AimPoint" and "Scorecard."
  10. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    I agree. The phone looks like it is running faster. If not faster, then it feels like things run smoother. I wonder if making the GUI to run more consistent makes the phone look like it is running faster. Like if you hide the load screens in video games, it makes it feel like its running faster.
  11. I upgraded to iOS 11 on both my iPad (the 2017 plan ol' iPad) and my iPhone 6. After a day or two of running hot and sluggish, the iPhone is actually much snappier than I expected it to be at this stage in its life. I like most of the changes, including the visual ones. I still haven't really found the best way to use the new Podcasts app (ugh), and I'm running into some weird behavior with email notifications (when they pop up on the lock screen I can mark one as read, but then the rest disappear from the lock screen). Other than that I'm enjoying it. I particularly like the pull up keyboard feature on the iPad.
  12. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    iPhone 8 will be on display in stores tomorrow. Also ATP podcast and their food talk, thought I'd post it.
  13. Okay, but what's that got to do with the September 12 event, @nevets88?
  14. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    This is the lunch menu for Apple employees at the Brooklyn launch tomorrow.
  15. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    Oh... my... gawwwwddd..
  16. It'll do okay, because people will not want to buy a used 7. They'll go in the store, and see that they can get a phone for $699 or $799 or whatever, and the next one costs $999. The 8 is a pretty compelling upgrade over the 7. Lots of new or greatly improved features. Apple knew it HAD to be compelling, though, and it is.
  17. I just don't see how the 8s will sell. You can get a discounted 7 for several hundred less with many of the same features or spring for the fully loaded X for a few hundred bucks more. I actually cancelled my watch order this morning. My practical side took over and realized I don't need to be spending $600+ ($400 + $10 per month) over the next two years on the watch with cellular. Not yet, anyway, I have other more important financial priorities.
  18. iPhone 8s are still available for September 22 delivery right now. At 8:15am. Oh, and $649 for the 42mm stainless with cellular, ouch. Many have said the aluminum is the best anyway. The taptic engine seems to work a bit better on those. But who knows… that was Series 0.
  19. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    Damn, at least they are making think about trying on the watch
  20. I set an alarm for 3am and ordered the Apple Watch 3. Smooth process using the Apple Store app.
  21. $10/month for the Watch on AT&T and Verizon. https://www.thestreet.com/story/14302553/1/wireless-carriers-eager-for-apple-watch.html
  22. They said they worked out special pricing with major carriers for the initial pricing. So it is going to be an extra monthly cost. And @Braivo, that's a good list. There aren't many of those situations where I'm not completely comfortable having my phone with me. It's uncomfortable in your pocket? It isn't for me. So the list is why it matters to you and doesn't matter much at all to me.
  23. It'll probably be the same $10 they charge you to add an iPad or other tablet with LTE. I'm not interested in an Apple Watch with LTE, but the $250 price for the Series 1 would be mighty appealing if I weren't already planning to shell out over $1000 for a new phone.
  24. Your Music

    Just curious… what do you guys do with your music? I haven't subscribed to Apple Music. I have no plans to, either. If I like music, I like to buy it. I also don't have time to listen to much music, either, so if I did I could see subscribing, but right now I still have an iTunes Match subscription only, and find that's a perfectly good way to get the music I have stored on my home computer (because it's also stored with Apple as music I own) on any other device.
  25. Daring Fireball alerted me to the WSJ was saying Apple was hosting an event September 12. https://daringfireball.net/linked/2017/08/29/iphone-launch-12-sept Apple Inc. has scheduled a product-announcement event on Sept. 12, according to people briefed on its plans, reinforcing expectations that the technology giant will release new iPhones and a smartwatch well ahead of the holiday shopping season. The company is expected to unveil three iPhones, according to other people familiar with its plans. Those include a showcase iPhone to mark the product’s 10th anniversary that is larger and pricier and features an edge-to-edge display and facial-recognition technology, as well as updates to the two iPhone 7 models that started selling last year. Gruber: They’re not launching D22 this year because it’s the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. They’re launching it this year because it’s ready. If it had been ready last year, they would have launched it last year. They might well mention the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone on stage at the event, but I would be very surprised — and probably a little alarmed — if they make it part of the marketing campaign for the device. I have no idea what phone I'll be buying. We buy one every year. I get it, my wife gets my old one, and our kid gets my wife's old one. We sell the kid's old one then.