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For discussion of Apple-related technology and topics. If you're a Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPod, iTunes, etc. fan, this is the club for you.
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  2. I didn't even know this airtag thing existed, lol. Interesting. Good they let you replace the battery. I might have to invest in a few of these.
  3. Yeah, put it on the back of a strap or something at least.
  4. Maybe you could get matching iron covers?😂
  5. Exactly how often do you lose your sunglasses? At least take the AirTag off when you’re using them.
  6. Ha ha. Searching for a foolproof way not to lose my sunglasses.
  7. Yeah, this looks silly and stupid, but I won't lose my sunglasses. Will figure out a way to put it on a strap. Wore it for 9 holes and it's not ideal, lol.
  8. Oh, yeah, it sounds like a neat idea. Wouldn't work for us, though. Our cats have never had collars on them. When we added a new cat we tried to put a calming collar like he had on our existing cats and they were having none of it. Even the new cat, once the existing calming collar had expired, would not tolerate a new one.
  9. A cat can find a lot of hiding places in a house. If kitty's owner gets antsy and can't find him, very handy way to locate him quickly. I've found a few of my cat's hiding places. Not my cat, but lots of people put a Tile on their cats.
  10. I have locators on keys, wallet, cat, remote. They're especially useful for parents who misplace things like crazy. Me personally haven't lost my keys or wallet for a long time, actually, never, but I do misplace them, and finding them when they have a locator saves a lot of time, find it right away instead of searching for 10 minutes. The other day I was driving and couldn't remember if I left my wallet in my jacket which was in the trunk. So I beeped it without having to get out of the car, which reassured me. My last round, I dropped my sunglasses but luckily found them, eventually I'm gonn
  11. My first thought was "Don't see a use for those." Then, watching the videos, I thought "Hmmm... Might be handy on a keychain." (In fact I've a set of keys for the mower and the shed I keep misplacing.) Then the first video mentioned tagging luggage. Then I found out how nearly every iPhone on the planet would become part of the "find my AirTag network." Ok, I don't know how useful that'll end up, in practice, but it is pretty darn cool :) Golf related: I think I've seen 2-3 posts here or on another golf forum where golfers have lost their range finders. Either left them stuck to car
  12. Still using an XS and really haven't felt like I needed to upgrade my phone. Now with the new AirTags, I think I'm going to get a new one just for the U1 chip, lol. I like this strap, always losing my sunglasses.
  13. I'll have to pull it up on my phone. My work computer doesn't support online videos.
  14. It's pretty simple. Apple informed developers last June that they had to supply "nutritional-info style privacy labels" on the App Store starting in the future. Apple notified companies in November that they were going to start requiring them in December. Facebook complied, and their privacy nutrition label is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Since December, Google hasn't updated any of their applications. They've said repeatedly that updates will be coming out, but they haven't pushed any as you can see in the first tweet, since the requirements. Their privacy labels are likely
  15. I don't know much about this to understand the implications of what Google or Facebook is doing.
  16. Hmmmmm. Facebook's privacy labels SUCK, but at least they published them.
  17. My wife and I got each other new iPhones for Christmas this year. She got the 12, and I got the 12 mini. I’m impressed with the improved battery life on the 12 mini (vs my 6s). Playing 18 holes of golf using Arccos, I went from 100% down to 88%, with outdoor temp in the 40s, about 3 hrs 20 minutes. On my 6s, that would have gone down to 50-60% (at best) with summer outdoor temps. Battery health on the 6s was about 90%, but I think it’s more than just the battery being new.
  18. I am so tempted. Don't click buy. Don't click buy. I have a 2017 MBP with 16GB, it still runs ok, but the fan goes off and it's starting to feel a little laggy. I wonder what a souped up maxed out pro version can do. Apple Silicon Mac Reviews: M1 Chip Delivers Exceptional Performance, Thermals, and Battery Life As the first Macs containing Apple Silicon processors began arriving to customers today, reviewers have shared their first impressions of the new... Hands-on with the Apple M1—a seriously fast x86 competitor
  19. Ordered: iPhone 12 Pro, Pacific Blue, 256 GB MagSafe charger Blue silicone case (may return, as I also ordered something from Amazon) Waiting to order this Belkin deal for my nightstand. Really like the leather cases the past few years, so might get one of those eventually too.

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