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  2. Elmer

    Albany area.

    Not a bad idea.

    Albany area.

    We should play a round sometime, @Elmer.
  4. Elmer

    Albany area.

    Work in Albany. I think there is no better place for fall ball than upstate NY.

    Spring/Summer 2018 Centralized Outing

    @colin007 I feel you know more about golfing areas around us than I do.

    Albany area.

    Albany person here but between working a full time job and in grad school carrying a full time class load, I don't get to go golfing much.
  7. onthehunt526

    Albany area.

    I'm from Ithaca but I know at least 2 TST members from up there...maybe three..... Let me see if I can get the Upstate Golfers to join.
  8. swffjvl

    Albany area.

    New golfer this year and would like to meet up with other members, I am a double bogey golfer, (if I'm playing well I mix in a bogey , and a surprising par, once and awhile). Would be nice here to gain more members in Upstate NY club. I'm in for a get together. Joe
  9. I guess the 2017 outing fell through this year. Darn. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try to start brainstorming ideas for an outing between more than just the four we had at Conklin. Perhaps somewhere more Centralized. That one place @krupasuggested near Syracuse sounded pretty central. So let's brainstorm and come up with ideas of where, what everyone's calendars look like, maybe aside from that what we're going to do aside from golf (group lunch or dinner or what not) etc. There's no right or wrong answers here we're just brainstorming for now.


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