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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hey thanks for the heads up, but most likely not
  3. We can probably do something this year and relatively soonish.
  4. Reviving this thread because I don't think we've had another outing
  5. That’s what I thought the name was. So is Torrey Pines... There’s Barker Brook but that’s a little more my way. I’ll see what it says. Besides I have 2 greens fees from my girlfriend’s cousins that I can use somewhere. Ok, for $40 with a cart a Robert Trent Jones course... yes please. I can’t even play Canasawacta 2 miles from me for that. This will probably merge... anyone who is within an hour of Valley View in New Hartford (I’m actually not that far away... maybe an hour)... Roll Call if you’re in this group and interested in an Outing at a Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Valley View. Either post in the thread or PM me.
  6. I have no interest in Turning Stone either. The muni in Utica is actually a pretty decent muni, I think it's called Valley View
  7. I just don’t want to do Turning Stone... if we can find a course within an hour of you guys and me... we can do it... maybe can get ahold of the Syracuse area people and workout maybe a 6-8 person outing. Just good fun.
  8. Hey Shane, I'll be finished with school in a few weeks. Utica is also kinda equidistant.
  9. Life is a little hectic right now but I'm a few weeks i should be able to meet up for a round.
  10. Calling @colin007,@RFKFREAK,Elmer, et al. As I live in Norwich now, I am a hell of a lot more Central than I was in Ithaca. I think Leatherstocking could be fun. Or perhaps I could come to the Capital Region, I’m really only an hour and forty-five minutes away now.
  11. I moved from Ithaca to Norwich so I’m now only about 45 minutes from Cooperstown and 90 minutes from Albany. Any suggestions now that I’m in Norwich...
  12. I don't know about anyone else but COVID-19 hasn't stopped me from golfing and wouldn't stop me from meeting up with folks to play a round. Maintaining social distancing isn't that hard on the golf course.
  13. I would definitely be down for Leatherstocking. Also, WTF are you doing up at 3 in the morning my mans?
  14. Hello fellow Upstate New York Golfers, I hope we're all staying safe during these difficult times. I had a thought that is just in the brainstorming stage, but I'd like to throw around some ideas from some sort of get together in 2021 at some point... I'd say that we could do it this summer, but you know COVID, thanks COVID. @colin007 and @RFKFREAK may have some ideas where we could play that is Centralized for everyone and about an equal trip for everyone. Or do rotating regions...(yes I'm talking to you Buffalo and Rochester area members). Any ideas? One of my ideas was to do a Central/Southern Tier meets Mohawk Valley/Capital Region at say Leatherstocking in Cooperstown. Or we could maybe do like regional outings with people from our region and bigger meeting, post COVID... any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks, Shane @onthehunt526
  15. Hey guys, I live in NYC but I am up in the Albany area fairly regularly. Would love to play a few of the courses up there this summer. I'm in the Colonie area when I am up
  16. New to TST and even newer to this group; would love to get a round in with some people. I'm in Niskayuna, but play all over the area.
  17. Schedule is booked in August, but fall is usually less hectic.
  18. Hey, thoughts about getting a round in?
  19. We should play a round sometime, @Elmer.
  20. Work in Albany. I think there is no better place for fall ball than upstate NY.
  21. @colin007 I feel you know more about golfing areas around us than I do.
  22. Albany person here but between working a full time job and in grad school carrying a full time class load, I don't get to go golfing much.
  23. I'm from Ithaca but I know at least 2 TST members from up there...maybe three..... Let me see if I can get the Upstate Golfers to join.
  24. New golfer this year and would like to meet up with other members, I am a double bogey golfer, (if I'm playing well I mix in a bogey , and a surprising par, once and awhile). Would be nice here to gain more members in Upstate NY club. I'm in for a get together. Joe

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