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  2. Trees are obviously not a design feature of links courses but cutting them down and stripping a parkland design turns the layout into a nothing bomb and gouge cow pasture. Who says you should have a straight open line to the green no matter where you drive it? Knockdowns, fades, draws are all part of the skill of golf. Driving should be as much about placement and accuracy as length. The game is changing for the worse.
  3. No false info here, as the 1st wave already got theirs. I am in the 2nd wave of vaccinations in a nationally ranked medical system.
  4. Maybe I'm reading something that's not there, but I advocated for Jack and Tiger getting (and keeping) their medals while questioning the idea of Player and Sorenstam getting theirs on January 7th, hidden from the press, after everyone saw what happened on January 6th. You, the not 100% guy (which I agree with, in general), expressing that my views are a bit a double-standard, that I am not consistent, etc.. I just find that ironic, that's all.
  5. DAY 44 January 16 Spent a couple of hours on the range half of which was hitting drivers. Trying to build more speed and consistency of hit. I hit a few irons, but the grips... needed to be replaced, so I headed over to the PGA Superstore to have 6 irons re-gripped for free!!! Yes, FREE because I had a gift card
  6. Did you click the link? No? Didn’t think so. You fell to Godwin’s Law. “You lose” was a reference to the idea, shared by many, that whomever first invokes Hitler/Nazis “loses” the debate. 100% how? Don’t know what you’re after here. I’m not 100% on much of anything. Certainly not much of anything that’s a matter of opinion.
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  8. Day 15 - Played 9 today. Started 2021 with a birdie, the rest of the round was worth forgetting.
  9. Day 15 ( of last 16, 2 in a row) - Chipping in basement on carpet using smart ball. Maintaining the triangle and accelerating through the ball.
  10. My Mom wants to know where your green vegetables are.
  11. Pork Chop with Garlic Mushroom Rice
  12. Day 12 - set up the net in the back yard today to allow for full swings with all irons and metalwoods. Work on driver face impact, i.e. footspray on the face. Focus was on keeping the ball strikes in the center. Did okay, most were just below centerline on center or just toward the toe. Also work on the long irons, tend to fat them. Used the mini mat setup about 6" behind the ball to keep from hitting fat. This worked! Will pick back up with tomorrow with more work on ball contact. Also learned a great lesson - 7irons will clear the net if you set up just right.....had to retrieve one
  13. I've been playing the Maltby TE's for about 3-4 years now and they're the best irons I've ever played.
  14. Ok. But... Aren't you a 100% kind of guy, at least as it relates to these four. The circumstances between the first 2 and the last 2 are vastly different, as Bill Belichik demonstrated (I'm sure he'd have had no problem accepting that honor just a few months ago).
  15. That would be a big shoe to fill.
  16. It might have cost him more than one... he could be waiting for the other FootJoy to drop.
  17. A lot of us could give him lessons. If he would have just said, "You sorry m***** f*****," he would still have the big horsey on his shirt.
  18. JT could take lessons from John Rahm. Or fu*k it anyway, I could give him lessons!
  19. I’ll second his statement. So, your wrong here again. Move on.
  20. Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking!
  21. This was really poor form. Who even says this? Anyway, he's miked up and it cost him a sponsor. Move along JT, put it behind you and stick to the much safer F-Bombs.
  22. If you cut it down, it would work, but it will feel differently than a full length putter. Shorter putters usually have heavier heads. You can add a little lead tape to adjust the feel.
  23. Day 94: Cat in the Hat kind of day, so all I did was chipping in the basement. I also plan on taking one day off each week for full swing work.
  24. I wonder how long Spieth knew/thought this is/was the problem? I mean damn, In my complete speculation and zero experience as an instructor I think this is something a professional instructor could get a hold of. Maybe McCormick identified it but Spieth just can’t find a way to correct it.
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