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  2. Day 71 (6/14/21) - Raining today so did slow motion swings indoors checking for correct alignments from A2 thru A7, trying to ingrain the feeling at each position
  3. AZ isn’t even in the US. Cool point David. Way to stick to the golf talk. They’ve given 78 million of those shots, too. Like the clotting here it’s an over-reaction, particularly considering infection rates among unvaccinated people. Posting an article meant to provoke is trolling. At least stand for something and share some logic or reason. Your posts here are generally devoid of those. And I’m still not convinced you read beyond headlines, even on your “approved” sites.
  4. AMA: 96% Of Doctors Are Vaccinated Against Covid-19 The American Medical Association says 96 percent of “practicing physicians” have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19.
  5. Worst shot was my first tee shot at the qualifier for my club's 2016 match play. I had won the 2015 match play, but that doesn't get me a seeding the next year. It was a stroke play qualifier to seed the match play portion. I topped my tee shot and it rolled out of bounds. I missed qualifying by a single stroke. I had an amusingly bad shot a few years later. I had hooked a shot into the trees and could not advance my ball. My best play, I thought, was to chip 20 yards backwards (not even sideways) into the fairway. I pushed my chip and it hit a tree and rebounded ... into the fairw
  6. I am really looking forward to this Open. The rough is super thick and penal right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the pros manage it. My hunch is that those who can do the best job of blending distance and accuracy off the tee will prevail. This might have the makings of another DeChambeau victory, perhaps?
  7. Four contenders: Saturday, #12 (I think a Raven in Phoenix, first time there). In a big greenside bunker, far from the green, pin was deep on the green. I was about 40 yards from the hole. Decide to play it as if it was a pitch off hardpan, caught the ball first perfectly, hit it to about three feet, made the birdie putt. Sunday, #16 at San Ignacio in Green Valley. Just short of the left greenside bunker in two (thanks to some help from the carpath on the drive). Not in the bunker, but basically a hardpan lie with sand overspill on it. About fifty yards back to the hole, hit th
  8. I appreciate this Shindig. I found a thread on Evolvr after I posted this thread and will be signing up today! Glad to hear it's working for you.
  9. This sounds a lot like me when I had a handicap in the high teens. I went with Evolvr (full disclosure: they're affiliated with this site, although I personally have no financial interest in the company) and it really helped with my full swing, an aspect of my game where I'm much better than my handicap. They give me something specific to work on. I'll admit I had my doubts at first when I was given a lot of practice related to the first half of the backswing, but I trusted they knew what they were doing and I did the practice they prescribed. Watching my handicap drop and my full swing
  10. I play my best when I have a specific plan for each shot. That means a specific target and ball flight. Then after the shot let go of the result and plan for the next one. Its hard to execute consistent shot making without actually planning for it. Instead of "hit the fairway" it's "hit it at the top palm frond of that tree at the end of the fairway with a small draw."
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  12. Day 7 (14 Jun 21) - Brought the net out today (thanks to the grandson and his persistence to hit into it). Decided to work on the grip, especially the right (trail) hand. Worked with 3w, the club I tend to either chunk or top the most. 1/2 - 3/4 swing length with a sweep through the ball, making solid contact - of course into a net its all about hitting the target panel. Been fighting the part of me that wants to swing "hard" as I can to impress no one. Laughingly I am reminded of my co-ed softball days in the '80's - I knew I could not hit the homerun, but I could pretty much put it wher
  13. I would say I'm spotty on this. I approach practice with specific things to work on but ultimately it's random WHAT I'm working on, and totally based on my level frustration from the previous round. I'm definitely not systematic right now. Part of the challenge is I've found it difficult to find instructors that are systematic and methodical.
  14. Ah but you must have some really good great shot memories....... My first great shot memory was holing out for a 2 on the 18th hole of the Maxwell Air Force Base golf course. I had been golfing about 3 years and this was the first place I ever took golf lessons. I remember watching the ball land, bounce, and then hop right in the hole. I kept the ball for years...
  15. Keep two score cards. On the first score card, record your actual score. On the second card, keep your score for your competition with him. If he shaves two strokes off his score, shave two off yours. Repeat for each hole. and at the end give him your "adjusted" score. Turnabout is fair play.
  16. I’m sure many of you have read about the Game Golf Pro giveaway, and I hope y’all have signed up for it. If you haven't, take a look at the offer here: If you read all the way to the end of the announcement, you’ve noticed that I’ll also be doing a review of Game Golf Pro. Although I’ll be posting a complete review in the blog page, I wanted to open this thread to keep everyone updated with my impressions as I go through the process. This is also a great place for anyone to ask questions, or to suggest a specific aspect that they’d like to see me evaluate. I can see this proceeding
  17. Actually playing more, and playing for something. Not necessarily big money, but something that made me care if I won or lost…
  18. How well do you practice? When you hit the range, are you working on something from your lesson, a specific piece to practice, or are you just hitting balls?
  19. Here is what worked for me this year. Eliminate most swing thoughts and just focus on a simple swinging motion to target. Work on driver and 125-150 yd approach shots (i.e. lowest score wins, highest separation value skills). Use more feel for the short game and putting. I was so mechanical and full of specific thoughts like half swing, three quarter swing etc. I was basically just freezing up with all these thoughts in my head. Just eliminated all of that and just focus on doing things by feel and it seems to be working a lot better!
  20. Prediction: this will be the first Open at Torrey that does not end in a 19 hole playoff between Woods and Mediate. But it's going to be fun to watch anyway.
  21. Grrr... that's unfortunate. I was debating getting new Glide wedges (I have first-generation Ping Glides) and getting fit for them. Maybe that's the impetus to get me to go with the Edel wedges.
  22. You can order without Arrcos... don’t think you can order with no grip though. Ping actually doesn’t want to do the demo days. Rather “by appointment “ fittings. Seems to be their post Covid direction.
  23. I recognize that...when this year started I needed to lower my cap 2.9 to reach my goal, as recently as friday, I only needed to lower it 5.4 to reach my goal for this year... the original improvement for me was lessons. These days, I have all the technical skills, it is more about becoming consistent so I have been matching the practice percentages with the 5 "S"s...both threads you can find on this site. By practicing the right stuff and successfully I am slowly seeing improvement (where slowly means this past Saturday i shot my best round by 8 strokes this year). Th
  24. Amazing that we are able to get such efficient level of protection with these vaccines.
  25. Thank you No Laying Up, for posting a see it in one shot summary of how to watch the US Open this week. 11 AM to 9PM on Saturday. That's a long stretch!
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