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  2. There were two front page NYT articles today on outdoor masking. They must read TST 😆 Do We Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks Outdoors? - The New York Times Science shows that the risk of viral transmission outside is very low. The “two-out-of-three rule” can help you decide whether to mask up. They even included this handy graphic to decide when masks are necessary. And this newsletter that makes the scientific case that masks our largely unnecessary outdoors. The Morning: Are outdoor masks necessary? Anyway, it seems
  3. My mother is recovering from ovarian cancer and she’s has other immune issues. She was wearing a mask out long before COVID-19.
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  5. Why do I picture these two from your post? Uncle Buck.
  6. I guess when I wrote this would you rather I didn't realize how actually depressing either option would be. I was just thinking and wondering if my best golf was in front of me or behind me? It's the kinda shit you wonder about when you are a man of a certain age. Anyhow, I thought it was a tough question. Because I do truly feel like I'm getting better at golf. I also feel like going forward I'm going to play a lot more golf. Having written that, I no longer get to play with my dad and those are some memories I really cherish. I've had two holes in one, but to be honest those aren't in m
  7. Day 491: Started off with Covid-19 practice plan flow drills. Flow is something I start to leave out of my full swing motion when I start focusing on other elements, so I try to do some recentering/flow work every full swing session. Next moved on Covid-19 day-2 drill for shoulder turn/pitch. Then rehearsed a bunch of exaggerated shoulder turns with a club. Then did this exaggerated shoulder turn/backswing while hitting 9-3 chippy 7-irons. Finally took out my Mevo and hit full swing 7-irons without feeling the exaggeration, but used Mevo to make sure swing speed stayed below 85 mph, and t
  8. Chambers is still requiring players to park at the practice facility and walk up to the first tee. At least the grill and other facilities remain open even if Pierce County went back to phase 2.
  9. Birdied 7 and 12, and 7 is new. Completely lucky to chip in on both of them. Thinned the shot on 7, hit the flagstick, and it dropped in. 🙂 Just lucky to have it roll in on 12.
  10. Picked up a birdie on #9. Par 5 and one of the better birdie chances on the course. But, nice to get the ball rolling in the first rd of the season. #11 still eludes me from last year. Picked up a triple-bogie there today. So no where to go but up here.
  11. I'm fortunate enough to have a range out my back door so I practice anytime I feel like it. I have plenty of golf balls, some I've bought in lots from ebay and many, many more I've found out on the course. I'm also extremely fortunate to have a wife who walks out and helps pick up the balls so I can hit them out there again! Ha! Eat your heart out! 😁
  12. The final piece is in place and golf is (almost) back to normal. Outhouses have been installed again on the course. Not such a big deal now that everything is leafing out again, but still. 😉 The only thing missing is to have the Canadian border open again and have those golfers back on the course but, in the meanwhile, it's golf when you want no tee time required so that's good.
  13. I agree. I don't wear a mask while golfing alone or with vaccinated golfers. I also don't wear a condom when playing... Ahhh, never mind....
  14. Day 59. I spent 20 minutes on the putting green (real golf course, nearby), first warming up and then the 6' drill with the coins. It took me 35 putts this time, although after 28 I had 10 of them in. 12:00 (it wasn't straight downhill) and 2:00 took me the remaining seven 😕 Either way, not as good as last time but a ton of progress from a month ago.
  15. Picked up another one today. Always nice to birdie the first hole, and wow was it windy today, whew!!
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  17. I like to try and go to range twice a week unless there's rounds in there then once or none depending on how many days I play.
  18. Most of my golf is rather forgettable and some of it I’d rather forget, so I’ll go ahead and take option one and start playing this game as a 12 handicap. I must be a natural. I’ll be on tour soon, better start a topic about it 🙃
  19. I played 9 holes poorly last week. The only good shot was a stinger driver I hit on a tight par 5. It was the only fairway I hit all day. I do love it when I execute a shot exactly as I envision it.
  20. Day 10 - April 21, 2021 I think I did something wrong yesterday, and developed a jammed up muscle in my back after yesterday’s session. Took the day to work on grip. Watched and read the TST threads for grip suggested by my Evolvr coach. Finished off with some indoor chipping and putting. I need to completely redo my putting technique. What I have now is not working. Going to re-read The Art of Putting by Stan Utley and see if I can find what is off.
  21. Lose all the memories and make new ones. Now, what was the question?...
  22. Yes, and it’s a common misconception in the west that Asian people who wear masks are afraid of getting sick, when often it’s worn out of a courtesy for others.
  23. Meh. I don’t care about a common cold. I don’t want the life of a germaphobe. Serious viruses are one thing...others are not.
  24. The only brand that matters is what beer you drink
  25. Depends on the course in the South Sound, WA. Privately owned courses are leading the way back to adding rakes, etc. No course I play is back to normal.
  26. Just to give some people an idea of possible locations, we played Fox Hopyard in East Haddam, CT a couple of times, Keney Park in Hartford, and The Links at Union Vale in LaGrangeville, NY one year.
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