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  2. I meant he hasn’t nor can’t explain how important it is. Because...it isn’t.
  3. I definitely skipped that stage since it doesn't actually exist. BINGO! 🎯
  4. I have a really hard time aiming my putter. I got that putting mat that DJ currently sponsors. It has really helped me train my eyes, “roll my bead” as they say around here, and work on my technique (had a lesson on it) I just putt around 5 mins at a time throughout the day.
  5. Hole 18. 14 left to go.
  6. Today’s Session 4-22-21 GOALS: More cup in wrist during backswing Trail heel stays planted in the backswing while flowing into a steady trail leg Keep head from moving down and straight ahead (toward a FO camera) 7i Swings Goal 1: More cup in wrist, club face more open at P4 Pretty good, could be a tad more open? I just have to integrate the pattern to stop the duck hooks Goal 2: Trail heel stays planted during backswing. Flow into steady trail leg trail heel looks to be planted throughout swing (DTL vid) Trai
  7. Finally got my birdie. Eighth hole at Sugar Hill Golf Club. Par 3 - 110 yards, slightly uphill. Pulled my wedge slightly left of the pin, and had about a twelve foot putt. This was probably the only good putt I hit all day. It broke ever so slightly to the right and dove right into the cup.
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  9. I have been taking some extra time to work on my putting.... stroke/contact, line, distance, etc. I have been plagued with way too many 3-putts on the card (arg). So, about drills... I have a couple drills I do, like putting down a yardstick trying to keep the ball on the stick to the end to practice the line. And, the basic round the clock drills by the hole to work on green reading. But that’s about it. Interested to find out what drills work for others here. How much do you practice putting? What drills do you work on that have helped your putting?
  10. Day 461 - April 22, 2021 Twenty minutes hitting balls downtown before and between a pretty full day of lessons.
  11. Get off my chest!!! Sole focus on getting arms above chest - no contact.
  12. I have a set of Muirfield 20s. They are shorter than standard length and I’m 6’1”. What are good shafts to get them reshafted with? R flex. Thanks!
  13. I do Portland to SD every Christmas. Agreed Redding is too far from Palm Springs. Super long day to drive and play a round. Way down I'd stay in Sac and then I'd do a jaunt onto the 101. It only adds 50m of driving to angle down to San Jose from north of Sac and then take the 101 from there to Paso Robles before going back east to the 5. I'm sure there are plenty of nice courses off the 101 from Salinas to Paso Robles. One I've played that's really excellent is Hunter Ranch in Paso Robles. Sac -> Hunter Ranch -> Palm Springs would be a solid day. If you're gonna stop twice on the wa
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi there, we just did that drive a few months ago over the Christmas holiday. We stayed in Redding both ways. I would recommend staying in Sacramento on the way down and Redding on the way back. Sacramento gets you closer for the second leg. Redding to Palm Springs is a trek on the way there, just felt like we were driving forever. Also Sacramento has a number of golf courses. My recommendation would be Haggin Oaks, and if your willing to get a little off the beaten track I've heard Granite Bay is nice (not played it). On the way back Fresno might have some golf offerings. Maybe @Golfingd
  16. Dead man walking.. ! I bet he has been waiting for someone to say that for years.. ha! Yeah, think so. We have a PM thread going..
  17. FWIW @cipher isn’t the fourth. Daniel was just asking him.
  18. Low expectations. Bill's club up suggestion isn't bad. Swing free and smooth would be more my approach. Also, def warm up the day of. Unless you start off hitting insanely bad shots, don't try to get back to your in-form shape, trajectory, and direction. Just figure out where your free and smooth swing shot is going. For me often that's a bit different for short irons, long irons, and driver. And play that all day.
  19. Short swings. I’d try to play basically 3/4 flighted shots. Focus on contact first and foremost. And what @Vinsk said. Keep your expectations low and don’t get upset that you’re not playing your best.
  20. Around here I see more women fishing alone than golfing alone, but not a whole lot of either.
  21. Here are some suggestions: Hilton Garden Oconomowoc - This is closer to the course. Not too much within' walking distance but downtown Oconomowoc has many great options. Holiday Inn Delafield - About 10 minutes closer to Milwaukee and very close to my place. Restaurants very close, but there are much better ones in the actual town of Delafield. The Delafield Hotel - This is walking distance from any restaurant in downtown Delafield but I have no idea how much the rooms are. I've heard it is a very nice place. I can look into some dining options that night as I have a
  22. Hell...just have fun and swing smoothly.
  23. middle of next month I am playing two day tournament in Bend, OR. After the Saturday round, driving towards Palm Springs. Have plenty of time to get there so thinking I will drive, depending on my tee time Saturday, somewhere between 4 and 8 hours Saturday and find a place to stay. Sunday morning probably drive 3-6 hours, then stop and play a mid-day round somewhere on I-5 before going the rest of the way. On the way to Palm Springs there are a couple ways I could go...one would be bouncing through Redding/Sacramento etc on I-5. Any recommended courses that fit that time frame? Other op
  24. @cipher - @DaveP043, @billchao, and I are likely going to play Lac La Belle on Friday. Do you have any suggestions on a good area near-ish to the course to stay Thursday night? We were thinking that somewhere in the Milwaukee suburbs would be a good idea. Mostly, we're just looking for a brewery/taproom with good food within walking distance of a hotel, haha. Any thoughts?
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