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  2. I shot 80 on the second day at SV, then 80 and 81 at Lawsonia, which were my 3 lowest scores of the year. Some highlights: 60 yard sand shot to 5 feet for birdie on MD. 3 birdies in a row from 10-12 on SV on day 2. Had a combined 30-35 feet of eagle putts on 10 and 12 (I hit two 5 irons to about 15 and 20 feet, respectively), and stuffed an approach from about 115 to 4 feet on 11. Making par from the driving range on 9 on SV. Hit a completely blind 70 yard shot to 15 feet. I had to turn on my GPS to get some guess at the yardage because I couldn't see the flag to hit with my
  3. I filmed @DeadMan@iacasand @GolfLug all with great shots on the the final hole of the Sandbox, number 17. Erik and Vishal nearly ace it. Gotta love the drunk guy yelling in the background. 😂
  4. No, It does impact lie angle at address. Hand position can effect lie angle at impact to. just because you present no toe up at address doesn’t mean you present that same position at impact. Your hand position can be different at impact than at address, and the dynamics of the golf club will change the lie angle as well. you could have very low hands at address and then swing where they end up much higher. If you change the lie angle of the club because it looks a lot toe up at address, then you could induce the toe to be down at impact. impact is what matters. When fitting, th
  5. So it's not the position of your hands that affect how much your toe should be up at address, it's just your swing speed and the material the shaft is made from? I had seen it mentioned that hand position was the most important thing for this but maybe it's wrong
  6. We did some competitive stuff on the Sandbox and the last day I shot about as well as I possibly could. I shot a 53(par 51) on the final day when we did a team competition. The Sandbox was just and absolute joy to play, and some of the pin positions were very tough to get. I shot an 80 at Mammoth which was low for me on the one day my driver was behaving, but was mostly mid to high 80s on the other days. I had a few hybrid(it's a 3 cranked down to a 2) shots that were probably my best shots. The par 5 number 18 on Mammoth to just before the green from about 250 out. Same thing on 10(par
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  8. Depends on the swing. The club shaft is not straight at impact, even if you match hand position because the weight of the clubhead will cause the shaft to bend, sending the toe closer to the ground. That depends on your swing speed, and the golf shaft. Its best just to get fitted for irons and use a lie board.
  9. Sounds like you guys had a great time, I loved reading the reviews. I'd love to hear about some of the best shots you guys hit out there, did anyone go super low compared to how they usually score?
  10. Yeah. Eastern Michigan is one of the ones I'll admit not knowing. Pretty weak for someone that went to Bowling Green, but they were the Eagles by the time I got there. Another one I never knew was the NBA Warriors. Before moving to California, the Philadelphia Warriors used a really hokey-looking Indian character. Obviously, they kept the name but changed the logo. Really. The fact that the teams are pulling these nicknames is proof positive that people are offended by them. If it was still a real argument, Washington Football Team would have never given up that nic
  11. That one really shouldn't be an issue - if you see it happening, you can tell the player to mark the ball and they have to mark the ball. Rule 15.3a:
  12. If your hands are high up at both address & impact, should your iron address position be toe up or flush with the ground?
  13. I'm confused by this. How would they know the ball is embedded if it's lost? Or are they just claiming that since it was lost it must have been embedded? Isn't there a rule regarding casual water where if its known or virtually certain your ball is in the casual water you would get free relief even if you cant find your ball? Would the same thing apply to an embedded ball? Good luck proving this one. I believe there has to be spoken/acknowledged intent by both players in order to make it backstopping. Do you actually see instances where players speak out loud that they are
  14. I see this often in casual golf. Frequently if playing a new course with someone who "Knows" the course they inevitably tell you how to play each hole as if they are your caddie.
  15. Played a strange 85-shots round at my home course yesterday. 1/13 fairways and 4/18 greens (12/18nGIR) was actually flattering with the long game I displayed. An absolute horrorshow of ballstriking. Thinned it, sliced it, shanked it, pulled it and duffed it short, left and right. Hull 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  16. This is one of those that depend on the situation. If you do have a cart path right next to the hazard and your two club lengths drop comes into there, you are entitled to free relief from the path (ball or stance). In theory you should mark the spot, then take relief from that spot as GUR relief, but many people choose to do it all at once
  17. @BeauJoe - welcome to TST. Don't worry about older clubs. Quite a few of us here have them. The oldest clubs at home are a Dunlop set from 1986, which I use when I don't want to travel with my clubs from my apartment in the city to our coffee estate
  18. Welcome to TST. Nice introduction. We're glad you've joined.
  19. 7th hole hcp 1 (450 yard par 4 playing level) hit my driver about 320 leaving myself 130 in. High draw over the trees and back to the fairway where it widens. Missed the small green just left and nearly chipped it in for birdie. Then proceeded to magnificently miss the comeback putt for par.
  20. Welcome to The Sand Trap! Don’t forget to pick an avatar.
  21. I honestly have no clue what my first scoring round was, given I was around 12 and that was over 30 years ago. Watching your swing video, for someone who has only played their fourth round, you either have a natural athletic aptitude or have been practicing a lot before going out on the course. I understand the double par limit, especially if you are playing with others, but over time you will need to play and count every shot. I find it really focuses my game to do so.
  22. Hopefully your wife doesn't read that.
  23. Welcome to TST. The driver you reference is pretty cool. I have one and quite like it. My 4-wood is also adjustable. As for kids golfing: my guess is when they want to. My sort-of niece has a plastic set (I think?) from her father and I told them that when she wants to play, I'm happy to treat to materials including buying her her first set of clubs.
  24. I made some attempts at golf in my two rounds this past week, but the best shot of the week was a scuttle 70 yard chip and run down the hill under the tree of the cart path to just off the green about 25 feet from the hole at the par-5 18th at Afton on Saturday. And I made the putt for birdie, too.
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