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  2. I think we like Rory and don’t like to see him struggle at times. But golf is hard and he also has been trying a few changes. First, last fall was adding distance which he admits caused problems. Second, he added a high fade to his long irons. Those take time to dial in. Lastly, there are a lot of great golfers out there.
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  4. Signs of life with my golf game. Ugly double at 1.... then made 7/8 pars and the only bogey was a 3 putt where I missed a short one. Otherwise I played those last 8 holes hitting 5/8 and 3 for 3 on saves. I want the first hole back tho. Regardless left the course feeling good and to top it off my league partner took the night off with bad reaction to his vaccine so I was playing by myself and earned us 2nd place points for the week.
  5. Maybe Tiger is part of the problem. He set an unprecedented bar height and every promising talent since has been compared to him, but the reality is that Tiger is the anomaly. Every other professional golfer has a larger variation in their performances, and that is the norm. Rory emerged in a time after Tiger had dominated and when he showed his talent, a lot of people expected him to contend with Tiger. When he fell short, the word «overrated» was thrown into the discussion. He could beat Tiger and everyone else, just not as frequently as Tiger. @measureoffsetinnm Yes. If we compare
  6. Can anyone tell me how good/bad these Red golf balls are, I've seen them for sale on eBay and thinking of trying them. Cheers
  7. Really appreciate your reply, now I will try that as I know it's worked for you. I'm hoping it works as well for him, cheers...
  8. So is it that our expectations are unrealistic?
  9. Well Rick Shiels released a video where plays a 9 hole match against a former European Tour pro with a 4 club handicap and the pro went driver/7i/52°/putter so I guess that could be an argument in favor of the setup described in OP. Still think it really comes down to strategizing around the specific distances on the course itself.
  10. Birdied hole 2 yesterday. A short par 3, 135 yards, 15 yards downhill to a pretty flat green. I hit a smooth AW to around 8 feet and made the put. A 2 on the scorecard is allways welcome!
  11. Highly likely that you had bought a replacement golf bag but thought I would add my input here. I bought a trouper style stand bag and am a fan. There is sufficient space for a good walking amount of equipment, which I think is all you really need anyway, meaning: range finder, towel, tees, spare balls and an extra large space for cool drink storage..! Enough pockets to include your sundries like gloves, markers etc also. It is light and looks stylish and, if you are into that sort of thing, made in Portland Oregon.
  12. Day 78. I know I sound like a broken mp3 saying this, but wall drill. I'm really getting used to making my chest feel like it's facing down and back, and it's feeling more normal (which either means I'm doing it consistently or I've regressed; I need to take that video to find out)
  13. Day 511: Did some recentering/flow practice without a club. Worked a bit on speeding up takeaway/backswing but making sure not to speed up and cheat turn. Hit foam balls at slow speed and full speed.
  14. This is just the old man yelling at clouds because they don't like the looks of something. I took my 48" putter out of the garage because my back is killing me when I practice putting for more than 5 minutes. I can putt all day with that putter, but a standard length putter? Give me Vicodin.
  15. Yeah, put it on the back of a strap or something at least.
  16. He is pretty consistent. Because he is so good we expect more from him than others. Just because he disappoints doesn't mean that he is inconsistent. If the below was anyone but Rory you'd call it a good entire career in the space of two and a half years.
  17. Shame on you you ignorant, ignorant person. If everyone was like you you'd see people with polio all over the place and infant mortality rates that would make you shudder. How the heck can someone in a progressive, civilised society say the "don't see a reason" to get it. Absolutely incredible. How dare you say "Who says you are right? Who says I’m wrong?" You are wrong. Science says you're wrong. The only people who agree with you are uneducated morons who believe in every conspiracy theory that has ever existed. There is ZERO evidence to say you're right. I wonder if these pe
  18. Right. You don’t. You just can’t understand it. It’s not complicated. It’s not just you and your family, friends that matter. It’s everyone. By not vaccinating you are allowing yourself to be a host who can pass the virus on to someone who could become very ill or die. It has nothing to do with how Covid affects you. I don’t get what part of that you don’t understand.
  19. Not what I meant. Friends and Family want me to get it due to reasons that you have said. I, however, don’t see a reason to get it. I’m doing it because they want me to not because I want to. If it makes them rest easier then I’ll do it. If they didn’t exist then more than likely I wouldn’t even care to get it
  20. Not all the time. In this case, outside of medical issues (preexisting), there is no good reason to skip taking the vaccine. People can try to justify it, but every excuse is just shallow.
  21. This reads a bit like you don’t give a shit about COVID affecting other people if they aren’t your friends or family. I don’t know if that’s what you meant to convey but that’s how it comes off.
  22. Who says you are right? Who says I’m wrong? That’s the problem. People don’t take the time to hear what the other person says; they just assume they are right and anyone who disagrees is wrong. Not necessarily. A person should be able to listen to what the other person says and while they might not agree; appreciate where they are coming from
  23. It’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but you just gotta do it. If you start thinking about negative thoughts, change your thoughts. Control your mind. I also have concentration issues on the course. The only way to fix that is to make myself focus. You need to find effective techniques to command your state of mind.
  24. Yep, it is really awesome that I don't have to worry about infecting my family and friends.
  25. If you could take a vaccine that guaranteed you'd never die in a car accident, or seriously injure anyone else in a car accident, nearly everyone would take it as soon as possible. Nobody is saying "get the vaccine to be totally selfish." MOST of the reason for MOST everyone to get it is for others. Jeez. This shit ain't that complicated. I'm glad you're getting it, but gosh you're making it hard to simply give you the credit for it.
  26. I’d go with Driver, 4h, 8i, and a 56-degree wedge. I don’t think I’d lose much by learning to putt with a hybrid if I could practice for a little bit. Definitely less than I’d give up by sacrificing driver or a good pair of irons.
  27. I guess some people will just never understand. Well..it’s not a matter of disagreeing, it’s a matter of one being right…and the other wrong. Sorry…it’s just that simple.
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