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  2. It is also acceptable to take relief again, if necessary, from the same cart path for the shot now contemplated. A common example: cart path is near a boundary object (OB fence) on the left. A right-handed player may take relief for a left-handed shot that has them standing on the cart path and the NPCR for the left handed shot is to the right of the cart path. After taking relief, the player may decide to hit a right-handed shot. But, now standing on the cart path for the right-handed shot, may take relief further to the right of the cart path to allow that shot.
  3. Phone. I tried the Apple watch for a while but didn’t like it, it was missing or double registering. I just saw a press release from arccos today saying that they updated the watch tracking and it’s out of beta. I’d be interested in hearing if others have tried that yet.
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  5. Just curious - are using a phone or the Caddy Link belt device?
  6. Olympic athletes are in a different world.
  7. I ended up making an appointment at PGATSS and got fit in their tour studio. Overall it was a good experience. It wasn’t as magical and data driven as seen on TXG videos appear to be, but I think I came out of it with what I wanted. I was trying to be brand agnostic, but did mention that I would buy the Ping 425 Max if I just bought off the rack. I tried maybe 3 different heads, but we primarily focused on that driver. I wasn't hitting well at all that day. But then again I don’t have a consistent driver swing. I warmed up with my flimsy Callaway Strata driver, and he asked if that was my
  8. I think that the current prices of gold and platinum that they use are reflected in the price. Seriously - what sort of idiot would pay these prices? In @billchao's post for two fairway woods I was wondering where the iron set was. People are paying for a shafting, not shafts. Geez.
  9. It always amazes me how someone can have the top 13 of anything done at the highest athletic level.
  10. Yeah I really like that Hybrid for sure. I like that you can flatten the lie angle of the G410s. I will probably mess with a G410 5w and loft it down to near a 4w. It was a blast getting to play some golf with you this past week Matt. It has been way too long since we were able to meet up for that. I was super happy that you were able to make this trip! On another note I went to the range tonight and had very good results adding a little "throw" to the downswing. I did not hit a single ball out of the bottom of the driver. I am super happy with the results as I was hitting the ball much h
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  12. I am getting very tired of these slow starts. 6-6-5-4. 6 over before hit the 5th tee. Doesn't matter how many I hit at the range, it always seems to take me 4 holes to loosen up and settle in......
  13. iacas

    Sand Valley, WI Trip (2021)

    For those of us who went on the TST trip to Wisconsin (Mammoth Dunes, Sand Valley, Lawsonia Links, Lac la Belle) in July, 2021.
  14. Just buy one more hybrid, you hit that really good!!! Glad to see you back at the game again. It was fun playing golf with you up in Wisconsin!
  15. I hope more and more people are figuring this stuff out, taking those CC fitting sheets to other fitters and getting fit the right way. I just don't get how someone can look at those prices and be ok with that??
  16. Played 9 today. had my best off the tee nine holes in a while. Weakened the right hand slightly so fast the right thumb feels more on top of the left thumb and less off to the side. It helped me feel like I could swing out at the ball better.
  17. This seems like a great consideration. I'm going to reach out to the girls friends' parents and see if I can add more to the party. We have a first tee program here that I'd like to sign them up for, but they have so many activities and camps scheduled for the summer that the 6 week programs they run don't work for us. That is great to hear he is playing golf at a high level, and that he found the right sport for him. I love this idea. It seems like a great way to play with kids. I'm going to keep this in mind.
  18. Feeling better with taking the slide out of the transition, also with flow, but hands are too low past impact, trail hand turning over lead hand too quickly, hands going across body, going to break out the alignment sticks, especially the one in front of me. More giraffe humping?
  19. Hitting a ball off a root can be “unsafe.” It’s not necessarily about “safety.”
  20. Most of my sensors seem to have stopped working now. I have done the diagnostic and it recognizes them, but when I hit shots it’s rarely registering. Pretty frustrating. I contacted arccos support and they sent me a link to buy more at a discount, $7.50 per sensor. I love the tracking and post-round analysis, so I’ll probably get the replacements. I have 121 rounds and about 2.5 years in on this set.
  21. Still working on getting my hands ahead at impact. Been hitting a lot of short chip shots focusing on getting my hands past the ball before the club head. It works well for short shots and with wedges but having a tough time with full swings. I’m having more luck on trying to keep my right arm bent on the downswing/ through impact with the full swing. I’m going to keep at it because I think my flip/ cast looks less severe so far. Last round I hit irons and chips around the green great but using the same feels with woods was a disaster.
  22. 4 different courses in 4 days. Three I play regularly, the fourth which was today is one I have wanted to play for the past couple of years. Booked the tee time and was there in plenty of time to get some time on the putting green. That was the best decision ever as these were the best kept, quickest greens I have played all year. They had heavy rains last night and that meant "cart path only" so this meant a lot of thinking through the shots and how to keep from having to walk too much. So how did I do - 44 front, 47 back for a 91 with only 1 triple bogie, 2 double bogies and 3 pars. Wit
  23. So this is my new “top” of the backswing. From the hands position and the shaft position I feel like this is somewhere I really like to end up. The shaft is pointing much more towards the target and that’s something that seems to suit my physiology. I still need to get my hips deeper to make sure I can then push back and rotate more through the swing but that’s another element to work on. This position is definitely a position of power for me. The swing caddy might not be the best tool to hone in your carry distances but as I tested it against Trackman the ball speed is almost always
  24. Day 33 (29 Jul 21) - 1st time playing a "new" to me course, about an hour from the house. This was a great day to work on course management as I did not "know what to expect". Got there early enough to spend a few moments on the putting green - which was key as this course has the best greens I have played all year. Ball rolled true and it took a good touch to not over shoot the holes. Back to the course management - heavy rains yesterday made the course "cart path only". Having to think through the next shot and approaches made this the most rewarding round in a long time.
  25. If anyone wants to see GG of my rounds at SV and Lawsonia, here they are. Mammoth Dunes and Lac La Belle did not upload correctly (probably because they are newer courses and not yet in GG). https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081710 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081711 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081705 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081706
  26. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've joined. I use TheGrint to keep statistics.
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