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  2. I don't have any new video to share but I have experienced some changes physically and with my golf swing that I have to think are going to be beneficial over the long haul. First I dropped almost 50lbs from a high of 223 I was able to get as low as 172 and bounced back up to 179 but I really would like to shed about 15 more to get somewhere in the 160s. Secondly I have noticed something of a habit a bad one at that seems to have gone away. I think since I have decided to throttle down a bit on my swing speed since I'm getting older I noticed I'm not letting go of the club at the top since the
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  5. The claim is that it was equivalent to a 9-iron. So it’s not far off. Try pitching with that clunker though….
  6. Sorry about the darkness, #wiferules. Same attempt - hands straight back to get wide at top.
  7. Of the guys with a chance i will be rooting for Spieth.
  8. Yeah…cut line? Pretty silly. Hopefully there’ll be some moving action on the weekend. Like to see Spieth have a good weekend. Nice to see Sergio tank though.
  9. A cut line of -6 is ridiculous. Why doesnt the course have any penalties for missing the fairway? Please for the love of golf have some rough next week.
  10. Day 40 (5/14/21) - 9-hole league tonight. Shot a 49, which was 8-strokes better than my last outing. The full swing drills seem to be paying off.
  11. What utter nonsense. I'm still upset about a lot of the meaningless cancellations we've seen recently. This one might take the cake: it's still playable and they're cancelling it!?!!?
  12. Day 81. Actually hit balls today as the focus. They were foam balls (in case they went wild, which they didn't), and I was focusing on the backswing and making sure my head went back and my chest went down. I think I succeeded; I submitted some video to Evolvr (yesterday's) to see if I'm moving in the right direction.
  13. I got my Game Golf Pro and was able to apply all the tags properly and have it connect with the Android app as needed. There was a firmware update I had to apply and that went well. Now I just need to go play and test things out. I hope they update the app soon as I have rounds just hanging out on the Live device I'd like to upload.
  14. Seems a little light on the wedge group... unless his 15 wood can double as a pitching wedge...
  15. Google Earthed the par 3 shot, it was actually 198 yards. Took the 9 wood to a good range today, with real balls, not range rocks. Good shots consistently carried a towering 198. Was easy to choke down and get it down to 185. Hit some crazy stingers with it. It will cut or turn over without too much effort, but I have to learn to control them a bit better with this club. If I'm hitting the 9 wood 198, I wonder how far I'd hit the 5 & 3 woods? I'll know soon enough, I ordered them both with the same shaft.
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  17. I don’t, or have never thought Rory was overrated. I do agree with @boogieliciouswhen Rory is in good form, that he contends in the PGA and U.S. Open. A lot of him trending in these majors is: Rory plays in the U.S. much more than Europe in recent years. So he is used to these Stadium golf courses and the lightning quick, undulating, greens. His higher ball flight holds some of the ledges better than others. I am a firm believer that Rory is more at peace with himself now that he has a family. It’s just a thought.
  18. @David in FL I used to think the exact way you did and then realized I was still buying into the paranoia over COVID being some special virus. Knowing that it is a strain of a well-known virus family and that the core vaccine technology itself was not developed in response to this pandemic made the long term effect fear no longer seem reasonable. I did not care about potentially needing a booster because that is not really any different than a flu shot.
  19. I’m getting a real vibe of Marty McCoy being called chicken here…and I love it!
  20. Also some things actually are based on the physical rather than political geography - I remember the commentator during the 2019 Open specifically saying Rory and Shane Lowry played in Irish Amateur competitions together for that reason.
  21. They’re all basically the same. I think it’s 17 foot pounds of torque. Or 40 inch pounds, or something. Anyway, they’re all about the same.
  22. Nobody was watching it (on TV anyway), and if your son/daughter was playing, I just about guarantee you'd watch. And that you'd want your son/daughter, especially if they were a senior, to play for the championship rather than being opted out because they're not in the top six or three.
  23. I've often wondered about this - in a pinch, I've used my Titleist wrench on my Cobra driver, or any combination of wrenches/clubs. Do these branded torx-tip adjustment wrenches use a specific torque suited to the brand's hosel adapter and weights or are they just designed to make sure we don't overtighten and gall the threads? Maybe @Adam C knows...
  24. I parred a 447 yard par 4 the other day, that was the good news. Bad news is I shot 102. Greens were US Open-esque, extremely fast and some pin placements were a bit gimmicky. It ate me up.
  25. This is really a major reason to get the vaccine. Were COVID primarily a threat to the individual I wouldn’t care, however until this virus is at an extremely low level community spread present a risk to everyone. You might be fine but you can transmit to someone at risk.
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