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  2. Yes. The poor boy isn't a tennis fan. He asked me "who the hell is Billie Jean King." Guess you had to be there.
  3. I'm aware they haven't liked each other, but clearly it only became a big deal after the Koepka video went viral.
  4. Tennis has usopen.org Golf has usopen.com Based on ICANN records, the USTA (or whomever) took usopen.org first, so golf had to go with usopen.com.
  5. The stuff between them is well over a year old, back to Brooks calling Bryson out for slow play in 2019, then the back and forth about abs and 6 packs in Jan of 2020. This definitely isn't the first time the opportunity has presented itself with these two. Something like making the players wear pants for tournament rounds even though it'd be like 95 degrees is one that quickly comes to mind. How the tour seemingly always wants to shy away from controversy, doesn't disclose fine amounts or disciplinary actions, etc. Basically things that other sports seem to lean into (to an extent
  6. Today
  7. Day 237: Played 18 at Cranberry Heights and then worked on putting and short game at Golf Evolution.
  8. I thought you’d want to watch Mike Davis talk instead.
  9. Day Twenty-one, June 15, 2021 Continued the squat drill today. Most of the focus was spent squatting in the backswing.
  10. Do you prefer that they "touch base" with Bryson instead?🤣 You are up very early!
  11. My brother looked up where the US Open was being played and his idiot phone told him Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
  12. I agree with you up to a point. There is no doubt more eyes would be on the TV. To me there would be a cheapness to making this pairing the very first time the opportunity presents itself. It's just a bit too much of a lowest common denominator move for my liking. Just curious. What examples would you consider more hokey?
  13. Gawd.... I'll watch ANYONE play in preference to reading and hearing that revolting term "reaching out" one more time.
  14. I disagree. This kind of thing generates buzz and excitement for golf. It has the potential to get people to watch who otherwise might not have watched. Especially on a Thursday or Friday afternoon. IMO there are plenty of more hokey things that are done in professional golf on a regular basis than pairing 2 guys together who don't like each other and have formed somewhat of a rivalry. It's supposed to be an entertainment product after all. I'd be willing to bet that more people would be entertained by the Thursday/Friday rounds had Bryson and Brooks been paired together vs them bei
  15. I object to the "US" in the title of this thread.
  16. Here is another thing to pay attention to (and it happens on several events each season) This means that the US Open won't get you driving, putting, or any other shot-level bonus's, Meaning fewer points to be had. So if you are picking someone because you think they'll score well with driving scores a bonus, or you take Spieth to get a few of those 5 point hole outs from 100 yards or greater, then you are wasting that pick. But also, this is the first event of the last segment, so everyone is available for you to pick.
  17. slower swing speed practice. This felt like 70%.
  18. Or he was lied to by his sources.
  19. All golf clubs deal with embroidering services. Other options would be to search online and inquiry. Or maybe even locally in your area. The hang up might be obtaining the artwork for the embroidering machine. Also maybe check JD site, they may offer golf towels.
  20. Had to think a bit as most rounds have memorable (good and bad) shots. To date these are the worst of the worst and best of the best: Worst: #1 Tee shot at a local coarse - hard pull left through the trees and nearly hit the ladies getting ready to tee on #10. Wanted to just pick up my ball and walk on back. They politely pointed out where my ball was and I played from there, back through the trees for a double bogey 6. Best: #7 Approach different day, different course - tee shot was just perfect as I laid up next to the ditch that crossed the fairway. Took the 4h, played
  21. Odds are against any single player. Even in Woods in his prime, the odds were against him. Phil peaked too early by winning the PGA. /s
  22. think the worst was when I was asked to be last second replacement at a co-ed Chapman. I had been playing extremely well. Get there, turns, out the person who needed a partner was a recent college golfer whose Dad was among the US people who worked on the new rules changes...but hey, i was going to carry my weight as well as I had been playing. Hole 1, I snap hook my tee shot into the driving range. Hole 2, par 3 I pure it straight over the flag, over the green, into the pond. Hole 3 fade right...directly behind a tree. Hole 4 I again push my tee shot into the tree
  23. Great interview and perspective from Rahm today. Handled everything with class and very level headed. No link yet, but search it out later.
  24. I think I agree. So, Faxon stirring the pot?
  25. Wouldn't it be a bit hokey to put Dechambeau and Koepka in a pairing for the first two days? It's the sort of thing that ought to happen because they are neck-and-neck on the weekend, not something just to make a circus out of the opening rounds.
  26. I feel your pain. I had 2 balls that most probably would have been hole-in-ones last year with a month of each other that hit the foam, bounced up and stayed out of the hole. The foam was actually down in the hole but only 1/2 of the ball would be in the hole when you holed a putt/shot.
  27. Just my opinion but In this case I am thinking they did NOT reach out to Bryson. If they had reached out to Bryson they would also have reached out to Brooks. There is no way they would have called only one of the two players. Also, Bryson and his team are smart enough to know that if they "Declined" it may have made them look bad. If I were in his shoes I would have accepted and then put Brooks in the position of saying "No" to make him look like the petty person.
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