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    • Are you basing your iron distances on carry or total? The chart is for carry distance. The places that use LMs that are not radars I’ve seen will sometimes optimize smash factor and calculate swing speed based on that, so if you don’t hit your driver well you’ll end up getting lower swing speed numbers than you actually have. There used to be a Golf Galaxy near me that did that so if I toed the crap out of the ball it would tell me I swung 90mph or something.
    • A tree in the middle of the fairway is kind of like a bicycle in the middle of a bowling alley or a six-pack in the middle of a pool table.
    • @billchao The group in question was the 7:45 group (we are doing 15-min tee) which came to the turn AFTER my 9:30 group was already on the tee box. This happened at 9:42 because my group had to wait for the faiway to open up when the 7:30 group turned infront of us. The starter actually drove up to interrupt our group and asked us to step off the tee box for the guys to turn... @bkuehn1952 Exactly my question! I would never get to tee off if I have to give way to those who are turning. Then what’s the point in making a tee time? When we finally got to tee off, a twosome walker was already behind us and the whole time we were stuck waiting for the group that cut infront of us, and the twosome was on our tail. I later found out the group behind came from C and should have turned to A, but they decided to turn onto B and the starter allowed them to...*roll eyes* @Double Mocha Man yes, the club double booked the 9:30 on B. Idiots! 
    • I have had my club head speed checked by machine twice. (It was at golftech, and the PGA store so I presume the machines are accurate)  I got results from like 98-105 with driver.  From those results, I thought those numbers would produce the distances I get.  But my observed distances are just about at the 110 mark, and if you follow that 110 column down, those are all accurate.  Is it possible that I get like an unusual smash factor or something?  Does that happen?  I'm not fitted or anything. Possible reasons for the discrepancy include: 1. I am routinely bad at measuring distances.  Possible, but pretty unlikely.  I am not into lying to myself.  I want to improve. 2. The measurements were off at the store. - I do not know why they would want to make me think I swing slow with the club they want to sell me. 3.  My swing has improved since then. - Also possible.  I practice what I am taught here a lot. 4. Something else.  I suppose it does not matter at the end of the day.  My distance estimates are pretty accurate with the clubs and swing I have right now.  I'm just curious.  And it is an issue of pride in some form.  I want to know where I stand, I suppose.
    • Right. Aim for the tree and most of us will be good 😜
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