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Every winter I usually get a little stir crazy and buy some random golf club or old iron set on Ebay. I thought I got away clean this year, but now I kind of want a Ping 1A putter.

For those who don't know, the 1A was Karsten Solheim's first manufactured putter design and the namesake for the company. Yes, namesake:

It's a cool piece of history. The 1A was the first putter designed with engineering principles applied towards performance. Contemporary putters were little more than pieces of metal on the end of a stick with a flat side or two.

Karsten Solheim is better known for his later Anser design, but the 1A is the original. Plus it makes a cool sound.

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That may be the coolest sounding putter ever made. Never loved the reverse offset but the sound was great.

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Back in the 80’s/90’s I worked with a guy who had a 1A and I really should have bought one back then. And about three years ago I was playing at a local course and a guy there was putting with a 1A, he said he had a second one at home but neither was for sale. Some day I will have a pinging Ping putter.

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    • I dislike the title of this thread a bit, it seems to say that playing strictly by the rules is NOT fun.  To me, it is fun, and I do my best to play by the rules just about all of the time.  That doesn't mean anyone else should do the same, feel free to use whatever modifications make sense to you and your friends.   Having said that, my groups tend to play pretty liberal "preferred lies" through the winter.  We post for handicaps year-round, but we still will often play LCP pretty much through the green, or in current rule terms, in the General Area.
    • This was 2 weeks ago in my room.  4 days of having some of the best pros in the country playing in 2 different divisions. Jeffery DeLuna ended up winning both divisions.  He had actually been in town for a week before the tournament, hanging around and playing locals for fun and profit as a fund raiser for his home in the Philippines that had just been hit by a typhoon. Great guy and a pleasure to hang out with.  We were pleased that he did well...   Scroll to the article here... December 2020   
    • Yup completely agree. No need to keep shanking into the water, just take a drop from the point of entry and let's move on.    Yes these are fun rounds not real rounds 😄 A good reminder though
    • I voted 3w/hybrid. The course I play most often has one par 4 that is 445y and routinely into the wind. I love the challenge of this hole as there are a few other very short par 4s to make up for it. I don't mind having one of two holes like this per round. Confidence wise I love my 2i and enjoy hitting it, but then my confidence wavers until I get back to my 6 iron or less.  
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