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    • I’m just not a real fan with comparing teams that essentially played in two different leagues. Numbers are generated from games. It matters who a team is playing. The video earlier was wrong about ‘Vegas doesn’t care who you play, it’s how you play.’ That’s not true. This is why UCF wasn’t the NC despite being 13-0. OSU generated numbers against PSU, MI, and WI twice. Clemson generated its numbers against no ranked teams. It’s true Clemson destroyed its opponents aside from UNC. But so did OSU along with beating ranked teams. But I have the ‘eye’ test and although not scientific it’s all I have because on paper they played apples and oranges to me. 
    • Hi all: New here first post so be gentle. Golfed my whole life except for the past 6 years until I decided to get back into game end of this summer. Had a new set of Titleist blades stiff steel shafts for 20 years starting out, then a set of Callaway Big Bertha X-12's with Memphis 10 steel shafts for 20 years, and now looking at getting another new set of irons but boy, has the game and equipment changed. Hybrids, head sizes, innumerable types and styles of shafts and grips to choose from not to mention ball speed, smash factor, spin rates, trajectory...very different from the old days of: "these sticks feel okay...they hit the ball alright...okay I'll take them. Getting older with nagging golfers/tennis elbow and figured it's time for regular graphite shafts - rusty 10-ish handicap...driver swing speed around 93-94mph average...6 iron swing speed around 80-81mph average. Anyway in the past month I purchased a demo Srixon z585 driver with HZRDUS 65 reg graphite shaft, Callaway XR 16 3 wood w/Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 reg graphite shaft, a couple of Cobra F8 hybrids (19, 22) w/Aldila Rogue Pro 75 reg graphite shafts and a demo Taylormade GAPR Hi 4 (23) w/KBS HYB reg graphite shaft - all on sale or store/proshop demos...all felt good and hit okay. Now onto the irons...thanks for bearing with me. Most interested in a Like New set of Callaway Steelhead XR irons from 2016//mostly because they seem the most like the X-12's but with all the contemporary bells and whistles....and price is good. But they are outfitted with with Accra i123 M3 graphite shafts and I cannot find out very much about these shafts (other than Accra is a very well-regarded brand and people seem to be satisfied with theirs). Of course I am ordering them sight unseen but figuring "how bad can they be, right?" I guess my long-winded question is - anyone with experience with these shafts and with what clubs and how were they? And is there any way can they be easily adjusted after receiving - as in take out shaft and remove any weights in shaft or head if there are any if it feels too heavy? 123gram shaft seems pretty heavy for graphite...and what little I've read about the i123's is they can be firm-stiff feeling. I know it's hard to tell much until actually swinging/hitting them or any club...but just trying to get as much insight or info ahead of time to make informed online purchase - any and all advice or info welcome!     Thanks
    • I think it’s definitely worth trying. I was enjoying this method. I became a bit frustrated with the long irons. I was a bit irked with JV in that he gives minimal instruction or demonstration of long irons or driver. I understand he has a system but he bases it on the old adage that it’s the short game that counts. He’s wrong of course but he’ll never admit/accept the research from Mark Broadie or LSW. And that irritated me.  I feel my struggles with the longer irons were simply because I couldn’t generate enough swing speed to hit a 3-4-5i properly.  And I threw JV a bone. I paid for his instruction and 3 months in it was still all about the 9i. And on his YouTube videos he never posts numbers. He can’t seem to understand you can’t just show yourself hitting a driver then say, ‘ 117mph swing speed.’ without any proof and then get testy when people ask for LM data. He also repeatedly claims the ‘ Titleist Institute of Technology ’ has verified his swing mechanics? Zero data from that and again he just says follow my lead and expects everyone to believe him or they’re just being negative or difficult. I also don’t buy the whole having ‘ 10 different swings for each club.’ I understand there are trajectories to consider as obviously there will be a lot of overlapping distances with that system. But come on, why would I ever hit a ‘1’ swing with a 3i?    But I can say I enjoyed the nice draw I could produce with my short irons, mid irons too when struck well. Certainly a lot less to think about with this swing.
    • Played most of my adult life and mostly in Canada until 6 years ago...now trying to get back into the game. Handicap has ranged from 5-15 over the years...a 10-12 is where I'd put myself now. Not a big hitter like the Dalai Lama, but deliberate and consistent with good short game. Driver swingspeed - 93-94 mph. 6 iron swingspeed 81-82 mph.  Greetings!
    • I would say if you got to the level of a professional body builder or Olympic weightlifter. Even athletes from other sports do well at golf. I would say just being in athletic shape is good for golf. I would add in compound movements to help develop the muscles around the joints. I think those are the areas that take the most stress in golf. 
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