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Lil' David Slingers

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Anyone remember an older iron set from the 70's called Lil' David Slingers? They are pretty unique design, in fact some quick research has them being at the top of the most ugliest, weirdest designed irons ever. Well, I picked up a set at my local GoodWill Store for next to nothing. Anyone ever have a set or know anything about them? 






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Found this .......


Are you in search of unique and captivating golf clubs? Here are 7 you might hnot have come across yet.


These are widely considered one of the rarest golf clubs in the world. Lil David Slingers were created by Jim Flood but were considered extremely controversial considering their design. So not many were made and distributed.

These irons are incredibly hard to find due to the general disuse of the clubs. However, there are collectors of the bizarre out there – and perhaps an oblivious golf club enthusiast or two – who have their hands on this golf game oddity. At one point, American comedian Jackie Gleason had a set of these bad boys.

While it is unbelievably difficult to get even a glimpse of the Lil David Slingers, it might be worth a shot to ask around. You never know when you could stumble upon such a rare golf club.

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I knew when I pulled them from the barrel they were strange but never thought they would be considered by some as rare or collectible. Paid $1.00 each for the set (3 thru 10). Couldn't find the 8 iron (good luck in me coming across one of them anytime soon). I'll take them to the range once the rain stops here in Michigan and see how these 'unique' clubs perform.

Something interesting I've come across in researching them, there appears to be several different labeling of the Slingers. I see some with the Slingers name, with a black painted back ground, stamped into the iron. Then there is the ones I picked up that have a sticker showing the name. I've seen pictures of where the sticker has been removed making them 'nameless'; only numbered. I'll continue researching, but would anyone have a clue on why the different labeling? Could these be knockoffs? Are there any other brands out there that would also have different labeling anyone can think of? Interesting.... 

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I have 4 sets of these but only one that has the Slingers embossed onto the back with black fill. The ones with stickers still have Li'L David on the hosel so I dont think they're knock offs. Both the stickers and embossed labels say patent pending. I wish I knee which came out first.  I've played several rounds with these but hit a full club less due to lofts.  I like them especially because the low irons are usable. I hit a handful of 210 yard 2 irons and teed off with the 1 on some short doglegs and was very confident with it. When I got my first set the heads were larger than expected. The top line of the 5 iron is a full 4 inches.  Although easy to hit, the sweet spot is still the sweet spot, miss and you'll have a clank and vibration. I shoot mid-high 80s and was comfortable with them early into my first round with them.   I do collect the odd clubs...Fila Latitude, Cleveland VAS, Browning 440, spaulding Executives, Zevo Fly Ti, Tiger Shark, Ping Zings, Zing2, ISI, Stan Thompson Ginty, Samurai Hybrid set, 

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I have a few sets of these, only one with the embossed Slingers.  I have noticed that the head shape is not the same.  I can't find any information on the history but the height of the muscle back and length of the top edge are two distinct visual and measurable differences between the stickered version and the embossed version.  The internet is all but void of any info other than conversations like these...

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Also noticed the height of muscle back up the back of the blade, Groove length and positioning,  top edge length all different between embossed and decayed versions.  No idea why so little information is available on these.  If you can handke the look at address, very playable and can work the ball just like a blade.

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It's a hard look to accept at address, but they're a decent muscle back with a blade like feel and sweet swot that let's you work the ball and get decent spin. I just bought a set of heads on ebay 3-10 for $8 plus shipping. May see it some Ping KT-M shafts fit I have. 


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When I lived in California, in the early 80's I met a guy named Sol Geeler who was kind of a sales outlet for Lil David Slingers.  He would go around to various golf courses and driving ranges, and ask people to try them out and try to get a response from the on how they liked them.  He also carried around some woods that had no insert or sole plates, and asked people to try those too.  I asked him why no insert and sole plate, and he told me the wood was harder than the insert or the sole plate.  He said those woods were made of Yew Wood (he pronounced it Yaw wood) from south America.  He gave me a set of Slingers and told me to play a couple of rounds with them and give him a report.  I hit some of those no insert/sole plate woods on the range and they made a very high pitched knock when you hit the ball with them. Sort of like persimmon, but higher pitched!

The Slingers were not too bad as irons go, but if you were in grass deeper than an inch, the club head would go underneath the ball when you swung on it.  I also tried a set of Browning 440's, that were a funny looking low profile iron, and they did the same thing!  But on close cut grass, those 440's would really knock the ball out there!

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    • Just got home from Wisconsin.   Again, thank you @cipher and @iacas for setting this up and running this trip. I had a fantastic time and it was great to see most of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. The courses were amazing, and we could not have ask for better weather. The most rain we got was a few sprinkles today for like 3 minutes. 
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