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Question About Shortening Tensei Orange Pro CK 70 Shaft

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1 hour ago, Sillysavage25 said:

I was thinking of shortening my Tensei pro ck orange 70 shaft to 44 inches by cutting the butt end. Will that affect the performance of the shaft? Do I need to add weights? Any recommendations is appreciated. Thank you 

I’d ask @Adam C

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Yes but I am not sure to what degree exactly. It will depend on how much weight you add back. The general rule is cutting a 1/2 inch drops the SW by 3 points. It's actually a bit less than that with a driver but. The Pro Orange is also counter balanced to a good amount so it may be even less, maybe 1 1/2 or 2 SW points per 1/2 inch.

The cutting down will make the shaft feel a bit stiffer, also depending on where you are starting from with length. However this will be negated when you add weight back into the head to get your SW back to where you want it. You might want to start out by simply gripping down the shaft to that 44 inch length you want, to get an idea of the feel. It will be similar in SW feel to if you actually cut the shaft and regripped. I did a video about this if you want to see. 

From there, it's just a matter of putting weight back into the head with lead tape, Hotmelt, etc.

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Basically, your driver has a certain balance of weight measured by SW (swing weight). Most drivers usually sit between D2 and D6. When you cut down a driver you lose head weight (actually the balance of weight changes) and the SW goes down. People will talk about losing the feel of the head. If you swing your driver upside-down holding by the head and swinging the grip end you will feel what I am talking about.

How a club feels has a lot to do with the SW so if you like how your driver feels now, you may want to try to match the cut down club to that feel by adding weight back. However people are all different and some people will like a heavier or lighter feel. That is why you might try just gripping down to 44 inches first because the feel will be pretty similar as I showed above to cutting it down. If you like the gripped down weight feel, then if you decide to cut it, you won't have to bother adding weight back.

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