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    • Umm.... OSU has better recruits than Clemson over the past 4 years... It’s actually by a big margin when looking at the best recruiting.  Their style of play isn’t what scares me. It would be OU’s offense with their RPO’s and highly Mobile QB. I just think that Clemson’s A game would just be a fricken crazy dog fight. Also, Sweeney is just a great big game coach. 
    • Right. LSU/OU probably a high scoring game but I don’t have much faith in OU’s defense. And LSU’s win against Georgia was the most impressive win of any team all season. OSU won’t get blitzed 31-0 but Clemson will win this game.
    • LSU vs Oklahoma OSU vs Clemson
    • Who knows? Clemson is the total mystery really. Yes they have the history of showing up when it mattered. But as usual they’ve not shown us anything solidifying their stake other than blowing out teams they should....and then squeaking by an unranked NC. OSU of course has its pretty impressive resume as well as beating a ranked conference opponent twice...which is a difficult feat that OU did as well ( Baylor).  OU obviously has a porous defense. But who’s tested Clemson’s defense? What defense has tested Clemson? However, as I’ve said before, purely my opinion, Clemson has bite with a solid running game and TL for a damn good passing game. And I think their overall talent and style of play will put them over OSU.  And I’ll say this; whomever gets through will be dominated by LSU.
    • I get it!  and this isn't even my first time asking a stupid question in TST. I write things and hit the "post" button a little too quickly. Another reminder I need to stop doing this isn't a bad thing. So after reading rule 12, I understand there is no penalty. If there's anything elsewhere, or if I ever need complete certainty, I will assuredly give it a thorough read myself.  Related and genesis of my question: I just played in a big church tourney. It was at a private country club, and they made it part of the "tournament rules" to rake bunkers, fill seed mixture into divots, and fix all ball marks. I didn't ask the organizers if these "rules" were officially deemed as the tournament's "Code of Conduct" (which I just read/learned about now) but if so, I now understand that the "committee" could penalize or DQ people. At the time, i didn't know if this was standard or unusual practice, or something the church organizer did for whatever reason. Either way I felt like it wasn't it in the official rulebook, and was seeking confirmation cuz I was too lazy to find it myself. I'll def read the latest rulebook before I post the likes again!
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